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  1. I personally use coinomi which is a multicoin(btc,eth,ltc,monero etc) wallet for android, it offer a passphrase to be able to restore it and to use it on any android device
  2. I only use binance and forkdelta or chosen binance because there are so many positive reviews it has so many coins listed and does not require kyc within certain limits, forkdelta because it is among the best decentralized exchanges
  3. i am confident and i hope that by the end of the year a new bull market phase will start and the value of bitcoin will reach 22k $ again
  4. we can do and buy with bitcoin anything just use a debit card linked to a btc wallet such as wirex
  5. i only use two exchanges that i trust completely and they are binance and forkdelta
  6. trading is risky by itself then rely on a bot it's really a gamble, however the parameters are easy to set?
  7. so a long series of losses but youmust not despair sooner or later the luck turns and you recover everything and also with the interests
  8. ginoso2019

    5k dice :D

    it seems to me a good result, i hope to be able to do the same sooner or later
  9. martingale is not very profitable and in the long run it leads to losing
  10. yes, if I had an activity, I would definitely accept bitcoins as payment because it would certainly bring new users, and it would still be an extra payment option
  11. they are very similar differ only in the graphics and game options
  12. ginoso2019

    2x betting formula

    is a different approach, a new and interesting strategy i will try it
  13. as usual there are no strategies you need only so much luck
  14. there is not a great strategy one just need a lot of luck, at the limits can double up if you are losing