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  1. Hirap talaga pag magtiwala sa mga tao na magaganda iyong mga sinabe nila iyon lang gaya sa kapa o tingnan nyo marami ngang gusto nila ibalik na alam na nga natin ay may nilabag sila sa batas . Ngayon kasi gusto ng mga ibang kababayan din natin na mag kapera ka agad at iyong bahala system andyan parin.
  2. in my opinion no mans perfect with regards to this problem best thing to do is a good mutual understanding what really was the problem is. im not agree also you made a single mistake and mute it immidiately hoping mod that give a chance to the person who miss it and tell him about the rules and weigh also what intended punishment will be implemented if he/she do it again.
  3. cause in forum you have not only to earned but you can learned also .you can read fresh topic with defferent subject you can interact to other members too ....
  4. sometimes you have youre goal to make a huge profit, an that is the most thing you do why you keep on playing with the stake but you should always remember you should not greedy enough and control youre emotion
  5. i preferably to play in dice.When i sign up on stake and to enter in the chat room i already use dice thats why dice is the best for me
  6. before you start playing just accept tha reality that on gamble many losser than winner and spend a little amount of money for gamble cause when it loose its not hurt or bother you always
  7. for me im just answering some questions online and give you credits a liitle cent (usd) like clixsense
  8. ohh just go to the beach and enjoy the summer moments with my family splash...
  9. i think you have to stop for a while and when ready just be back again and think whats the beggest mistake you have done why you loss and remember always in gamble a little percent only you can win almost of that is loss
  10. i have a simple reason why i love stake.com 1.Its fun and big surprises(rain) 2.dedicated support and admin (steve&eddie)
  11. Username : sandricks a friend of mine give his affiliate link thru pm
  12. Stake: sandricks just my friend of mine give a link on stake via pm