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  1. yeah. i only invested so i could withdraw. so i didnt risk anything.
  2. Hey guys so Last year I signed up for this site because they gave out free 30 gh for lifetime to new members. so i did and forgot all about it but lo and behold I come back a year later and to my surprise the site hasnt ponzi and has accumulated almost enough for 500k minimum withdraw. The free gh was disabled tho until i made a hash power purchase. So i took the risk and bought 1000 more gh that lasts for 3 months. Once It got to 500k i made a withdraw and it was done immediatley. http://prntscr.com/igpeue And as you can see in the screenshot thats my balance one month later. This sites been around a while, but its giving out 50 gh now instead of what i got of 30. So do me a favor and sign up using my ref link and hope to get lucky like i did and get free btc down the road. https://www.cryptomining.farm/signup/?referrer=574EB1BA36A53 and then non referral link is just https://www.cryptomining.farm And dont be greedy and disrespectful and try to abuse this because if their legit thats just rude.
  3. I love mines because of how high the payouts can be and how we can choose how many mines to play with. This makes it different than all other mine-game sites. Mines is love Mines is life. More Games: 1. Poker 2. slotssssssss
  4. Are you asking physically? cuz thats pretty self explanatory.
  5. i trust sites with provably fair proven on their bets. Only thing i dont trust stake with is keeping their word since bad rep with that. and same with pd.
  6. Woah how is there Total Members 2,196 LOl is this correct?
  7. broadcast should be broadcasted as shown in picture below
  8. Oh I know!!!! tagalog in tagalog is pilipino not Philippines.
  9. Could it be that the Terms of Service directs you to an error page? So do Affliate and Help.
  10. damn i wish i could have entered into the keno drawing but i see its now locked. Idk if its worth seeing the stream if i gonna feel bummed out for missing out. RIP
  11. like 80% whyce 2000% Debtcoins and over 9000% busted
  12. That is sketchy! He probably knows somethings we dont, i mean being the owner, he probably knows best whether or not litecoin is worth holding or has any future at all. I would sell lite coin personally but i dont own any. Im sure many are going to sketch out in the same way tho and sell, but idk if to the degree that it would ruin litecoin. Though its not like ive heard much application and integration of litecoin into things like ethereum or bitcoin.
  13. i mean this doesnt seem that hard to do. Simply pm everyone u see in chat this link or all users who exist. More balanced giveaways plzzz @christy sent me here
  14. This site has many slots, my favorite is Five Times Win. You can deposit with visa or mastercard easily, can even be prepaid card. But to withdraw you must do the usual card verification form and proof of address. Which doesnt take too long to do. Anyways at sign up you get 10$ to try the casino out, It has a 35x play through and 100$ max cashout. Im not sure about the geographical restrictions though but if your in a area where its not allowed then it wont let you sign up. GL Oh and ofc you can withdraw your winnings via bitcoin. Click here to sign up at Cafe Casino and play with free 10$ (ref link) Non-ref link : https://www.cafecasino.lv/
  15. i got 10k afteer claiming! but lost it all, id wait to see if withdrawals work tho. Best prove, that and how long they are around.