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  1. Yes you're right it looks like a "Christmas currency" on Stake πŸ˜„πŸŽ„ Maybe that's why I play a lot with it right now. As long as it makes me win enough to buy a small Christmas present πŸŽπŸ˜…
  2. Hi there, my highest payout at Mines was 59kx, but unfortunately I bet only 1 satoshi since I didn't believe I can hit. What a pity, too bad 😩
  3. Hello everyone, I'm not an expert of btc price but I still think that it will go up by the end of this year, to come down again towards the beginning of 2020. The end of 2019 would be the good period to sell btc for those who want
  4. Hi there, you're right the coinflip is a game appreciated by many of us and it would be nice to have it. Other than that, personally, I would like to see more slots variations on Stake, it would be great too.
  5. Even if it's just for wagering, I always end up busting on baccarat pretty quickly. So I don't play it anymore. On other games like keno or video poker, I can hold much longer before losing everything
  6. I like to try new strategies on Keno so I will test this one. Otherwise I agree that playing 4 or 5 tiles on Keno is quite profitable most of the time, instead of playing 9 or 10 tiles
  7. I plan to spend the 31st of december with my best friends, and the new year with my family. No Stake surely during this time
  8. The largest amount of Btc I ever hold is 0.06 . It was in the middle of 2017 and the bitctoin cost $2500. I never reached 1 BTC, maybe later πŸ˜€
  9. It's out of question 😁 On the other hand, I can't stop him/her from learning elsewhere, with friends or just on the net. The idea is that I will not be the first to get him/her into gambling
  10. It's been a long time, but I remember that my very first game was Mines. I played on it for several weeks before moving on
  11. It is obvious that Stake is currently making many changes. At the same time there are some bugs on the site, but it's probably temporary ... What I regret at the moment is that we can not see the ID bets in the Transactions Tab
  12. Yes they say there will be physicals gifts (iPhone, trips, etc.) in addition to virtuals gifts. It's cool for all Vip on Stake
  13. Oh that would be nice indeed, even if it will be extra work for the devs too, as someone pointed out above. Of course we can exchange the BTC with other altcoins on Stake, but with quite high fees. So having a choice of currencies directly on the forum would be really interesting.
  14. Hello there, I'm just going to rank 4 games, since I play the others very rarely : 1 - Keno 2 - Video Poker 3 - Slots 4 - Plinko I play the other games especially for the challenges...
  15. My goal for this week is to make a profit of about $20. It's small for most of us but it would be nice for me ☺️☺️. I also plan to put more bets in sports this week.