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  1. I never set a specific goal. If the day is successful, I am happy. If the day is not profitable, then I’m lucky tomorrow. I used to make a deposit and thought: I have to double it or even triple it It was a long time ago, now I have become less naive and I understand that winning in a casino is much more difficult than it seems to newcomers. Winning in a casino is not only a huge fortune. This is a tremendous job. You have to strain your brain and feel like a researcher Although luck plays a big role here. But if it’s good luck to help a bit, and not sit waiting for a miracle, the result is very happy
  2. I think it's hard to give a definite answer here. For one player $ 10 is a big sum, for another player $ 100 is not enough and he continues to play. Rather, it depends on the amount of the deposit. It seems to me that if you managed to increase it by 50%, then the day can be considered successful and cash out. Otherwise, you risk staying with an empty pocket I do just that. If I’m lucky, I will withdraw coins. If I see that today is a bad day, then I withdraw what I have left and just finish the game. The next day gives you the opportunity to try your luck again. It is impossible to win every day You need to understand this and you need to put up with it. For someone to win, someone must lose. This is logical, this is a casino
  3. I think that the gifts are over, like 2019 Now we are again immersed in ordinary everyday life.
  4. I remember many happy moments. Thank God there are more than unpleasant ones Although I do not like to be sad for a long time. Lost, it means fate was so happy, you win tomorrow But the happiest moment was when I won x800 in Poker. Then I was on fire, everyone congratulated and it was very nice. Also, 5 scatters in the slots fell to me 5 or 6 times. Nice moments too
  5. Hello everyone! My post is likely only for those who already have a star and who know what rakeback is. I play a lot and for a long time, but still suffer from the same problem. I do not know how to control myself. When a black stripe comes on the side, I can’t pull myself together to say: “Wait, Annie! It will pass, you need to reduce the bet and wait.” I'm starting to get nervous, the balance is melting before my eyes. Everything ends as usual. I lose absolutely all the coins and only then I go to drink coffee, smoke and think what an idiot I am When I return to the game, I am absolutely calm. But the coins are gone. That was until I got a star. Now I always have rakeback left. He helped me out many times. Yes! It is rakeback that often helps restore balance. Of course, there is still a decent amount that allows you to continue the game. I wonder if rakeback ever saved you, helped restore your lost balance? By the way, thanks Eddie, for this wonderful option. Add it was a great idea
  6. I never change my strategy when I restore balance. Also, I do not change the seed. If you change the tactics of the game, then there is a chance that it will bring a minus. As a result, you will already have two minuses. No, I believe that you need to restore only according to the same scheme as you played before. But! To restore balance, you need to reduce bet and wait for the moment when your strategy began to work. Sid cannot always give only minus. There always comes a moment when the green stripe begins. And then bet needs to be increased.
  7. It seems to me that it makes little sense to make a huge pile of slots. Only the characters will change, but the essence of the game remains the same. But I would like to see a slot in which the avalanche function is present. For those who do not know what it is, I will explain. During each roll, the symbols on the playing field do not appear as a result of the rotation of the reels, but fall from above, which sounds like an avalanche. This slot has a unique feature. If there is a winning combination on the field during the first fall, the symbols involved will burn out. Then there is a complete shift of characters. Additional characters fall on top. This can happen endlessly. There is also a scale that fixes each such spin and calculates an additional factor. As a result, for just one roll, you can get a prize as for 3 rolls. Of course, if you're lucky.
  8. 1.Wryy, Zoltan, Maverick, Shinjo, xPink, Robear, Hui, Neich, Kristoff, ThugStream, Alpha, Zuxlel 2.crash 3.slots, crash, sports betting 4.this is the Stake character, logo (I don’t know what to name) 5.Mara, Dusan, Uros, Aleksandra 6.2 7. I wish the site to flourish and develop, let it please its guests next year only with pleasant surprises. I wish that any ideas Eddie embodied with ease and were successful, and the players greeted them with thunderous applause and glee. I wish our beloved Stake become the most popular site on the Internet, so that it takes only the first positions in the ranking of casinos. I wish the number of our guests to increase constantly. I really want the offended and guests who lost their coins to be as small as possible. Let Stake give its guests next year only a good mood and many smiles, as well as many coupons
  9. I play dice and often stack with mega long red stripes. For example, on x2 I caught 28 reds. But I heard from other players that this is not the limit. At x2 you can catch even 30 reds. On x99, I had 1200 red. This is not the limit. I used to feel a sense of surprise when I had such long red stripes. Now I am not surprised. I know that dice can bring a lot of surprises
  10. The best game on the site, in my opinion, will be dice. This game is very interesting. But she requires a lot of attention. Not only luck is required here. Observation, some mathematical abilities, and even logical thinking are also needed. But if you didn’t like the mines, then I think you don’t like dice either. You try not to run from one game to another, but carefully study, for example, mines. Each game has its own secrets. If you don’t know, then you won’t learn to win
  11. If I have a good day, then it is successful everywhere: in online casinos and in real life. I especially noticed that I was lucky on Mondays For many people this is a very difficult day, and on Monday I am always in a good mood
  12. Oh yeah!!! Romania!! She beckons me every year This is a beautiful country. Perfect for numerous excursions. I love Bucharest. "Little Paris of the East" But my heart skips a beat only in Transylvania.
  13. Hi, Aazzah Today I am in prison But soon the mute will expire and we will see you in the chat. Happy to see you in my post thanks
  14. Very interesting question. I really love dice. It helps to maintain a stable game. I can already approximately determine whether the new session will lead me to a plus or I run the risk of being in the red. Then I have time to leave in time to save the balance. But I never caught large "x" in dice. I had no big victories. Slots: I was looking forward to this game with great impatience. I really liked the beta version. There were a few other Payout. But the standard one is also good I managed to catch 5 scatters 5 or 6 times. It was wonderful However, recently, slots have become moody. Free spins are not profitable. You can spin 900 rolls and get in free spins x9. This is funny and brings a lot of damage. Poker: I managed to collect Flash Royal twice. It was cool. The first time I was on fire. I won 1ltc But that was a long time ago. Now I do not play this game. Autobet removed, it's sad. Hands to play for a very long time Keno: A good game, but it requires special attention. She is moody. With her help, I doubled the deposit several times, but did not manage to leave in due time and lost everything. I can’t understand when keno is preparing a trap for me As a result, I conclude that dice brings me more satisfaction than other games. But there are still mines. They are very similar to dice. I love them no less. But recently, she was forced to abandon them. The characters in the game have changed and my browser refuses to work with them There is not enough memory and it closes. But I look forward to an update and then I will definitely return to the mines.