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  1. Posting on behalf of @methylminer (stake username is drmethyl)
  2. It just depends — I think it’s detrimental to try and play for a fixed amount of time, or to put a timer/time-limit on your sessions. From my experience this leads rushing and basically trying to force the profit if you’re losing/flat as the arbitrary stopping point you’ve set for yourself approaches. Rushing & trying to force “greens” is a sure-fire way to bust. Patience is one of the most important factors when it comes to giving yourself the best chance at a winning session. You can’t force greens to come, but if you keep your cool, and keep your wager down, and wait long enough, they eventually will — sometimes that may only take 10 minutes, while other times that may take 10 hours. But with enough patience & being flexible with the length of your sessions it makes no difference, and you can take down a win if you wait for that perfect time to jack up your wager and make the most of a hot streak of greens when they finally arrive. That said, winning also requires the utmost focus, so while I believe you shouldn’t put time constraints on your sessions, I also think that you should only play for as long as you are playing at your best, and if you start to feel that you’re losing focus, definitely stop betting, and take as much time away from game as you need to, and resume playing only when you’re refreshed and refocused and once again operating at 100%.
  3. Not often enough, but when I do it usually has a positive impact, as it kind of resets me — when I just keep playing and playing for hours on end, it usually ends with me tilting at some point when I lose focus and/or get sleepy/impatient and bust everything I’ve been slowing grinding up within a matter of minutes. Breaks seem to combat this outcome & I’m trying to make a habit of taking them more regularly when I play.
  4. Limbo hands down. I’ve done as much as like 8500x my starting amount in Limbo. While I’ve done maybe 2500x my starting amount before in dice, I’ve never done anything even close to that in any other game.
  5. This isn’t a faucet, but it’s legit — you get $1 in btc for signing up, only takes like two minutes, and then you get $1 additional for every person you ref: https://yournewinternet.co/IWGjp5 One thing to note though is that they only pay out once per week — from my experience it’s been like Friday/Saturday the few times I’ve received payments. So not quite an immediate means of getting some coin, but really simple, and an easy way to get like ten bucks in btc or something that requires very little effort, by simply registering and getting a few friends to do so as well. And although you may wait a few days for the payout, it’s honestly takes so little time that you’ll quickly forget you even did it, and then it’s a nice surprise to find a few bucks in your wallet at the end of the week when the payment comes in.
  6. osledrobilka

    New game idea

    Yeahhh, sounds great, but I guarantee we’ll never see a PvP game on stake, unfortunately.
  7. I always play them way too hard bc of the sheer excitement of a coupon surprise and it’s gone in the blink of an eye 🤦‍♂️
  8. Yesss, have hit it as many as three times before noticing 😑
  9. Mainly Dice and Limbo, but Keno on a select few occasions when a rare 500x drops
  10. eos — although price tanked as of late there are lot’s of cool things happening with eos and it’s a good time to accumulate as I think the price has mostly bottomed out.
  11. I never (or very rarely) change seeds. All seeds will have hot and cold streaks. Better to wait for hot one which will eventually come on any seed than constantly changing and hoping to get lucky in my opinion. If a seed is really unbearably sh*tty for awhile rather make an alt account and take a break from other one, and then come back to it when you’re better funded and prepared to endure the long cold streak.
  12. Would be pretty epic if it was Eddie’s bet and featured in the live stream. Still hope it’s my own bet, however