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  1. Thats the point guys xD. What makes the chat goes spam? By tagging and spamming congrats to the player right? XD we even experience that bfore and its not only me experiencing this lag others as well. Wryy ask me to post this topic that mightwork so in my opinion there should be an invalid tag settings
  2. I suggest that there should be an invalid tag interface. Because it makes chat so lag by tagging the person who hit a huge amount or the player is on hr tab. And it makes the person who play to be distracted by those taggers. If the player is not around on chat like 20-30mins but his/her name appearing on hr tab. Then there should be an invalid tag or and an invalid tagged settings to make the player focus on the game. This is for the best and to keep the chat smooth. And should be at least 2-3second to send another message to keep the chat smooth. If you wont agree theres nothing i can do bout it. Its just my opinion and if you agree then itll be good in the future
  3. ROULETTE: 6,987,313,172 placed by Alldeadbones on 10/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00003500
  4. Nope. But i hope they will. A good one like a multiplier game (like a poker) 1 vs 1 or some other games that lets you play with the other players
  5. I used dark theme good. Kinda irretating if white or blue color while lights off
  6. Alldeadbones I got it from a certain friend from other site and happy to be here
  7. Every time ppl do a trivia and spam on chat. It keeps hanging the site and unable to chat unless you refresh the site same aswell on rain everytime eddie do the rain. I suggest that make the chat or site better and smooth like the old one even they do spam chat it wont force you to refresh the site its seriously annoying unable to chat cause of hang spam.
  8. .05btc i guess or more it defends on the winning rate and luck. Ofc the greedyness as well. If btc i think if you needed cash minimum is a good idea to wd