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  1. 141 red roll is not a long strip at all. This is the middle lane. I studied roulette well, hunting for zero and other numbers. You can compare hunting with hunting in a dice. How many red can you get in dice on x36? If you take into account my personal observations and conclusions, the results of my friends, then to determine the maximum long band you need to take "x" and multiply it by 17. For example, you play on x36. Then the result will be as follows: 36 * 17 = 612. This is the longest strip that can be expected on this multiplier. If you play on x99, then the result is: 99 * 17 = 1683. This is the maximum number of red rolls on x99. But not forgetting that all the results are only approximate. Today the site gives 600 red rolls, and in a month new records may appear. Therefore, I constantly update my notes, depending on the appearance of new information. I often got 140-150 red rolls in roulette. This is not scary. I count my bankroll on 164 red rolls. Then I discard the results. Because it makes no sense to wait further. The maximum number of red rolls I had was 330-370. But I know that this is not the limit.
  2. I also observed such a problem. But only when playing with dicebot. Then he stopped working for me. I do not know the reasons. He gave a lot of mistakes, constantly stayed up. Well then, the balance had a slight drop. But today I play slots. For them, unfortunately, there is no bot Therefore, there are no problems with the balance.
  3. January is a bad month for me! I lost a lot. But I was able to stop in time. I only lost what I won in December 2019. It turns out this year I am in the red, but if we look at the picture more broadly, then my result is zero. Now I need to take a break from the game and wait for the moment when luck returns again
  4. I do not believe that btc will rise much in price during 2020. There is no reason for its rapid growth. I do not believe that btc will cost 20 thousand dollars. Exclusively my opinion: the coin will fluctuate between 8-12 thousand. I doubt that she will even break the threshold of 15 thousand dollars. Then again, the New Year and all the coins will fall in price This is the worst time. Young people do not want to go to the exchanges on New Year's Eve and watch the value of the coin.
  5. Such a game annoys me too. I observe how the balls are rapidly changing their direction and will soon be in the middle. But you can do nothing about it. Such a situation in any game. For example, you are waiting for 3 scatters, but there are only two on the playing field, again two and again two It seems to you that the game is mocking you. What could be a trick in the plinko? Maybe you should try to tilt your computer to the right or left side and the balls will change their direction? this is a joke, of course There are no tricks, simple cases and a smile of fortune.
  6. Yes, you're right, 98% of players lose their coins in casinos. But there is 2%! They win. These are people who can tell themselves: stop! pick up coins and go relax! Such players do not think: wow! I won 1btc. Now I will do 2btc. Not! Such players take their 1btc and leave. They know that one will not become two. Stay after winning the casino and there will be zero This is a common reality. This often happens to you in life. Everything is in order, the children are in order. But suddenly: BOOM! Everything begins to crumble. You had a fight at work. The son broke the window. This is the usual mishap It is not necessary to blame the black cat for this
  7. I think that now he is definitely not lucky He missed a happy moment and you need to wait a bit. Maybe this player was just checking the seed. I also check the seeds, but I do not play with zero I use doges. If I see that seed is good, oh increase bet. Do you think that he was lucky only because he played with zero? Not. This is just an accident. He could hit even 1eth or 1ltc and win too