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  1. i think for me i saw site on as advertisement site like on ptc site on 2018.
  2. i think keno is easy ,while in slots need patience and time to win big .
  3. 10 minute reloads should be given only for new player or player who deposit big amount . i guess,but then system may get abuse by multiple account create in case of new player .
  4. set your limit first and just play slow and steady and with very good focus it you want to earn for short time ,but cant depend on it for lifetime, it should be just be used for Entertainment purpose only inlong run very slim chance you may be in profit .
  5. I agree that both binance and coinbase are active because of adversting on some ptc site as well as in some faucets ptc ads site.
  6. lotad


    I am also just learner but I just come here to play for fun .
  7. Nowdays just following some tech news website and youtube tech video and gaming streaming on YouTube and some other content like non tech content like daily spend 2 hour maximum
  8. lotad

    Mines my best game

    Yeah mines is also my first game when I came here in stake when I have 250 doge that I turned into 3500 doge ,it was also my first big win
  9. When I have very low balance I like to play plinko but when I had good amount then I play keno ,I like both but plinko win by margins
  10. When I have zero balance in my account I go to chat read people discussion and if I am lucky I may get rain or else or I sign out after 25 minute .
  11. Firstly 30 %amount on odd that is 11row and after that 20 % amount on 14 row and last 50% amount on 14 row that it .
  12. First I need to understand how lightning networks works and if site like amazon and many other start accepting lighting or any cryto as payment option then it is good news for consumers.
  13. When my balance is zero ,first thing I do claim some faucet and take mini break after that I see if I'm feeling good then only I deposited and play or come next day.
  14. lotad


    Welcome to this stake site ,hope you win some decent amount.
  15. HILO: 4,768,271,990 placed by lotad on 24/04/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 3.99042010307312x Profit 5.98083499