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  1. Disclaimer: So first of all let me say I am currently not a platinum VIP on Stake at the moment. Therefore, I am only able to talk about the bonuses offered below that stage and not some of the exclusive bonuses past that point. Base House-Edge So I will start talking about the base house edge on Stake as that seems the best place to start. The house edge on Stake differs per game, here are all the games offered and their house edge: Dice: 1% House-Edge Limbo: 1% House-Edge Hilo: 1% House-Edge Keno: 1% House-Edge Mines: 1% House-Edge Blackjack: 0.48% House-Edge Roulette: 2.7% House-Edge Video Poker: 1% House-Edge Wheel: 1% House-Edge Diamond Poker: 1% House-Edge Baccarat: 1.1% House-Edge Crash: 1% House-Edge Slots: 2.93% House-Edge Rake-back and Rank Bonuses If you don't know about VIP Program I will let you know; Stake has a 5 tiered VIP program starting from Bronze($10,000 wagered) all the way to Diamond Tier($25,000,000 wagered). Stake offers you Rake-back once you have reached Bronze VIP level and at that level they give back 20% of the house edge which depends on the game you play. This percentage increases the higher star you go, in this post I will just be talking about from a regular user up to Silver Star. Once you hit a Rank-Up as well you are offered a bonus in a currency you wish. Once you hit Bronze rank you are offered a $25 bonus. So lets say you just joined Stake and you start wagering on the site on a typical Dice game with 1% house edge. This will remain 1% until you hit $10,000 wagered which is when rake-back is activated. From that point on every 1 BTC you wager you will receive 0.002 BTC back from the site. House-Edge Calculation Now lets say after you hit Bronze Rank you wager another 2 Bitcoins normally you would expect to lose 0.02 BTC with 1% house edge, but with this rake-back bonus you will get back 0.004 BTC which is a drop from 1% all the way to 0.8% House-Edge. So all games with 1% House-Edge drop to 0.8% House-Edge. Now what about the other Games? If you only play Blackjack with 0.48% House-Edge it would drop to 0.384% House-Edge. Roulette drops from 2.7% to 2.16% Slots drops from 2.93% to 2.344% That's not all though we have to add in the Rank Bonus of $25 which you get after reaching $10,000 wagered of $25. You are expected to have lost $100 by that point and this $25 cuts that by a quarter dropping house edge a further 0.25% at that point and that doesn't affect your rake-back. Let's take into account your rank bonuses now, unfortunately you get your first bonus before rake-back kicks in but its still a decent rake-back decrease for the first $10,000 you wager on Stake. Once you hit Bronze level you get a bonus of $25. That drops you average 1% House-Edge by 0.25% for the first $10,000 you wager on the site giving you only a 0.75% House-Edge on all games with a 1% edge. If you are a regular user heading for Bronze here and hit it here would be your house edge on other games: Roulette: 2.7% - 0.25% = 2.45% Blackjack: 0.48% - 0.25% = 0.23% Slots: 2.93% - 0.25% = 2.68% After that point you will have to wager another $40,000 for the next Rank of Silver at that point you get a bonus of $50. Now you can take into account the rakeback bonuses as well the bonus drops the House edge by 0.125% for the next $40,000 you wager only. Which drops your already low 0.8% house edge on dice to 0.675% which is incredibly low since the bonus does not affect your rake-back calculations. Now lets calculate your House-Edge for the other games if your Bronze and heading for Silver and eventually hitting it: Roulette: 2.16% - 0.125% = 2.035% Blackjack: 0.384% - 0.125% = 0.259% Slots: 2.344% - 0.125% = 2.219% Speculative Territory - Races In this Section I will be talking about what if's and ways to minimize your House-Edge and I will be making guessing on average wagering. If your not interested you can look at the hard facts above alone and ignore this one. Now on Stake they offer "Races" this is basically a wager competition for those who wager the most get prizes in a period of time. Typically Stake offers 2 $1,000 Races daily with an exception for Friday(only one) and Saturday. Saturday offers a "Mega-Race" with a whopping $5,000 prize pool. Now lets say your a brand new user planning to take part in a $1,000 race on Stake. So you sign up and you are a brand new user, you deposit $1,000 to play on the site. Now in this race 5th place is usually around $15,000 required to wager for a ~$90 prize, this of course varies depending on the people racing/playing and the activity on the site. So you start wagering on the site on the game dice for the first $10,000 you wager no real change in the house edge until you get your first rank up with a $25 bonus and a change in house-edge as stated above. Then the next $5,000 you wager you get rake-back on it and you get $10 in rake-back on that wagering. Your house edge at this point would be 0.75% for the first $10,000 you wagered, then for the next $5,000 you wagered it would be 0.8% since your not planning on hitting the next Rank(Silver). Now the race has ended and you have received your $90 prize your effective house edge would have dropped all the down to 0.166*% Yes, you saw that right if you have just signed up on the site and time your wagering correctly during a race and managing to cinch a 5th place in one, getting your race prize and your rank bonus for a total of $115 all for wagering your first $15,000 you will decrease your house edge all the way down to 0.166*%. However since this all depends on how much everyone else wagers this could very down here. But regardless this is still an incredibly low House Edge for a site. Please let me know if you see any errors in the calculations thanks .
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