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  1. I never (or very rarely) change seeds. All seeds will have hot and cold streaks. Better to wait for hot one which will eventually come on any seed than constantly changing and hoping to get lucky in my opinion. If a seed is really unbearably sh*tty for awhile rather make an alt account and take a break from other one, and then come back to it when you’re better funded and prepared to endure the long cold streak.
  2. Would be pretty epic if it was Eddie’s bet and featured in the live stream. Still hope it’s my own bet, however
  3. Depends, do I have balance or not? Lol If I have any amount of balance I usually feel pretty good. It feels like anything can happen and the possibilities are endless.
  4. This was my best payout, 53000x — and of course I want to do it again. Would like to hit a 100,000x + at some point
  5. I try not to think of anything except what rolls I’ve seen, what rolls i haven’t seen, and what I thinks coming next. Just focus on your seed. Definitely don’t think about things like profits, losses, or anything that’s going to trigger an emotional response that will affect your play.
  6. High payouts — like 40x + up to 1000-2000x
  7. Yeah I agree it’s mostly skill based, and that big wins are possible. But I think you’d be hard pressed to show me even 1000x a starting amount in hi-lo, let alone like 4000x+. But yeah I’m mostly in agreement with what you said as well.
  8. Yeah... Hi-lo definitely not fastest way to withdraw in my experience. So much of the time unless I’m 100% focused on Hi-lo, the profit graph overall is either pretty flat or slightly losing. Yes on occasion when I am giving it my full attention/not rushing decisions/etc., I’ve had some decent runs in Hi-lo, with the best being in the realm of maybe 50x-100x the starting amount or so. But in my opinion, it’s way easier to run up a huge multiplier on your starting amount in Limbo. I’ve even done 2000x-4000x the starting amount a handful of times in Limbo (all of these monstrous runs occurring in just a few short months, since the game launched). From my experience, multiplying your starting stack to this degree in Hi-lo is close to impossible. Sure, once in a blue moon, someone will get some insane multiplier on a single hand, but these sort of outcomes generally involve a streak of a few dozen cards or so being correctly selected in a row — this requires an enormous amount of luck on top of really expert play, and everything must fall into place perfectly. These wins are rare and not easily reproduceable. And in my opinion, a win of equivalent magnitude to any big Hi-lo hit is far easier and more attainable in Limbo.