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  1. Shutin

    Hi all!

    Hey! So how about your first experience? Hope you find your place 😃
  2. Because the opportunity to win a lot is great. To each his own occupation. I am not a gambling person, for me it is just a pastime.
  3. The sweet time) is passed)) Apparently the discord ate too much, the admins decided not to dwell on one thing and began to develop other areas such as competitions in the telegram. Obviously this should have happened.
  4. Like everywhere, the chance is pretty low. But we are playing for the sake of a possible win! About me is for sure!
  5. Man, you can`t broke the system. Only use of this is for wager.
  6. It takes patience to figure it out, but there are plenty of friendly people who will always help.
  7. Congratz Stake! Finaly we get it! The telegram has a lot of interesting features, convenient bots, but I think you know.
  8. Wow, how is the weather now? How many degrees? I understand you are more for rest and entertainment? Or history, sights, too?