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  1. Well, I wouldn't like gambling to be my single source of income cause it's too risky
  2. Yeah, I hear everywhere about Chernobyl as well Seems like it is worth watching
  3. I'd like to see Monasteries in Meteora Actually, my friends live in Greece, so they will show me various places I hope) Have you been to Greece?
  4. wooow, the view is spectacular! 😍 i hope to visit Greece this summer too
  5. By car! You can stop whenever you want and you can take more things with you instead of using plane or train
  6. ahah that is why I don't gamble: I don't like losing money 😁
  7. Seems like that gambling is like a drug: you just can't stop and want more and more
  8. Nice! You're the lucky one. My congrats 😉
  9. I really like the meaning of your username, it's very original for me
  10. I can't agree with you 😊 this way of earning is too risky, and there is a big chance that you can lose a lot of money
  11. Seems like he's bored and just wants to get attention 😃
  12. Why should Stake go away? 😃