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  1. HILO: 4,770,368,893 placed by Gijsie on 24/04/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 3.1036601066589355x Profit 3.99695030
  2. thanks I wil defintely look into it!
  3. Hi stakers, What system does everyone play?
  4. Thats great to hear. How and why did you start doing poker?
  5. What is your balance if I may ask?
  6. You have to choose for yourself I change my strats alot during one session...
  7. hey everyone! Everyone uses different system others don't but was is mathwise the best strategy for betting on a game?
  8. I always have that! I keep playing the same and when I think im not gonna win anymore with it I switch... and once i switched the thing I started with hits. Bad luck fml.
  9. Hello everyone thats reading this I have a question for all the readers of this post... what is your favorite crypto currency to gamble/invest and why. Im just curious because I gamble and invest with crypto but don’t know what others do and why... have a nice day 😛