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  1. Eben

    Cryptopia Exchange Hacked

    So how much was hacked? If it is a minor exchange I don't think there are big numbers
  2. Only Bitcoin or all cryptocurrencies? What is the reasons for them to change their mind?
  3. How does it work? You develop several webpage-exchange and that's it?
  4. For me, it is Kranken so far. Why? just because they have my crypto pairs for trading. And also there's another nice exchange coming up - GetEx. Their conditions are good, no fees
  5. I really like coffee, can't live without it.. I'm not really good at sorts so I buy it in a cafe every single day, I drink only Americano (ice/hot)
  6. Has anybody tried this? Does it work? or another scam?
  7. I'm more interested will it be ever changes into another logo
  8. Well, who knows, you never know what life is going to present, right? Usually I'm too careful about something so it's not easy for people to fool me
  9. Well, first of all I've mentioned only this list, I'm not pointing out all exchanges ever existed before in crypto history, please re-read my comment. Thank you.
  10. Matic Network? What? Yes, I can see the 'potential'... It's -33,93% are you kidding?
  11. CryptoCompare has the most convenient interface and also its separate forums for every coin, I find it really nice and worth of using
  12. Russia still has a neutral position, crypto is not banned there for sure
  13. Banning cryptocurrencies won't fix all those problems like ndermining the value of the dollar, criminal activities such as financing terrorism, money laundering, drug-dealing, and tax evasion
  14. while hodling we feel the excitement because the value of coins we've invested in is going up. It's obvious! Should we feel sad about bullish market then?
  15. CEX? never heard of them before, the most trustworthy exchange out of this list is Coinbase