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  1. from where i live they banned crypto currencies, so if i need to buy or sell i will do my thing in the black markets, but the prices are high in black markets, i find many troubles especially when i want to buy, i need to find a trusted online dealer with a good price to buy ! so yeah buying bitcoin is not that easy here !
  2. many players could make huge money by gambling, i have seen many players making big profits online, some of them could make more than 50 btc profit playing online dice, so why not us ? i think gambling and stake can make you rich if you played smart, and especially if you had a good start ! best of luck with it
  3. first i was gambling for fun, i never thought i will be an addict , i started gambling with small amounts just for fun, and with time i figured out that i lost big ammounts, i wanted to recover and that was the biggest mistake ive done, on my recovery road i started to lose more and more, bigger amounts were disappearing in a blink of an eye and everytime i try to recover it ends up losing. and here i am today the recovery goal is getting bogger and i keep losing more ! i really need to change the plan, but unfortunatly its not easy as it seems
  4. i always like to play with btc, it really is my favourite coin, i can play with eth also. i hate playing with doge the most, and ripple.
  5. depends on the bet amount i was playing with , if i hit a big amount like 10btc or so, first i would buy a car , and travel , and if the amount was bigger, then i will buy a house ! and so on, the bigger amount the bigger things i do with,
  6. i would say vault, i dont like to wait everytime i make a deposit , so vault is much helpfull, easy to use and fast, sometimes i face troubles receiving the confirmation email, but still faster since it takes only couple minutes !
  7. i get mad, i close the device, take some rest and come back later ( after hours or days ) , i give myself a break to chill. and i think it is the best thing to do in such a situation
  8. for me i always play with my profit, i keep gambling till i lose everything, sometimes i enjoy betting on sports, and after amking good profit out of sports, i come back to dice...etc. i keep playing in different sites thats what i actually do with my profit, i did recharge my phone bills few times, but i bust all 99% of the profit, always.
  9. well it doesnt scare me but gets me crazy, i get mad everytime i play it, plinko... i played it a lot and i rarely could hit the high payouts, and never hit 1000x, so yeah it gets me crazy everytime i play it, plinko
  10. well they think they will be successfull just like blockchain is ? i dont think so, i dont know why i think this project will fail, maybe because its not original !? 🤔
  11. same happens here too, but in my case i always realize that i was dumb by not cashing out when i am in top i keep playing after making a good profit, and losing big amounts really effects me bad.
  12. video poker is one of my favourite games, i really enjoy playing it wishing to get a strong hand. and by saying ( safe ) i dont think there is a safe game in gambling since it all depends on luck ! even if tou got lucky once or twice , it will always end up in a bad result if you didnt stop in the right time , its you who puts yourself in a safe situation and not the game
  13. many of them , yes ! i clearly can remember many players were playing high payouts ( 990x and more ) and they could successfully make more than 50 btc in few hours ! so yes, there is a chance to be the next rich person in the gambling world, you just need to wait for your chance, patience is the clue !
  14. the purpose of forum reward is to support players to post more, and to share some amount with active people, you can clearly see that the paid section are more actif than other secrions, and thats because of the paying system. if they suddenly stopped the rewards, then most of the players will stop posting, which will effect the forum activity.
  15. happy birthday stake ! lets have some fun ! thnks eddie