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  1. like we heard win big or go home, thats what we should do on casino, if u want playing safe used your money for investment like properties etc
  2. madoras

    Discord Giveaways

  3. i got win but last years i think . 20$ i got
  4. how much increase if u find out 49.5x ?? because sometimes its easy to catch but sometimes it will take very long roll
  5. can u tell me how much your loss increase with this pattern and ur base bet please
  6. i dont know why im never get big win on keno, get big payout always on small bet maybe keno its not my type to playingg
  7. plinko its nice game and very unpredictable.sometimes so easy to get on the corner. but sometimes 0.2 have big magnet for my balls
  8. yea thats stake signature campaigns and much player join in there. and stake pay per post for signature
  9. nothing happen after i know about stake, but make me addict to waiting challenge on telegram before that i have luck on discord challenge, few bucks i got from there
  10. its look like drama on stake chat , i think on english room only,at other room high roller player very nice to player on chat
  11. my best win on plinko is 1000x on bet size 0.0002 etosi. i got foreabout 0.2 eth win
  12. yea 100x is better than low payout, sometimes must becareful if using increase on loss.