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  1. i think they are working on something, they will update the statistics and set it back once they finish it, it would be great if they add a profit stats with the actual price of btc, i know its hard to make the stats changes and update them every minute or hour, but it would be a great feature if they ever could add it to the site
  2. if i have the chance to change one thing, well i wont change anything but i will add weekly or a monthly jackpot, it will support players to wager much and it will increase the fun , the site is great the way it is, in my opinion it does not need any changes
  3. it all depends on luck, the best way to play is to play randomly and pray to not get busted, when you lose you can't blame no one or nothing, you just blame your luck, no matter what you play the edge will always get you, just play random, and pray
  4. it happened to me this month , i have been hunting 9900x for the whole month and it got more than 50000 red hits, and once i changed the payout to 11x it came after few rolls, i was shocked when i saw 99.99 coming with the wrong multiplier after few rolls, well i dont call it wrong multiplier, i should have stuck with the same multiplier but i was afraid to lose more, after all its a game of luck, and we cant put he blame on anything, but our luck
  5. hilo is a game of prediction, and as many other games it depends i pure luck , but you need to focus on the cards in the first place, for exemple when you have a 2 there is a big possibility the next card is higher, unless you want to lose your winning streak you will bet low :)
  6. 3x in progress, i am really excited to see what the sports book hides, betting on sports was always one of my favourite ways of gambling, cant wait to see it.
  7. the best game i have ever played was tomb raider, and i still play it though, i played many versions of it and i really love that game.
  8. the largest amount i held was 10 btc in 2016, the price was low, so 10 btc then was worth like 4k$ which means 0.5 btc now ... i busted all of them in primedice, and since then i am running for my recovery i think i should've forgeten about it and kept moving on.
  9. 48 hours is not enough to make a good video ! well, here's my video ! hope everyone like's it !
  10. i always believe this jinxy thing really exists
  11. one of the most commun mistakes that all of us fall in, is to set high goals, i personally used to set high goals, i reached few of them, but i failed in most of them, i realized that i should play randomly and stop once i feel i will bust, setting goals will always end up with busting , especially high ones.
  12. dice is the most playing game in my entire life and not only in oguest 😄, i have always enjoyed playing dice to be honest, its better than any other game, online and real dice. i spend a lot of time playing it enjoying calculating the odds, in the other side i hate playing plinko and roulette. and besides dice i love poker. so yeah answering to your question, dice is the game i played the most in augues, and it will be the game i play the most in the next couple months
  13. i think you should be more careful, place low bet amounts if you can not afford to play risky, i am sorry for your loss but i think you will learn from it, i hope you recover as soon as possible, still 50$ is not easy to recover, but also not hard, best of luck rolling
  14. for me roulette and baccarat are not the right games to wager. i like to wager on dice 1.01x the odds on roulette are 1.03 so yeah, in dice you can lose once every 50 bet in average, while you lose once every 30 bet in roulette, i think dice is the right place to wager, and wagering from rain is useless to be honest, starting with good amounts will be much helpful to reach the bronze star as soon as you want, best of luck rolling