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  1. Bravo! You can be commended for your zeal and great patience. I would be too lazy, honestly, to check every bet. You're doing fine It is a pity that someone decided in this way to deceive. Someone lost his conscience in just 20 million eth
  2. Bitcoin must grow! I believe in him. There were a lot of predictions last year. Many, of course, did not come true. The fall of bitcoin scared. But it seems to me that now only a successful ascent awaits him. Enough falls, it's time to show everyone what he is capable of and rise to the line of 20 thousand dollars
  3. I find it difficult to accurately calculate how much time I spend playing. This happens throughout the day many times, but only for 10-15 minutes. But the site is open all day, so it was convenient to immediately look at when free time appeared. It is difficult to do this very often in the office My director will hardly approve of my hobby But I can devote several hours to the site on Sunday. Of course, for 72 hours without a break, I never sat at a game. It's horrible
  4. thank you so much. I have long heard about this bot. I have been looking for him for a long time. It will greatly facilitate the life of players
  5. Yes! I often have doubles. But there is a strange feature. I often drop such numbers as for example (47.56-47.56) or (21.23-21.23). But they never fell 55.55-55.55 or 33.33-33.33. Especially not seen 77.77 twice. It's probably very difficult to wait for the combination to fall out.
  6. I tried for a few weeks. But often I forgot to go in at all then I saw how many players are trying to win and decided that I had very few chances.
  7. Golden words I totally agree! What’s gone is gone and soit trying to get it back
  8. Of course, I am worried :) rather excitement. we never know how the next round will end. maybe we will become a little richer or a little poorer :) this is always an exciting moment :)
  9. Only a few people are able to admit their mistakes. Honestly, that only he is to blame for the mistakes made. In my opinion, to win at the casino, you need to have a huge supply of luck. The second option is patience and an individual strategy. But who likes to sit for many months and wait for victory? Everyone wants to get everything at once.
  10. This is a star of loyalty. It depends on vager. Original VIP status.
  11. I believe that Crypto will continue to grow. I trust Eth more, invest free money in it. I really hope Eth grows to at least $ 300 and remains at that point. Possible and higher, of course
  12. Making money using the forum, of course, is interesting. But this is not effective my balance is "0" and I think it will remain so for a very long time I like to play more, and I go to the forum to have a little rest.
  13. Never faced fraud. Just trying to check every action. For example, if I need an exchange, then I appeal to Dinabot. I never buy anything from strangers. I trust only time-tested sites, be sure to look for any comments on the Internet. All this helps to avoid unpleasant moments in life.
  14. There are thousands of exciting mind games on the Internet today. but we will not be able to try them all. life is too short for that. so you have to limit yourself only to your loved ones and those already familiar
  15. AnnieGrace


    Welcome. I'm sure you'll like it here. Be patient and good luck smile