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  1. My best moment at Stake was when I managed to cash out my first $15 profit. lol 🎂
  2. @Grifter sent me this link ...
  3. Jonata


    Well, here in Brazil at Christmas we do not do many decorations! so it would not be fair to compete with other countries where they sell the car to buy a 5-meter tree with 60 kilos of decorations, doendes and sleigh on the porch.I exaggerated LOL Anyway, my idea is to open a homage contest that involves Christmas and the stake, with an open theme, the person chooses what he wants to pay homage to the stake and the most innovative wins. lol
  4. My firstpost: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/21-stake/?do=findComment&comment=316 My wallet: 1QG3KZWSJ7JgaWfrtYSkvLmt3E2Kqf1Zjr
  5. Brazil is full of @dreramon...
  6. Well, Bolsonaro has been especially notable for his controversial way, he is always in the media with profanity, cold answers, receiving accusations of being homophobic, racist, fascist, even a Nazi called him. But all this is the rotten media of Brazil trying to ridicule him, and put the population against him, because they know that if he can take power, there will be a great revolution in Brazilian politics. He supports laws such as: - RELEASE OF ARMS FOR CIVILIANS (THAT IS SOMETHING PROHIBITED IN BRAZIL, BUT THE BANDITS WALK FREELY FROM ALTOMATIC FUZIL AND UP TO .50). - HE IS IN FAVOR OF THE DECREASE OF CRIMINAL MAJORITY (BECAUSE IN BRAZIL, UNDER THE AGE OF 18, NOT CRIMINALLY RESPONSE FOR NOTHING!) - IT WAS AGAINST THE DISTRIBUTION OF GAY CARTILLES IN CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS (THE GOVERNMENT WAS DEVELOPING A MATERIAL THAT WOULD TEACH CHILDREN OF 6 YEARS WHAT IS HOMOSEXUALISM, WILL DISTRIBUTE IN CRETE AND CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS, THAT MATERIAL CONTINUES IMAGES, TEXTS, ANIMATIONS IN DRAWING, ATE A REAL IMAGE OF TWO CHILDREN OF FEMALE SEX KISSING AND WHEN ANY ADULT VISSE ANY CHILD DOING SEXUAL ACTS, COULD NOT INTERVENE BECAUSE "SHE WOULD BE CHOOSING HER SEXUAL OPTION") HE HELPED TO FILE THIS PROJECT OF SATAN. - IT IS IN FAVOR OF CHEMICAL CASTRATION FOR ETUPRADORES. - HE IS IN FAVOR OF MORE RIGID PENAS (IN BRAZIL THE MAXIMUM PENALTY IS 30 YEARS OF PRISON) - HE IS IN FAVOR OF DEATH PENALTY IN SERIOUS CRIMES. And several other points that need to be revised in the laws of Brazil .. In the current federal operation in Brazil against corruption (LAVA-JATO) he was one of the only ones who was not involved. .. Another remark, here in Brazil, if a policeman kills a bandit, he responds by homicide lol ... this is a joke ... Anyway, I advise you to research a little about it ... Just for the sake of knowledge, because knowledge is never too much.
  7. For those who do not know, Jair Bolsonaro is a Deputy, and intends to run for President of Brazil in 2018, he is in first place in all polls. Bolsonaro is a military man (Captain of the Armed Forces), a patriot, correct man, defender of the values of the families, a right-wing politician. I wonder if he's known outside Brazil, have you heard of Jair Messias Bolsonaro? What do you think of him?
  8. Yes, the greatest enemy of this method is the insatiable thirst for profit. Want to double, triple the balance with Martingale, it does not work that well. I, for example, have already received 20 losses in a row. That is: Starting from the minimum base 1 satoshi, 20 double losses resulted in 1,048,576 satoshis to profit 1 satoshi
  9. (Observation: I know it's a very well-known method and also very quoted in the forum ... but there are people who use this method but they do not even know his name, so I decided to do this little tutorial, I hope this helps you.) -----------------------------------Martingale----------------------------------- Martingale is probably the most popular betting system in existence. It's simple and easy to use, simply double your bet on a loss and reset to your base bet on a win. The basic martingale strategy is to double up your bet whenever you lose and to reset to your base bet on a win. For example: BET AMOUNT BET RESULT TOTAL PROFIT 0.00000100 WIN 0.00000100 0.00000100 LOST 0.00000000 0.00000200 LOST -0.00000200 0.00000400 WIN 0.00000200 0.00000100 WIN 0.00000300 0.00000100 WIN 0.00000400 0.00000100 LOST 0.00000300 0.00000200 WIN 0.00000500 0.00000100 LOST 0.00000400 0.00000200 WIN 0.00000600 0.00000100 LOST 0.00000500 0.00000200 WIN 0.00000700 For this example, the following settings were used: BASE: 0.000001 PAYOUT: 2,000X CHANCE: 49% ------------------OBSERVATIONS OF THE METHOD------------------ Despite being the most used method, this method involves great risk and requires caution in the use. So I decided to leave some observations, so that you will not be any more an enemy of the Martingale Method with hasty conclusions: Have a high balance. This method can give you a huge loss sequence. Be patient. To progress in this method requires time. Do not be greedy. Do not place a betting base that your balance does not support. Learn to stop. No strategy is perfect! Regardless of your balance, one hour it will fail! Play consciously. Know that there is always the possibility of losing! So bet only what you're willing to lose! INFORMATION FOR GENERAL USE TO CALCULATE APPROXIMATELY THE AMOUNT OF LOSSES THAT A STRATEGY CAN PROVIDE, MULTIPLY THE PAYOUT FOR 12. I WILL USE THE EXAMPLE ABOVE: PAYOUT 2,000X12 = 24 LOSSES FOLLOWED GOOD LUCK FOR ALL. KISSES OF LIGHT
  10. It seems like we all have some frustration from the past lol.
  11. Im talking with the support. Ty again GodLoft