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  1. This one is best for me while watching my favorite team in certain sports. Its like celebrating for the team either it wins or loses. The best part is, Im going home drunk. Local Lambanog (Coconut Wine) + Chicharon (Fried Pig Skin) = Epic
  2. My most memorable moment on Stake is when I bust 62xrp and I have 3xrp left. What I did, I bet 0.07xrp on 990x multiplier. Got 2 rolls left when I hiT. Instantly, I recovered and my mood change instantly. lol 🍰
  3. I want to share a betting strategy that you could try to (DISCLAIMER: No Strategy could 100% guarantee to win all the time) I call this 3 Rounds knockout. I usually use this on Blackjack. All I need to do is to win 3 rounds straight and stop, Doable? Yes. I made this couple of times. And if I lose 3 tries, Then thats a bust. 😂 How does it works? Example, you have $150 bank roll. You divide it on 3. So thats $50 base bet. Everytime you win, you double it. If you made it only on 1st run. Well good. 1st Round: $50 win 2x = $100 2nd Round: $100 win 2x = $200 3th Round: $200 win 2x = $400 Thats 3 Rounds Knockout. You'll gonna withdraw a totsl of $500. What if you lose on 1st $50 and 2nd $50 Try but won the 3rd $50 3 rounds KO. You'll still leaving with $400. Thats still around 2.5x profit But if its really badluck, Youll lose $150 then. Advantage of this? Save time and effort Sometimes I do preroll. Example I won 1st round, I'll mke 3-4. prerolls first before betting. Sometimes, I just go straight betting. Depends on what I feel, Lets call it Gambler's Shitty Instinct 😂 Try this if you want. Reminder: Gamble Moderately and Responsibly.
  4. In my Experience, Plinko is better because my probability to hit larger multiplier is bit greater than keno. Theres always a consolation for Plinko while Keno there are rounds youll get nothing. so yeah, Plinko won this.
  5. So far it works well DB, Yes a real active strategy that I planned for before I start my challenge. A systematic one. But cant share in detail cause im still on Experimental Period.
  6. Really possible but I hope when the great badluck comes, my discipline could handle it. 😂 And I hope it really works with all the planning and back up planning stuffs. Thanks buddy
  7. Im happy to see some great players i Look into commenting on my thread and wishing me goodluck. Thank you Etude
  8. Since everything goes as plan in slowly but surely manner, I got my rewards. Now Im posting this just incase I loss track and get bust on one of the coming days, I will share what I gained from my gameplan. Im posting this not to brag about, Its not even that much but this would set an inspiration to others that discipline is crucial. If I could get to day30 successfully, Im going to be on detail on what are my strategies in every game that I play. So atm, I gained $100+ in 3 days with a Bankroll of $100. Someone could do this in a day but for me, Im playing thus safely. And ATM, Stake should beat me in 6 sessions to bust. Currently my record is 10-0. 2 more sessions to finish 4th day. Goodluck to me, Hope not to bust. Goodluck to you
  9. Luckily, I havent experience that failed session yet, I think discipline (Main Card) really matters. If ever I will fail one session, I have a back up plan. Still with lots of emotional controls or discipline. I have $100 bank roll but everytime I play, I only deposit $30 per session, It helps me control the way I bet and never think that I still have $70 outside waiting. Yes before I cant control my emotion everytime I win lots, I play more til bust and everytime I get lots of red streaks I play reckless. 😂. I learned from it, thats why this challenge so important to me to prove something That winning is not about luck, not about fun but its also about choosing to win. Thats really possible fel but only few could do thaT when luck goes our way. For my 30days challenge, Just want to prove something. Thst there is a workable system with the help of Discipline and Self Control.
  10. see you . hope you won bigtime on race. calling all the RNG gods to stay with you. Goodluck
  11. Not Videopoker, Not Diamondpoker but the real poker deal. Who would love to have a pokerhouse in Stake? Could it be the next PVP game to be added on stake? What if Stake would set a Poker Tournament Once a week or Month with a Prize Pool of $1000 and get the "Stakes Poker Champion" title? What if Stake could set Stake Stream where people can watch Poker Players competing live? Imagine Levt, Burgercheese, Jambi, Rocket, Hidden 😂 and other highrollers playing on the same table. That would be massive Right? This time we are not only taking about Luck, now we are taling poker skills Others might say there are other poker sites to accomodate this one but with how Eddie, Moderators, Supports, Developers, and "Chatbot" take good care of their stakers , Jk wth chatbot We dont need to go far from other site, We play on a site that we can call it home.
  12. You could win big with greed, you could lose bigtime also with greed. on the otherside, you can win safely slowly without greed and lose slowly as well. Choose what side you felt more effective. For me, if we could take out greed in gambling, you can gain steadily. Because greed makes the Casino Win
  13. This is to share an update for those who are curious if how is it going on my 30days $1000 challenge. So far, Im glad that everything works well (For now). Im on my 2nd day but im more than 10% done with my target. How did it happened? Again, I divided my day into 3 sessions. Each session last 30mins-1hour. I have two accounts, i played them alternatively (Depnding on where I feel I could win better 😅). Then each session my minimum target is $12 only. So $12 x 3 sessions/day = $36 $36 x 30days = $1080 Each time i hit $12 every session i sometimes made some few rolls. Then I withdraw the $12 + Bankroll ($30 per Session). Then the remaining balance, I play it like a uncontrolable bull which I released everything after doing those boring discipline stuff. if i Win more, i withdraw again that makes my progress a little bit fast atm. I hope everything will be fine for 28days more. I'll post again another updater after 5 days .
  14. Great. thank you for giving your time to share this info in our community. Hope everyone could snatch those $50 😊
  15. After a week, ill update you 😊 Yes I will for sure. Ill keep this running for a week. Then Ill send update here. I play Dice, Blackjack and Keno atm. Then I used mix strategy, little martingale, little fibo and more of money management. Ill share it on details after a week
  16. yes, Ill update you. So far everything works well. 😊
  17. A lot of factors made me attract to Stake Forum. #1 The Ideas Being Shared. i found stake forum informative and some sharing experience which makes us more inspired to play stske. #2 The People. People here on stake forum are fun. They are real people, no dramas no fakes #3 The reward. Its so amazing stake forum gave Satoshi Rewards which attracts more people to join
  18. In my entire stake career, I only won twice and another almost twice. Then its almost 6 months, Never again won any telegram challenge. But its fine as long as Stake maintaining the fun.
  19. ivan19911991


    I prefer autopick because if I lose, I could blame it to the RNG gods. 😂 autopick or not wont change your winning or losing probability. Its all about timing
  20. Sometimed when im doing something I play 99x multiplier in dice. I got wins and loses. But luckily i got more wins out of it. I do preroll also around 50-80 rolls. If i hit, i restart and change seed. Eventhough its baseless to preroll but i felt more comfarble when i successfully burn non winning rolls. Heres my set up Example if i want to win 0.00100000 BTC Base bet. 0.00001000 Number of rolls: 100 Multiplier 99x Increase on Loss 1% If i dont hit on the 1st 100 rolls, sometimes i reroll another 25-50 rolls. No luck, I reset everything.
  21. I also experinced i double clicked stand. I have a pair of 8 and 6. First stand card is 6, then next is 10. In short i bust instead of winning . Worst part, I bet 0.05 Eth.. It happened when my phone screen sunddenly freezes for a second then made me clicked the screen twice.