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  1. Greatest mistake ever was getting carried away in a race and losing 90% of my money because I wanted to win less. I was going at 98% chance on dice, then it hit red, I increased, it hit read again, I increased, then it did again. I have never experienced such in my life on any casino site before. But this is a casino, anything can happen. I came 10th but it was so low, and since then I have not tried to wager in a race again. I just feel it is a waste of time and you might definitely bust.
  2. Bimfo

    Hunting Limbo x100000

    Lol, I fell in love with Limbo today, but I am scared to look for crazy payouts like 100k. Thats some crazy payout. I will try it one day if I have the opportunity and chance.
  3. My goal in the next 2 weeks is to try all my best to make 15 LTC from 0.2 LTC through dice and sportsbook. How is that for a goal. It is achievable but it is very hard. But I just have to know how to mix the numbers and give it a try. Just a try. If it comes, good. If it doesn't no problem. Looool
  4. A bot is used to play a casino game. It is faster, more direct, it has more options of Auto bet and it can show you full stats for the hours you used in rolling. For dice you can ask search for seuntjie bot for dice on google. There is also an Hilo Bot and a Mines Bot, You can ask and message @madcoin for that, Or you can just search his profile for the topic. Warning: if you are not good with the bots or learn, don't use it to bet big balance at once, you can RIP your balance. So practice a few times and you will be good.
  5. I advised my friends that are interested in crypto at the beginning of the Month. If you have money (enough money) buy cryptos and store it. Especially BTC. It is a good business. After the end of the corona virus Pandemic, it will break the 10k dollars barrier and you will gain a lot. And that will definitely happen eventually.
  6. The thing about betting on soccer on any site is that you don't know the week that will actually go against the odds. Football is so crazy that in the 22 weeks we have used in this season for European football, there is single week that there is no real upset or a team that will beat one of the big boys in Europe. It is so frustrating at times. So what I do most times is that, I play all the games I have chosen once in accumulator, I play them in single games. \then I go ahead play the exact bet and give double chance or over 1.5 to the accumulator. With that my chances of not busting all is slim and I get some of my money back even though the main ticket busts.
  7. Sorry for that bro. Stake is a good community to have fun and play the most. But please don't borrow to wager or deposit big amount to wager. It is not a good advice. Just win some few coins all over the site and roll. Don't fall into deeper depression and don't commit suicide. Suicide is not an option. Do you stuffs and apply for jobs when the corona virus is out of this World, because I have observed that you move with the crowd. Just be good and have fun on Stake. I am officially your friend. XD
  8. This is a good strategy to wager not to make gain and have fun. The reason I am here is to make gain and have fun not to wager and wager without looking at my red and green zones. Don't get me wrong, this is a good strategy for wagering, but if you leave it, you gonna bust at the long run after some rolls.
  9. You can buy and buy a Years' time when the vaccine of that deadly virus is produced, you will cash in big time. By the end of 2021 (If you can wait that long), you will cash in big and you will love it. Buy if you have the money. It will pay at the long run.
  10. The Coronavirus doesn't get affected by Summer heat. That is a misconception. I come from a country where we have sun at a very high degree and we have had heat waves since January. My country is somewhere near the equator. But that doesn't mean corona didn't have a chance to sneak in. Let us just wish and pray that a vaccine is produced as soon as possible. Though they are saying a vaccine won't come till 2021 at least, but I feel it will come earlier than that. Before the vaccine, health workers in high affected places in ASIA and EUROPE should have done things to reduce the outbreak, and the number of people having the symptoms and getting affected by the Pandemic. With that, football and other contact sports can resume and we will enjoy our sportsbook once again.
  11. Oh. The Payouts are not constant? But why did you put the 2475x multiplier as a constant at the beginning of the spreadsheet if you are altering a lot of things. I get what you are saying now. How much do you think should be your bank roll in any currency for this strategy. And is there a dice bot code for this strategy.? If yes drop.
  12. ARe you alternating based on sequence pattern? Is the value of the new bet not higher than the value of the Old bet? If it is, then it is martingale, and it will end up in busting at the long run. Good Luck though. Let me stop being negative.