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  1. It causes me a lot of trouble, since I have to choose between monitoring the chat or a real-time window
  2. before Stake, I played on not-so-reliable sites, and lost all my money. here I am trying a good balance of profit and lose. I'm enjoying the site.
  3. I think it's a bit of each of course.
  4. I really like the website organization
  5. Here in my country (Brazil) so far is not probibido but also has no regulation made.
  6. # HILO: 4,755,586,788 placed by vinnycastro on 23/04/2019 Wagered 0.00560000 Multiplier 1.6477500200271606x Profit 0.00362740
  7. I clicked it once without wanting to, and I ended up losing everything. After that, I deactivated this option. It's kind of horrible to lose all the Portfolio on a bet.
  8. It is a high risk but high reward strategy. It is a good strategy for those who have a good portfolio.
  9. I discovered Stake through Google. I searched Faucets websites when I found it.
  10. It happened to me once, when I made 0.002BTC turn 0.27BTC. I miss this profit. LOL