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  1. If you store coins for a certain time, then there should be%, like in a bank. Then this idea is good
  2. I often put eggs in the microwave in the game "how to get a neighbor" lol
  3. do you cook eggs in the microwave too?
  4. Hello everyone! I have a proposal for a daily race. It seems to me to enter the top 100 in a day is very, very difficult. Only high rollers are eligible for race prizes at the moment. But then the race turns out to be launched exclusively for players with "space balance"! Is this fair ??? There is a clear violation of human rights here I propose to make daily races for the top 1000. Let the prizes be less, but everyone will have the opportunity to become a participant and even a winner of the race !!! Vote for your rights, stop enjoying the victories of high rollers, set your goals and achieve impressive results !!! I even want to make a small amendment to make the race even more fair. You can make a variety of races. For example: a day for the top 100, the next day for the top 500, the next day for the top 1000 and then in a circle. Eddie, please add some variety to the races Help other guests of your site to rejoice at their victories!
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