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  1. whether by creating a fanpage account in steam we can get income like on blogger or youtube. I will immediately create an account if I make money,
  2. I often trade coin ripple or xrp. usually I often buy lots of coins when prices go down then sell them when prices rise. the benefits can be 20% more and I make this coin a coin that has a good future
  3. ethereum will go up in tandem with bitcoin, so that when bitcoin starts to rise it is appropriate to buy etherum then hold and sell at high prices.
  4. I think this will be very interesting where Huawei will make market competition even more exciting. if the Huawei OS comes out and turns out to be very good this will make Google threatened. I think the development of Huawei will make a lot of people amazed, where I heard if they developed this together with several companies from China together to defeat American domination.
  5. I have never played for a long time because usually I play manually to get profit. long term strategy using autobet I think it's very risky. because profits depend on luck, I think you are in luck so you can benefit from that strategy.
  6. I play on many sports betting sites like onehash, sportsbet and 1xbet. I think the site is very good starting in terms of appearance and so on. the best point
  7. maybe you can try to eat bananas, because I think by eating bananas we can be full without having to eat pasta and drink juice
  8. all have experienced what you experienced including me. I woke up at night because every races start at night around 3pm, I started hunting to make a profit. I think everyone experiences what you experience, time zones cannot be equated. so don't complain
  9. wow the increase is very fast, i think this is possible there are many traders who are buying and selling.
  10. You are a very lucky man, congratulations on your victory. applause
  11. maybe if you are in a tropical country, foods that are suitable for cassava. it is perfect for avoiding pasta and juice.