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  1. I did not create a good post in forum till now so its zero let me check and create it soon
  2. Crazy to get self banned 🤣🤣
  3. Glad to meet you in this place
  4. It's a pretty good play. Hope you will be withdrawing next time. Good luck
  5. To be frank, I used to get more intuition on all game because Its a virtual game after seeing intuition works out and went against it always leads to bust gives me more headache often ? do u feel same?
  6. hashrawkz

    I finally hit it!

    Congrats hope you get again have fun
  7. Among that 4 th, one is more worth compared to other charity organization.
  8. Thank you for sharing @coeghacked let me give a try on it
  9. I used to go and watch new series of movie when i do not have coins
  10. Video poker Username:Hashrawkz1
  11. To get a win in HR to try to do some pre-roll just find how many reds it gives according to that increase your bet amount to get placed in HR . Do not play for long time it leads to more red in whatever game you play.