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  1. My goal to achieve profit from stake,no losse & make fun.Gambling is also my favourite thing so.
  2. You already received signature bonuses🤣
  3. I am also an unlucky player, i don’t get benifits from HILO(a great way to fun and earn)😍
  4. I always try to my luck by playing HILO but i never get big amount from it.i think i am unlucky for this game.😥
  5. It was a great news for the people who already earn Stellar Lumens (XLM) altcoins.
  6. I have an dream to withdraw 1btc. Hopefully oneday i can get it.
  7. Just awesome, only lucky person to get those types of card. Fate for me is no more a day.
  8. No.......Never, It can not be a good thing. This creates family conflict. I never think those.
  9. $50 to 10 people.$50 is not a small amount. If 1 people get $500 9people deprived.when 10 people get $50 ,10 people get opportunity to get benefits.
  10. Promotion is very important for every sites.i think just put a best heading "play to roll,your luck will be roll."