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  1. Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first topic here in Stake community and I just want to let everyone here in Stake Community know how thankful I am for accepting me here. I Just started reading some posts and I found a lot of useful information and I really appreciate everyone who share their thoughts about the game, Support Group here is also superb.. Thank you so much for welcoming me here.
  3. Here is my uique bet.
  4. This is given and thats what makes this business run. Deposit more and withdraw "if only".
  5. I agree.. I often ended up, missing it.. Unless spoken ingame.. Lol
  6. I prefer Do It Quick and Get Over It. If you win cash out and enjoy your profit and if you lose then move on.
  7. This always happens to me and my only way to get around it is to refresh the page.