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  1. I'd definitely prefer having that much bitcoins regardless if Satoshi owns more, as long as I have that kind of amount, it should definitely suffice me and my families needs. :-)
  2. Ohhhhh. I love this i love this. Can't wait for this. More games, more fun, more to bust/win. :-)
  3. It's free stuff so I absolutely can't complain. Though it might be frustrating specially for others but honestly not me. I do envy others who gets rain most of the time but still, that's free money regardless. SO I'm just thankful enough whenever I catch some good ones. :-)
  4. Eddie's stream during the mega race was the most lag I've seen on the chat. It was crashing literally. But still great stream from him. And yeah, great advices here. :-)
  5. Great great win. It's not always someone hits that 500x. Always see you in the chatroom so I wish you all the luck in your future games. :-)
  6. I'm pretty sure 99% of players would agree. A pattern you've been trying to hit for hours never comes, THEN suddenly when you change yur pattern because of frustration, it then comes out. Ughhh.
  7. It's could save or kill yah. :-) As for me, I always hit 1000 multiplier WHEN i least expect it. That is when I only have a small bet. Seems like it normally works that way. Not sure but as far as I experienced, when i bet big, the multipliers never rise above 2 or 3. But if it's smaller bet, I could often see multipliers around 50 and above.
  8. Same here. It seems that this fake stake page has been spamming all users who commented on several Stake social giveaways, particularly on FB. It probably is the same people who create fake pages from other projects as well. I feel sorry for anyone who might fall victim to these kind of scammers. It's most likely a phishing site and we should all be too careful. I do hope that this gets reported as someone might definitely click on it if he or she does not have any idea.
  9. One Pair KK VIDEOPOKER: 7,921,638,158 placed by DoremiCLoud on 13/08/2019 Wagered 0.03900000 Multiplier 1x Profit 0.00000000 Trio KKK VIDEOPOKER: 7,922,257,823 placed by DoremiCLoud on 13/08/2019 Wagered 0.03900000 Multiplier 3x Profit 0.07800000 Quadro KKKK VIDEOPOKER: 7,922,983,904 placed by DoremiCLoud on 13/08/2019 Wagered 0.00009900 Multiplier 22x Profit 0.00207900
  10. Indeed, it is a big big loss. However, I honestly think that you'll be able to bounce back again and gain it all back. You probably just need a small break for now as that loss will definitely eat you up and in the process forces you to keep on depositing in the hopes of winning it back asap. Just cool it off, you'll get that back eventually. :-)
  11. Good question really. For most part of it, I save it and invest it unto other altcoins. However, when I win big, I always (and I mean always) just end up depositing it back again and in the process just bust it all up.
  12. https://twitter.com/DoReMiCloud/status/1160151720330055686
  13. Happy 2nd Birthday Stake! You rock!! 🎁 I'm fairly new here and I can already felt the presence of long time players not being bossy. SO far I have not made a big win (one i was able to withdraw) but I have already hit multiple big hits on Keno, it's just that my bet amount was not that profitable. :-) Regardless, for the time I have been part of Stake, It has been a wonderful experience. The thrill and the excitement when you click on bet and the sadness when you lose or the surprise feeling when I win. It sure is the best online casino out there.