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  1. prokypl


    I play csgo everyday and try to grind and win some matches to achieve a higher rank. Its a fun game and i recommend it to everyone as it is a team game and involves alot of communication which will then help you bond better with your friends. Alright! Thanks for the info! Will do!
  2. prokypl

    Its me

    Welcome to stake men. hope you can win something here and profit!
  3. Oh, didn't know that there was a post like this already. Sorry bout that. In future, ill check whether if im reposting something. happy holidays to you and your family
  4. Aight, appreciate the help and good luck earning on forums. With that being said, Happy holidays to you and your family!
  5. Hello. Today, I was wondering on how do you start earning on forum rewards as I am new and do not know much about it. All i know is that you need to have 50 forum posts AT LEAST in order to start earning from posting quality content on the forums. Other than that, here are my questions : 1) Will you get forum rewards if you reply to posts , or you can only get rewards if you Start a new topic? 2) According to others, I heard that if you spam post with short messages/make topics where they are just one line, you will get some sort of consequence. Is that true? Otherwise people would be easily making forum rewards. 3) I have many other questions and I'll keep updating it here but I just need some answers. Feel free to post your questions down below and I'm sure the stake community will be glad to answer. Have a good day! 4) Will you get rewarded for previous post even if you have not reached 50 posts?
  6. Honestly. It all depense on your deposit and how well you play. SOme people are lucky enough to wager quite a bit from just a small amount but some can't so it really all just depends on how you wager and your playstyle.
  7. I think you would need at least 30 raffle tickets at least to get a good prize since all the high rollers all bet so much and 30 raffle tickets will give you one of the lowest chances against all the high rollers. So, I think you need at least 30 raffle tickets.
  8. Honestly, If you were to farm / abuse forums rewards, thats just straight up pathethic. You have to post a certain number of times and theres a limit per day which means that you would be spamming forums and it will be extremely sus. Honestly, if anyone is forum abusing, seriously just stop, you won't make much out of it. Prolly max 50K sats.
  9. Blackjack is just hard to make profit on. No matter what it seems like it has a 0.48% houseedge but in reality it seems like it has the most since the dealer always gets high numbers when YOU get high numbers.
  10. For me, I think it is almost impossible to hit 10/10 on high risk keno. But i have heard that some people may have done it. Instead, I think you should play dice instead or limbo as it is easier to hit a 1000x there.
  11. Dice is simple and its one of my favorited games as it is simple and yet easy to make profit. Usually i will run an auto and it will sometimes make me profit. I remember once making like 1.3K xrp running that auto. other than that, dice is fun and risky too
  12. I find them similar but sometimes they do seem alike like dice and limbo. However, i think that limbo is not as good as dice as dice can potentially be better at winning since i usually get red streaks with limbo