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  1. i just want to have time traveller thats is , as my super power
  2. 10k usd for bronze vip , and depends how much you can deposit money and start wagering for me wagering = bust much money
  3. as we know vip challenge have a good prize but beside that minimum base bet for vip challenge lil bit high than weekly challenges maybe i will try too and hope some accident and can join vip challenge too
  4. im only prefer to play with low base bet and high payout , i dont know why sometimes people said its so wasting time.but for me its more fun too play with small bet also.maybe people different
  5. so nice topic, as we know gambling like addict but offcourse, sometimes i will quiet but i never know when, but serious im playing gambling with fun too. so better if nothing to lose
  6. madoras

    Plinko 1000x

    serious someone hit 10 btc on plinko?? i cant imagine how much bankroll they have
  7. how much increase if u find out 49.5x ?? because sometimes its easy to catch but sometimes it will take very long roll
  8. i dont know why im never get big win on keno, get big payout always on small bet maybe keno its not my type to playingg
  9. kalau yang 40 tahun keatas terjun ke crypto saya rasa pasti pengenalan nya pun dengan portfolio dahulu ,karena pasti akan berpikir secara panjang sebelum terjun di dunia crypto ini
  10. kalau saya pribadi memank nda perna reset seed , jadi ya main dimainin aja, kalau kena ijo sukur, kalau merah ya terima nasib aja beda beda juga cara bermain setiap player
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