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  1. The manual way is the best way for me, but I have to be very focused when I am playing manual, I have to see the trend and know the probability of hitting a particular payout. And the payout I use is high and low payouts. I don't like playing Auto, because it breeds martingale, and martingale is not good for me. Martingale breeds bust because of the Anti martingale system incorporated in all over stake and PD.
  2. I don't think there are so many disadvantages playing Crash, as everyone now uses a common seed. The only disadvantage that I think is the house edge which is always there every time in any game. When your game goes 1.00x or 0.99x and you have set it to 1.01x and you bust. That's the disadvantage with it. Yes!, that's exactly what I am talking about.
  3. When you start contributing ,meaningfully to the site, then you will start been tipped, then as time goes on, your reputation and your post increases and your income will also increase. Just be frequent here and add meaningful topics and comments to the forum, you will see the impact very soon. BTW, read the letter from Dan. The first letter you get from this account, it will show you everything and how it is been done, and you will be explained to explicitly.
  4. My average bet on state depends on my bank roll for that time. But if I really want to give an estimate, it is down down $1. because I am not that rich to pull these things off.
  5. This is not a strategy, this is a trick and a focus theory. Going off to a another website doesn't change the game and it doesn't really change the way you have decided to go. It might just help you in selecting the right way or not.
  6. We can have a P V P game on stake, but how will stake gain from it. That's the problem here. Stake can't actually bring something up, that they won't gain from. They must gain from it, unless people will stop playing with a AI and people will shift their attention to a PVP game and Stake may run out of business. The tendency is there for them to run out of business.
  7. I hate Plinko so much, but anytime I want to play Keno or Plinko itself, I go on a very high multiplier, because I know, if it hits, it's going to hit big and fast. But go all in at your own peril. To go all in in a plinko or keno game is so so catastrophic.
  8. I hate Plinko so much, but anytime I want to play Keno or Plinko itself, I go on a very high multiplier, becausemI know, if it hits, it's going to hit big and fast. But go all in at your own peril. To go all in in a plinko or keno game is so so catastrophic.
  9. Without losing???? Come on Steve. Lol
  10. Though I have not seen a singular passage in any holy book that talks about gambling or what will happen to people that gamble, though teachers of those books always say gambling is wrong, but I have not seen where those books said anything meaningful about it. I don't think a being that is powerul cares about if you are gambling or trying to make yourself better. I don't think nobody cares if you mutter some words mistakenly or knowingly. And how gambling make me a theist when the people worshiping the being you are asking believes the act of gambling is a very bad thing.
  11. I don't think I have seen anyone that loves Plinko. Plinko is the pit of death. The very pit that doesn't have a bottom.
  12. I am just okay with all the games and not make changes in the games, but I can suggest which game to remove completely though. Maybe the Plinko should be removed and if it is not removed, the video replay should be brought back. And the Hilo can be made player VS player game. It will make a lot of sense and be cooler. Or what am I trying to say YEa, I am making sense.
  13. In a casino, it is very okay to lose. In this particular game of Hilo, I tried using the proportional method of gambling i.e. I was just wagering 1% of my balance, and after I lost so much in the streak, I reduced the base bet to 1% of the current balance, I actually recovered after everything and I won more. I learnt all these in the streams that Eddie always make. Eddie doesn't really use the margintale method but he will use proportional method of wagering. He will always have a balance of 2 ETH and he wager just 0.02 on a single bet. That is wisdom. That's just 1% of the said balance, and when he loses too much, he drop the base bet and he gets to recover at last. Before I got to know of the style or method, i also doubled when I lost, which made me lose more then I run out of balance. These days, I don't really lose and I just cash out of stake when I want to cashout, it is so simple as that.
  14. Anything that comes with addiction is detrimental to the soul, spirit and body of a being. And gambling is the worst of all. If you are addicted to gamble, there won't be absolutely nothing you won't be able to gamble away, so far it fuels your addiction and makes you become normal. Gambling addiction will make you go into debts that you may not be able to recover from and then it will finish you in all aspects of life. There are big time players that lost everything because of gambling addiction. Then you won't follow the real rules of gambling. You can steal to gamble, and you are not gambling to win, you are gambling not to lose, so you gamble carelessly. Gambling addiction is a bad bad spirit and habit, and anyone with it, should get a psychiatrist and a physical help.
  15. 1stly, You might have a very good strategy and win all the time, but there will be a time the strategy doesn't work for you and everything will just be down the drain. There is no strategy that can last for a long time. You have to know how to change styles and switch your strategy all the time because if you don't problems will be looming. You might even get to hate the once loved specific strategy at the long run, because it will make you lose badly. There are no perfect strategy at all. PS: Margintale is the most stupid strategy of all time, it make you comfortable, then it fucks you up. Actually it can fuck you up at the start of your bets and you gonna have unlimited streaks of red that doesn't want to stop. It has happened to me before. My advice is, never use margintale, it doesn't pay at the long run, and it snatches back everything it has given you. Just go with your calculations and proportional betting. Proportional betting is the best. Just follow the rules and flow of the game you are playing. You gonna love that proportional betting strategy.