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  1. Trustpilot username: Ann Gray Stake: AnnieGrace
  2. you can laugh at kittens forever
  3. Thank you so much Stake! Many thanks to the whole team! The guys devote a lot of energy to the site. It immediately feels that the work brings them pleasure And, of course, thanks to Eddie, for a new surprise
  4. If sports betting has no restrictions on sports or championships, then I will choose several options at once. So more likely to win. Where did you lose, but in another version you will definitely win. You need to look at the situation. Let's wait, what a surprise Eddie prepared for us He knows how to surprise
  5. AnnieGrace Have a good game, let all the rolls be green
  6. Stake will occupy a leading position in the ranking of casinos in three years. But for this, Eddie must remain at the helm. This young man devotes a lot of time to the site, I feel that he loves his job. Naturally, this attitude brings bright results. Players pay in return, they tell their friends about their favorite site. So the number of players is constantly growing.
  7. I perceive gambling as a walk to the cinema. We go to the cinema and buy a ticket, which means we spend money. But we don’t know whether we like the film or not. Some friends say the movie is good, others say don’t go, you won’t like it. You go and you have your own opinion. If you liked the movie, that's good. It’s not for nothing that you bought a ticket. But it so happens that the film is disgusting and even there is no desire to watch it to the end. You get up and leave. You spent the money. You just threw them away. Right? You are sorry for them, but this is a small loss. You will not think about her for a week and lament A similar situation in the casino. No need to spend very large money for you in a casino. In this case, your losses will not cause you severe disappointments, will not harm the family budget. If you manage to win, that's good. The film turned out to be interesting If you lost ... Well, that's okay. You go to the “cinema” next week, when you again have extra coins
  8. I don’t know in which country such problems with coin exchange. There is a special site "bestchange". He monitors the best courses every second and offers proven sites for exchange. I always use this exchanger.
  9. I really hope that someday 1doge will be equal to 1 dollar Of course, all this is a dream. But this particular coin is my favorite. I like its relative stability. Against the background of other coins, she does not have strong jumps down. I really hoped that ltc would rise. Recently there have been some predictions in this regard. They said that it would grow to 400 dollars. But I do not see the growth of this coin. On the contrary, he went down. Only doge always makes me happy I do not expect its growth and do not believe in its strong decline.