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  1. that is mad i cant normally hit over a 10x let alone that mad multiplier i dont know how you guys hit it because limbo is my weakness its my kryptonite i norammly play mines or roulette
  2. oh nice i might have to try this out you know its looks pretty simple but effective i normally gor for the corners either or really it doesnt really mater but to be fare to youguys i dont normaly play keno i normally play either roulette or mines you guys should try it out bexcause your missing out
  3. ive got to telll you i loved clash of clans but i got really bored of it im addicted to clash royale though you guys shoould try it using old charectars from clash of clans and stuff its pretty sweet pls try it out before criticising it have a nice day
  4. to be honest with you i normally watch either orange is the new black tv series its sick only watched 1 series so far out of 7 O_O plus im watching stranger things its really good it gets you mad hooked on it trust
  5. this actually sounds a good idea because its one way to make a bit of money back yanno and its helpful to know that you can refer your mates and get a bit of compensation for recommending them to the site
  6. S1MPL3X

    New mines strat

    this new strat sounds like a must have i might have to try it when i next get the money its seems a good probability to make money and profit and it seems it doesnt rip u too often so i must try this i must say i have a few strats myself i have 2 colums on the left also a t shape also a half x and a full x on 3 mines or 5 mines but 5 mines u get more profit but obviosly you will rip easier on 5 mines 3 mines is decent on 3 mines i nomrally click about 12 tiles and thats normaally a 10x if im calculating that correctly in my head which im probably not lol also there is a e straton mines also theres a tree strart as well that works a treat for me and last onethe stair case on 5 mines enjoy i hope i helped u guys as much as you guys helped me btw edit this is what the tree start is Mines: 7073836731 also my mate azzah told me about this strat so props goes to him for making this up well not making it up but telling me about it what i normally do is switch between the half x and the tree strat and the full x i normaly build up well...., some times anyway enough blabbing have a nice day folks
  7. my biggest win on stake has to be about 400$ thats the most ive got up to the most ive got upto on a different site / other sites was 800$ man literaly it was sick but i re depo it and ripped it sites always find a way to rip you
  8. i love playing manuel mines dude its the best playing auto or random tiles is actually aids and no fun at all to me literaly just watching it do the same pattern over and over again is fucking shit because i like chopping and changing my pattern to get hopefully the best possible outcome
  9. hi guys today in just wanted ask about what your biggest win streak mine was hitting 10x 12 times in a row with 10k btc on each bet it was insane i made so much bank its a shame i cant be as rich as i was but still it was sick as fuck anyway have a nice day and hope you get back to me
  10. holy shit that is insane the most ive ever won on mines was a 23,000x and won the telegram challenge but still that is some good going pal that is amazing it is so difficult to hit ive triued it before but no luck ;c but anyway have a nice rest of you guys day
  11. hi guys just a quick one i have xbox one and normally play fifa or battle field or minecraft sometimes dont all ripp me at once but i just want to know what you guys enjoy playin ive got many games i like to play maybe if you want i can send you my gamertag
  12. well my personal preference is the iphone x but i cant afford it although i am on a iphone 7 which isnt to shabby to say the least but the best mobile for gambling in my opinion is..... the iphone x my mates have the iphone x and they gamble on stake and other sites and say that one is the best maybe its just preference or like... idk just like...
  13. S1MPL3X

    What's the best age ?

    mate theres is no best age for sex to be honest it depends on your perception and what you prefere if you know what i mean but im 21 and im a virgin so i guess i cant really comment on the subject well i am but still