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  1. Same here sean i choose that too
  2. your right, it also happen to me many times.. its like they trowing us bad seed but anyway, the reason will always be logic like if you kept playing for longer hours you'll end up with losing everything.. and if we started a small base bet it will keep winning and if we change it it will keep losing until you will get drained.. hahahaha
  3. yes your right i think it is for vip's with higher rank.. well regarding the expiration of my faucets, well i still dont have any idea if whats next.. but if whatever it is ill make sure that it is interesting and fantastic like this one...
  4. I am not sure if its allowed for me to post a topic regarding this new benefits for VIPs but anyway this is very interesting and a big help for VIPs whenever they need it.. Boost faucets are fantastic as it can help us by starting playing without putting any deposits, but of course i am not saying that you can stop depositing huh!, this is just a good start actually cause compare to a previous faucets we only claim a small amount of coins not like this one at least you could claim bigger than you expected. i am happy to claim in every 10 minutes at least a minimum of 0.00002400 satoshies and for LTC 0.0033 and ect. however due to my typical way of betting still i find it not enough at all. cause it will take you several time and tries to get to your normal betting and to win bigger, thats why i still continue doing what i use to do and that is to deposits and start my normal way of betting and so on.. Anyway i am happy to be part of those people who had this benefits from stake and because of it i was able to feel that i am important and they dont want us to be disappointed with everything. soon my faucets will get expired and hopefully there will be another benefits to have from stake.. Love Love Love... Thank you Stake John073187
  5. Your right,.. sometimes were losing out of control because we knew it that we cant recover the money we lose anymore..
  6. Make sure that your ready to lose what you can only afford, if you think your not ready to lose that amount that you can't afford to lose for well that ends up in getting frustrated and disappointed.
  7. Sometimes we tend to lose our control in playing because of greed, i believe in gambling if you keep getting greedy it will end up of losing everything what you had, but still it will always be great night, just make sure that you are always ready and willing what you can afford to lose for. Anyway the first level of loss in gambling is losing an amount of money that you are happy to lose, and that you can afford to lose. It is not so bad, and is not really so much of a loss at all. Don't forget to be happy as always..
  8. Yes i checked with it everything and there was no wrong with the transaction cause the support had located it before and checked it and what they told me is to wait cause it will just be credited on my balance..
  9. Yes friend i hope that this will be resolve soon,. i think this is a big issue for someone like me who always ends up with losing money. this was actually a hard earned money and putting in gambling, but res-assured i am not blaming anyone with what i am losing in gambling, but losing money for not crediting my deposits is a big issue and hard to accept for me.
  10. yes i did contact live support, and also this is my second time to post and as far as i know that i had posted in the right section as this is generally gambling discussion. all i wanted is to inform the public.. thats it..
  11. Good day to everyone, Anyway i just want to share what I've encounter with support staff and especially the site itself. but before anything else i just want to remind everyone that this is just base on my experience and i have no other intention in posting this issue. well it goes like this, last may 15th i deposited 0.03 ETH that is exchangeable via coin exchange to doge coin and i was actually shocked because the transaction was not credited to my stake balance after an hour, cause usually it only takes a minute until it tooks me 5 days waiting for it. i have talk to someone from the support but the support says that coinswitch took a lot of time and it will just be credited to my account. maybe they though that i am new to it but i am not, cause i always use that coinswitch often hahaha.. then after that ETH price went high and still i was waiting for that deposits and here comes the time i had contacted the support and asked again regarding that issue and the lady said that it was already sent to me as a bonus by Eddie.. which drawn a big ????? Question marked to me until now.. My question is, a deposits will always remain as a deposits and if it will be given as a bonus or sent together with the bonus well it should be informed to the concerned person like me,. and i dont see any transaction that Eddie sents me a 0.05 ETH bonus in which the only bonus i got are those bonuses that was sent through emails by stake., and as a VIP member of this site i think everyone has it's bonuses receives cause that is really part of the benefits of the player and that cannot be a bonus because of the pending deposits and non credited deposits of a person. also i only sent 0.03 eth to exchange through doge coin and not ETH or 0.05 ETH also, i never got any personal bonus from eddie that cost around 0.05 ETH. so to cut the story, base on what i had been experiencing with this people from the support are, first they dont have the proper knowlegde in handling customer service or dont have the tools in writing a report and escalating the issue to someone that could handle it better in a way of resolving the issue and not just by making stories to be the reason of the complain. they are making me like an idiot. there for the company has no assurance that the money we are depositing could also lost like our capital. there for it is also not safe to use some of their tools or platform cause worst come to worst it wont be credited anymore and it will be lost. so please i am asking my deposit to be credited to my account and dont tell me that it is a bonus,. be fair Eddie and also the support deposits is a deposits and not a bonus and i havent got any personal bonus from Eddie since then... stop making stories.. John073187
  12. i knew this from the support john073187