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  1. Hope to be the lucky one! username: RickT
  2. RickT Support gave me the links to all Stake' socials
  3. 1st winner : Stake Star 2nd winner : BLA 3rd winner :White Walkers 4th winner :Bright Falcon 5th winner : Team O'ez
  4. HILO: 4,727,251,185 placed by RickT on 22/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.06410026550293x Profit 0.00001006
  5. RickT

    New here

    Welcome Whitney2020
  6. For example to get the highest multiplier for Mines: # of Mines: 1 # of gems: 24
  7. I am looking for something like this, thanks
  8. RickT

    Discord Giveaways

  9. Congrats man! I hope you'll find the video, I am really curious to watch it
  10. RickT


    Hello and welcome to stake.
  11. Hello guys, how do I setup the various games for the highest multiplier?
  12. Welcome and good luck
  13. it's a good news as I think is a step for adoption. bad news for my NPXS bag.