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  1. the only reason why some countries might want to ban bitcoin is the fear of losing part of the revenue (taxes, bank fees) and their economic influence on people
  2. I believe that even if the identity of the bitcoin creator was known, nothing would change in his future evolution
  3. the best way to spend your altcoins is turn them into bitcoins and then spend them with a debit card such as wirex
  4. to make exchanges in safety you don't need kyc but only small tricks like using escrow or doing face to face exchanges
  5. uhm a site that offers bots to invest in bitcoins that are both interesting and risky at the same time
  6. yes one of the many uses of bitcoin is also that can be used on various betting sites I use nitrogensports and sportbet
  7. I don't understand exactly what a bitfinex script clone is for, more details?
  8. I think the value of bitcoin will continue to grow and will reach $ 20,000 by the end of the year
  9. maybe at 40k $ we don't get this year but in my opinion at 20k $ it certainly arrive
  10. It is much more fun to have a chat between one bet and another It is much more fun to have a chat between one bet and another
  11. i have to see the actual value of the daily gain to see if it's worth putting on a masternode, for $ 14 i could do a little thought
  12. a project that connects people who can change services in exchange for tokens, a small market, I am interested
  13. it seems an interesting project and there is already an exchange I think they will enter their chat on discord to get more details
  14. I use telegram x but I didn't know that there was an airdrop sin, however it works well
  15. I really like nitrogensports and sportsbets are serious with fairly fast payments