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  1. In keno I usually pick 6 numbers on normal sometime's it makes me good profit when I hit 710x just a few bets
  2. I didn't take a Break I play as much as I want but when I feel bored I stop and sleep that my life
  3. I only Agree with number 4 changing seed
  4. all support is my favorite they are all friendly and they do good everytime I need help
  5. I think your wrong how example !seen ninja is clearly asking for tips.? How About I use !seen for my friends its clearly asking tips.?
  6. For me is Mines because I didn't on HI LO that get more than 5,320,120x like mines
  7. Congrats to you keep it up to become a platinum I'm VIP gold too hope soon to become a platinum but it's too hard for me
  8. My favorite coin is XRP cause I think i have a lot of balance than if I use BTC and my favorite game is Plinko I play on high risk 16 rows 1 hit big profit but you need to take the risk 1st before you win
  9. If I win on bitcoin I exchange it to other currency like LTC DOGE or XRP because if you exchange BTC to that I think I have a lot of balance like doge
  10. $100 is enough to me everyday but it's so hard when you have a very unlucky day
  11. My hardest VIP to obtain is Silver cause when I'm bronze I just play for profit but 1 day I join on $5000 mega race I didn't expect that I'm become a gold just 2000 xrp bankroll and I wager a lot and I have a techniques now to wager a lot with your small amount of bankroll hope soon to become a platinum
  12. For me it's great you can claim your rakeback anytime and you didn't disturb the support to chat you withdraw you rakeback.
  13. Stake give a giveaways at 10b bets I think and that is a huge giveaways hope so to win
  14. I already see it on gambling site casino too the theme is USA - PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2020 - DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE I see all the entry 25 candidates and there's a odds the highest is Bernie Sanders 24% odds
  15. The main reason why I'm deposit is to make my negative profit to green but failed my negative are increase and increase