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  1. There are alot of ways to get real money online. The 1st is by gambling, obviously. You can also trade or go into Binary. You can also be a freelancer. There are a lot of good sites that pay for free lancing, and then you can multiply your earnings with Stake. To get the best Airdrops is always the problem and very very stressful. Most of them just wants to scam and hold your money from you.
  2. Lol, Gambling doesn't have to do with blood or inheritance. My grandfather is not a gambler, I have never see my father gamble, but I gamble frequently, My younger brother also gamble. Gambler just depends on the kind of person you are and how you want to live your life. It is not about what others think or do, but what you want to do. Gambling is personal.
  3. Actually, there is no sure way of increasing. And as you rightly said, there is always probability of losing. But its not about been greedy. Its a margintale method, the dice can mess up at the start of the rolls, which is going to be catastrophic for someone that feels its impossible. Just play your game with dice. Calculate and follow your instinct.
  4. To have a 1 on 1 game will be so cool. You say how much you want to stake, then you play. Its a very good initiative. Very very good. Maybe stake can implement it and make it work. Who knows?
  5. No script is safe though, its just waiting for the right time to implode. In everything, don't buy any script with your hard earned money. its always catastrophic at the long run.
  6. Welcome boss. Read all the rules and try all you best not to get muted, and Enjoy your time. Always check the house edge though, it is very very essential in your stay here. WHen you see 1% house edge, it means the game can make the World end tomorrow. Cheers! 🔥
  7. I don't really have any problem with people on the list or putting their names out. My only problem is that they are all over the gambling World. WHy must you borrow and not return for goodness sake? Yes, it is unofficial, but for someone to borrow you doesn't mean the person has a lot of balance. The person just wanted to help, and that is just it. But you let the person lose trust in everyone. And that is making the World more toxic. I stopped raining in PD, not because I got broke, but because people will borrow and not return and I blacklisted everyone. But I know not everyone is the same.
  8. They don't really know, and I am not ready to tell them about anything. Because they will definitely not understand and I am not ready to start explaining everything.
  9. The Chicago bulls on this one
  10. I think its dropping again, but its will stable at 7,000$. But the problem is you don't when it will come back soaring high. Its so hard to determine.
  11. I think its dropping again, but its still stable at 7,300$. But the problem is you don't when it will come back soaring high. Its so hard to determine.
  12. Bimfo

    Wild random action

    With this action, it can confuse the rolls and it might bust and then you won't know how it all happened. I know what you mean with all these, but its very dangerous especially if you have a big balance and then gunning for small payouts. Very dangerous.
  13. Luckiest month has to be on Primedice.com. The month of February. Not a regular here, but I am definitely waiting for my 1st cashout.
  14. I think the reason BTC is banned in some countries is because the money is untraceable. The BTC breeds stealing and corruption. I can steal millions of government money, turn it to BTC and no one will know what I have done. It is as simple as that. The BTC is decentralized and untraceable. It gives the government big problems.. I come from Nigeria where the BTC is just gaining popularity. There is a whole lot of corruption in the system. Now think about it. What if people start making transaction with the BTC, and the government can't trace it, there will be a whole country collapse on our hands in this country. Nigeria is a den of thieves. There are more people that steal than more people that make honest living.
  15. I learnt something great on Prime dice. The probability of busting when you stake all in at once is lesser than the probability of building it up. Because on the long run it will likely and definitely bust. It is as simple as that.