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    Bimfo got a reaction from Stefan in Guess the language   
    This should be Japanese. I can recognize Name there.
    My Language.
    Mó feran stake ati primedice púpò púpò. 😂😂🤣
    Even Google can't guess that
  2. Love
    Bimfo got a reaction from Mara in What superpower would you like to have?   
    Anytime I drink water, I should be able to produce BTC. 
    If I drink water 7 times in a 50L bottle in a day, I should be able to get 7 BTC.
  3. Thanks
    Bimfo reacted to Nenad in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Gary the Striker ​⚽​| Mines Challenge   
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 3rd June:
    CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account
    Congrats to the 153 winners!
  4. Thanks
    Bimfo reacted to Shinjo in 🥇 [0.3 BTC] ​Limbo Race 🏁   
    LIMBO: 22,022,035,569
    placed by Shinjo on 11/05/2020
    0.00020000 Multiplier
    50x Profit
    0.00980000 LIMBO: 22,095,066,569
    placed by Shinjo on 12/05/2020
    0.00010000 Multiplier
    100x Profit
  5. Ethereum
    Bimfo got a reaction from Limbo in Which coin is better than bitcoin?   
    Bitcoin is the King of them all. Bitcoin is the best and the most used and I don't think it will lose its value anytime soon. If BTC loses value, trust me, 90% of altcoins is in the red and drop zone. BTC affects everything in the crypto World. Go and check history of charts. Anytime there is dip in BTC, other coin follows, and there is nothing anyone wants to do about it
  6. Bitcoin
    Bimfo reacted to wyj1306 in Wrong wallet withdrawal, but that belongs to Stake   
    Hello friends, yesterday I had a problem here at the stake for a mistake of mine, I made a 200k bitcoin withdrawal for my wallet and this is the transaction below, but pay attention to this marked wallet
    A few hours after making this withdrawal, I deposited 197k again here at the Stake and until then everything was fine, and when I reached 255k I left 200k again for my Atomic wallet, but when I accessed it, I ended up copying the address that had sent me the withdrawal of satoshis previously, wallet in which the stake made the payment for me.
    It is the first time that I use the atomic wallet and, when I left where I copied my wallet, when I went back to the previous part of the transactions, I ended up accidentally clicking on one of the wallets of the transaction, I didn't realize I had copied it again, but it was the wallet where the stake made me the payment.

    With that I went to make the withdrawal and put that wrong address that belongs to Stake, but I just noticed that the withdrawal was wrong after noticing that the transaction delay was too long and after confirming it didn't fall in my wallet.

    After that I went to support to see if I could solve my problem, I explained the whole situation, but after some time researching it, they said that the wallet I made the withdrawal belonged to a player called Dubbaka, I tried to contact the player but he you haven't accessed your account for some time, and I didn't get any help to resolve this situation.

    I know that the mistake was all mine for lack of attention, but I could at least have had a little more help so that I can recover this balance, then a player who doesn't even access the site will keep my money locked in his account, it will really be impossible to recover, and I have already proved that the satoshis really belong to me, the site used the wallet to pay me so they have access to it, I know it is not a lot of money but it is of great help.
    Thank you all and sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Haha
    Bimfo got a reaction from Hoffguy in Rainbot favoritism??   
    There is no favoritism with Rainbot. Please . It selects the people that wins randomly depending on your rolls and the way you communicate in Chat. If you spam or message it, it will not choose you, and that is where the problem lies?
    Why do you have to message the rainbot. This is a gambling site, not a charity center. You have to deposit to play. Why are you waiting for the rainbot. There must be something wrong. Please and please try and deposit and win something rather than waiting for rainbot or rain.
  8. Thanks
    Bimfo got a reaction from Salsa in nice price position.   
    Right now, the price of the BTC is at a very good place even with the Pandemic. It will keep shuffling between 6k and 7k, until this Pandemic subsides or someone as powerful as Trump gives a positive review on the BTC.
    The BTC will definitely go up but I don't think it is now. I still it will still fall back to 5k$ depending on how we can all collectively eradicate the corona. 
    If you want to risk by investing into it now. Be my guest.
  9. Love
    Bimfo got a reaction from dondie21 in Rainbot favoritism??   
    There is no favoritism with Rainbot. Please . It selects the people that wins randomly depending on your rolls and the way you communicate in Chat. If you spam or message it, it will not choose you, and that is where the problem lies?
    Why do you have to message the rainbot. This is a gambling site, not a charity center. You have to deposit to play. Why are you waiting for the rainbot. There must be something wrong. Please and please try and deposit and win something rather than waiting for rainbot or rain.
  10. Thanks
    Bimfo reacted to nuuuitsjdragon in Limbo vs. Dice   
    Since both games kinda work in similar ways, the two major differences for Dice vs. Limbo are:
    • Rolling above/below for Dice (Limbo has no such options) 
    • A max hit of 9900x for Dice (1mx for Limbo)
    I have observed most players to prefer Limbo over Dice, as there is no possibility of picking the wrong side. 
    Personally, Dice is my go-to game for the range of multipliers for possible Dice hits.
    However, when it comes to multipliers more than 10000x, Limbo excels! In a nutshell, I feel Limbo’s advantage increases more alongside your chosen hit multiplier. 
    Do you guys feel the same way? 🤔
  11. Thanks
    Bimfo reacted to Xylber in Tutorial: Exchange currencies inside Stake   
    I just tried to do this and worked. I exchanged my ETH to BTC inside the Stake interface using the 3rd party coinswitch service tab, without leaving Stake.
    1st: Go to "Deposit", "Exchange", choose the coin you have and the coin you want. I have ETH and want BTC

    2nd: "View Exchange Rate", and confirm you agree with that (if you want to know if the exchange rate is fair, check: https://coinmarketcap.com/ )
    3rd: Once you accepted, you are presented with a deposit address. Copy this address.

    4th:  Open a new tab, go to Deposit/Withdraw choose ETH (or the coin you want to convert) and in the "withdraw address" choose the address given in the Step 3.
    You will be sending directly from Stake to Coinswith, and coinswitch will send it back converted to Stake. All in 1 step.

    5th: Withdraw and wait. You can see the status of the exchange in the other tab (it takes 30 minutes).
  12. Thanks
    Bimfo got a reaction from Salsa in Bitcoin and Samsung   
    This  is a good development to turn our main use of currency to a decentralized one, and start of the long walk to bitcoin's stability. I am tired of visiting the bank at the sound of any small transaction. Thanks to Samsung for the initiative. Sumsung over iPhones.
  13. Thanks
    Bimfo got a reaction from arkadian93 in My strategy big wager low bet   
    This is a good strategy to wager not to make gain and have fun. The reason I am here is to make gain and have fun not to wager and wager without looking at my red and green zones. 
    Don't get me wrong, this is a good strategy for wagering, but if you leave it, you gonna bust at the long run after some rolls. 
  14. Payday
    Bimfo got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in Hunting Limbo x100000   
    Lol, I fell in love with Limbo today, but I am scared to look for crazy payouts like 100k. Thats some crazy payout. I will try it one day if I have the opportunity and chance.
  15. Thanks
    Bimfo got a reaction from Kompo in Good time to buy and store bitcoin coin   
    I advised my friends that are interested in crypto at the beginning of the Month. If you have money (enough money) buy cryptos and store it. Especially BTC. It is a good business. After the end of the corona virus Pandemic, it will break the 10k dollars barrier and you will gain a lot. And that will definitely happen eventually. 
  16. Love
    Bimfo got a reaction from Thepug in Stake weekly goal   
    My goal in the next 2 weeks is to try all my best to make 15 LTC from 0.2 LTC through dice and sportsbook. How is that for a goal. It is achievable but it is very hard. But I just have to know how to mix the numbers and give it a try. Just a try. If it comes, good. If it doesn't no problem. Looool
  17. Bitcoin
    Bimfo reacted to Dracco121 in Draccopvp Stream is Now Live! Giving 10 000 satoshi Every 10 Mins and   
    10 000 satoshi every 10 mins during the stream. come join us participate in the ultimate Keno Duels
    Instant draw mayhem madness any hit over 100 times triggers a boom instantly triggering an instant giveaway of the 10% of the winnings
    I play here : https://stake.com/?c=d78f442b8f
    Twitch stream : https://www.twitch.tv/draccopvp
    Super super good!! See you there champs.
  18. Wow
    Bimfo got a reaction from Thepug in New $10000 daily race   
    24 hours race? Come on. Too long. Reason I hate racing is the time. I am of the 100m than the 40000 M. It is boring and not interesting. It doesn't make sense too. Some of us don't have the capacity or the time to race for 24 hours no matter the lockdown. We all have our respectives lives no matter the Covid 19 virus. 
    I prefer the 2 hours race over the 24 hours race by far.
    And for sure Stake is bigger than PD 100x. And that is the fact. 
  19. Thanks
    Bimfo got a reaction from Kompo in what you think guys , btc hit 1 m $ or not this year ?   
    ! million what? Dollars? You kidding or you are joking? It can never happen this year. It might happen later, but it can never happen this year, with coronavirus on the spree and  other things. Lol 1 Btc = 1 million dollars?
    Not happening this year.
  20. Thanks
    Bimfo got a reaction from Kompo in My Big Wins   
    Wish I could post my wins here, but I don't keep them. I just drop them in chat and move on. But I made some big wins on dice this week, like some heavy wims, but I ran out of luck and busted in a millisecond. Greed is a big case with me. And I wanted to cover up fast.
    But that was some Plinko win. It was not accidental, you earned it. I have never won big on Plinko before. Stupid game. Pit of death
  21. Thanks
    Bimfo got a reaction from wry in A massive waste, or just a wasteful mass?   
    Never knew crypto mining bring so much to climate change. Though the main culprit of Climate change are those that uses Fossil fuel for production.
    It will be interesting to take a project and research about what amount of CO² is been produced with BTC and ETH mining compared to fossil fuel.  I feel it will be drastically different.
    Another aspect is the dumping of all those obsolete machines at places that are not suitable. There should be a way to reuse and recycle those machines, at least it will solve the issue of dumping obsolete machines in undesirable place. 
    Lastly, I don't trust Xrp creators. But we are not deviating from the real reason for crypto currency. Decentralization.
  22. Haha
    Bimfo got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in If you won $7000, would you quit gambling?   
    No matter the amount won, a gambler will always be a gambler. It is so so hard to see a gambler foing out or leavung an interesting site like stake. He might definitely cash out, but I don't think anyone will leave stake.
    For someone like me, I will definitely cashout all the 7k$,  then start gambling all over again. Because the bad thing about casinos is that, the house always wins, and its a negative gain game. There is no how you want to win for life, and the more you losing, the faster you want to recover which can make you lose more money. You are only sure about money in your wallet. Any money on a casino site, it is very possible to lose it in a twinkle of an eye.
  23. Sad
    Bimfo got a reaction from Bojana in 💰 [0.12 BTC] Treasure Hunt: Diamond Chest | Mines & Slots   
    SLOTS: 17,298,144,765
    placed by Bimfo on 24/02/2020
    0.03500000 Multiplier
    83x Profit
  24. Sad
    Bimfo got a reaction from sugam in 5 Days Reload   
    Lol. Skipped my mind and I claimed just twice. It was painful though, but no problem at all.
  25. Bitcoin
    Bimfo got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in Huge Multipliers   
    You will eventually get it, but your seed is different from everyone. Some people take time to it, and roll in less than 100, and there are some, it will take 15000 rolls to hit. It all depends on your seed. Just your seed. If anyone tells you otherwise, its not true.
    Even if 1000 of us are trying to hit the same multiplier, it doesn't mean it will be hard to hit one pay out. The only thing that will be hard to get is the nonce number. That's all.
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