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  1. not really, i dont set goals while gambling, i play randomly and leave it to luck , when i win a good amount then i stop, if you set goals then make sure there is a big possibility that you will fail, better play and pray without goals
  2. i used to set targets before, but every time i do it ends up by failure, so i decided to play randomly, gambling is a game of randomness, you cant expect what could possibly happen, so play and pray, this is how i gamble
  3. well , it was not bad, and not good, hope i get more luck in the near future , i am excited about the 2020 , and i really wish i can do something great during this year !
  4. we used to think cryptocurrencies will replace fiat money for so long now ! and nothing happened ! i dont really think cryptocurrencies will replace fiat ! fiat or real coins have been there for ages now ! from the very first beginning ! i dont think cryptocurrencies will replace them in few years !
  5. Chikou1306

    Super ball.

    i am not a fan of plinko since the odds are very low ! i think this idea will support players like me to play plinko ! but i still its not possible
  6. well my highest payout in slots was 90x ! i and i dont think i will beat it since i was trying to reach it but i couldnt ! even if i get the free spins after a hard work sometimes i win nothing from it ! obviously hitting the 1000x in slots will not be easy !
  7. i was there when eddie said he will release many versions of slots ! that was in his weekly streaming when he first launched slots ! i hope to see many slots games in the site cuz i am a huge fan of slots tbh !
  8. i still have none, and it is not that easy though, i think high rollers have the biggest chance to win the prize ! the more tickets they get the biggest chances they have just imagine some of those high rollers wager more than 20 btc daily, which means they have 200 ticket each ! every day ! do we still have a chance against them ?
  9. it depends on the game and how much the house edge is ! and ofcourse it all depends on luck and how lucky you are ! in general, playing for the long run will always make you busted, no matter what game you play and no matter how much the house edge is , play for short runs and avoid being greedy.
  10. i dont expect bonuses to be honest ! i wonder why people keep asking about bonuses and coupons, there are many other features if they are looking for free money ! there are raices ! eddie rains, weekly challenges ! prices boosts for VIP's and many other things ! i dont expect bonuses ! i play to have fun and i always enjoy what i have !
  11. i dont believe this will happen ! but if the miracle happened ! i will make a party in the chat ! i will rain like 30% of the prize or so ! and then i will go for my recovery ! i will try to recover my 10 btc loss of all time ! i dont think i will cash out ! i will spend the amount in gambling !
  12. limbo is the same with dice ! and crash is good but for me i am a dice addicted ! so i dont think i will enjoy play other game except for dice !