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  1. i am off my work these 2 months and have time to play otherwise not a single second
  2. in auto there is a good strategy.based that all is set as you eventually lose based on edge .. so its the matter in how many rolls you have to go until this happen
  3. as i have heard there will be more changes to new stake based on safety from attacks
  4. humans want to destroy because why are self destroyed animals. animals live under survive instics and we live for profit and to buy more and more and egoism
  5. seed are not random numbers. are based on some kind of algorithm 2 questions. seed that i play for example keno is the same for dice? and that seed may have been played by someone else or been playing that moment?
  6. "the bottom line is that you are alive, then healthy, and family" its all that matter in the line as you said.. and now i know that cause my wife is pregnant
  7. keno is luckier game dice is more statistically and have more strategies to follow.but both for me are not profitable because you may lose more than you win even in big hits in totally rolls you are loss
  8. i dont know so well these things blockchain etg i say what i have notice
  9. it sounds fair game and good i dont know if i hit but i will watch
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