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  1. Spamking

    Cloud Mining Site Free 50gh (Payment Proof)

    yeah. i only invested so i could withdraw. so i didnt risk anything.
  2. Hey guys so Last year I signed up for this site because they gave out free 30 gh for lifetime to new members. so i did and forgot all about it but lo and behold I come back a year later and to my surprise the site hasnt ponzi and has accumulated almost enough for 500k minimum withdraw. The free gh was disabled tho until i made a hash power purchase. So i took the risk and bought 1000 more gh that lasts for 3 months. Once It got to 500k i made a withdraw and it was done immediatley. http://prntscr.com/igpeue And as you can see in the screenshot thats my balance one month later. This sites been around a while, but its giving out 50 gh now instead of what i got of 30. So do me a favor and sign up using my ref link and hope to get lucky like i did and get free btc down the road. https://www.cryptomining.farm/signup/?referrer=574EB1BA36A53 and then non referral link is just https://www.cryptomining.farm And dont be greedy and disrespectful and try to abuse this because if their legit thats just rude.
  3. Spamking

    📢 Your Favourite Game of 2017

    I love mines because of how high the payouts can be and how we can choose how many mines to play with. This makes it different than all other mine-game sites. Mines is love Mines is life. More Games: 1. Poker 2. slotssssssss
  4. Spamking

    Chartbet Complaints

    The slow suspense and frequent disappointment is too much to be able to have fun with. more stress then entertainment.
  5. Spamking

    [Trade] Old Empty addresses to Stake Balance

    What about JustDice? Are you staking more than Just-Dice.com ? http://www.presstab.pw/phpexplorer/CLAM/richlist.php
  6. Spamking

    [Trade] Old Empty addresses to Stake Balance

    Well whats the difference between doing it through you and doing it through free digging sites like Just-dice or the main one https://freebitcoins.com/clamchecker/dig/ ^which says Quote from Just-dice for those who dont know about clams,
  7. Spamking

    [Trade] Old Empty addresses to Stake Balance

    Sounds like your digging for clams?
  8. code: BCH invested: $40,000 ----- code: VERI invested: $15,000 ----- code: ZEC invested: $15,000 ----- code: ICX invested: $10,000 ----- code: DOGE invested: $20,000
  9. Spamking

    Why is Sex so Delicious? :D

    Are you asking physically? cuz thats pretty self explanatory.
  10. Spamking

    What makes you trust a gambling website?

    i trust sites with provably fair proven on their bets. Only thing i dont trust stake with is keeping their word since bad rep with that. and same with pd.
  11. Spamking

    [50K Satoshi Giveaway] - Forum Hunt

    Woah how is there Total Members 2,196 LOl is this correct?
  12. Spamking

    [50K Satoshi Giveaway] - Forum Hunt

    broadcast should be broadcasted as shown in picture below
  13. Spamking

    [50K Satoshi Giveaway] - Forum Hunt

    Oh I know!!!! tagalog in tagalog is pilipino not Philippines.
  14. Spamking

    [50K Satoshi Giveaway] - Forum Hunt

    Could it be that the Terms of Service directs you to an error page? So do Affliate and Help.
  15. Spamking

    [Hiring] More Translators & Brand Managers

    Do you need Spanish translators, or do you already have that covered?