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  1. It will be difficult for me now to explain my idea, so I ask you to forgive me in advance. But I will try The game in dice is based on numbers. On a huge number of numbers. They cannot be chaotic. In the long run, even with a huge number of numbers, you will still find a certain algorithm. If you find him, you will understand how to be in profit. I really hope that you understand my idea
  2. If you have a specific tactic, you should not care about the drain line. It is on any "x" and on any seed. Just wait for the drain to pass and play on.
  3. yes, strategies really seem risky, because this is only part of the tactics Risk! x14.14 often gives 60 reds. If the onloss is 15%, then the bet on the 60th move is already 3812.17282231 doge. In this case, your loss will be -29219.99163771 doge, if there is no green roll If the roll is green, then the profit is 24684.13206975 doge. That is, it does not cover losses. Think
  4. I well remember how our developers created these slots. There were many difficulties with starting the game. After all, it was created specifically for Stake. Huge work has been done. Many thanks to our developers. The slots turned out really beautiful and interesting. And it seems to me that the name of the slots should somehow be tied to the site. Indeed, only on our beloved Stake you can play such slots. Therefore, I propose to name the slots: "Treasures of the Lord of Stake" or very shortly "Lord of Stake".