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  1. ROULETTE: 6,987,313,172 placed by Alldeadbones on 10/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00003500
  2. Nope. But i hope they will. A good one like a multiplier game (like a poker) 1 vs 1 or some other games that lets you play with the other players
  3. I used dark theme good. Kinda irretating if white or blue color while lights off
  4. Alldeadbones I got it from a certain friend from other site and happy to be here
  5. Every time ppl do a trivia and spam on chat. It keeps hanging the site and unable to chat unless you refresh the site same aswell on rain everytime eddie do the rain. I suggest that make the chat or site better and smooth like the old one even they do spam chat it wont force you to refresh the site its seriously annoying unable to chat cause of hang spam.
  6. .05btc i guess or more it defends on the winning rate and luck. Ofc the greedyness as well. If btc i think if you needed cash minimum is a good idea to wd
  7. I dont know what would i answer on this question but. If you win you will probably like it if you lose then hate it. Its completely opposite so it defends on the people if they are winning or lossing
  8. They can easily track your IP address if your winning a lot or streak of winning so i prefer to make it private or atleast use a trick to change it. They can easily change the settings and bust all your earnings in instant
  9. Bones just joined the crew. Hello there i dunno why i did create an account but i feel im always late on events so here i am pleasure to be here