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  1. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts guys. Appreciate it much.
  2. yeah.. after you bust all your coins. its like your searching all over your pockets and these giveaways and coupons comes very handy. thanks darkblood.
  3. GoTServeD

    Discord Giveaways

  4. yay.. Im looking forward to this challenge. thanks again Steve.
  5. 31st min - End of the first half
  6. Thanks for the giveaway! Username: GoTServeD
  7. now this is 100% true. in most cases people who became an addict to gambling do this things. I admit that I do some of it like spending more than 5% but not more than 25% of my income but for me thats fine since I have my own ways to cover that up. the only thing I can't imagine that someone really make another loan to pay the other one. lolx. your just pulling yourself down.
  8. does this information found in the site? I have been looking for this but I seem not to find it.
  9. Hello fellow stakers, I started gambling way back in 2002, where I play Bingo games. Since then, everytime I see some games where my chance of luck is going to be tested, I always find a way to sit down and try it. This game of chance actually destroyed some of my other interest since it consume most of my time. And now the Casino is already online, I tend to stay on my computer and play, than going out. Now, I know many people here stays on this site more than 3 hours a day. Some people are even online while they are at work. Now, do you consider yourself a Gambling Addict?? I considered myself that I have an addiction to gambling. How about you?
  10. Hello fellow stakers, I was wondering how the multiplier is computed in this HiLo Game. I know there's a formula somewhere but I couldn't find it. Do you guys have any idea how they compute it? lets say I got A A A A A A K K K A card. How do to find out the computation of the multiplier
  11. Cleveland Cavaliers