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  1. For me, I think it is almost impossible to hit 10/10 on high risk keno. But i have heard that some people may have done it. Instead, I think you should play dice instead or limbo as it is easier to hit a 1000x there.
  2. Dice is simple and its one of my favorited games as it is simple and yet easy to make profit. Usually i will run an auto and it will sometimes make me profit. I remember once making like 1.3K xrp running that auto. other than that, dice is fun and risky too
  3. I find them similar but sometimes they do seem alike like dice and limbo. However, i think that limbo is not as good as dice as dice can potentially be better at winning since i usually get red streaks with limbo
  4. How does one even rig blackjack or even so called Win the game every single time? And there is unlimited number of decks on online casino's which are randomised thoroughly which will make it nearly impossible to predict the next card.
  5. prokypl

    Is it ok?

    Jesus why is this even allowed ons take forums
  6. Good win Ayesha! I never experienced this type of wins before but I sure do hope that it will come soon where i just bet and suddenly make a small fortune
  7. I just use csgo gambling sites for sports or online casinos
  8. I don't really play sports book. But I like the fact that stake gave us more chances in terms of us winning but lucky for you you did not bet
  9. As far as I know, I have not seen any diamond vips but I really would like to see one soon in chat and Im sure most of us would like to see a diamond vip too someday in chat. If we do see one, hope its a active diamond who chats in the chat frequently and bets too.
  10. If I remember correctly, my first game I played on stake was Blackjack. I always loved blackjack as its simple and risky if you were to either Hit or Stand on the next card. However, I rarely play blackjack nowadays as I cant win on it and usually the dealer always wins.
  11. This always happens to me. Every time I just hope to make a bit more and end up just busting the entire balance before making that tiny amount i want to keep and play with after withdrawing. Sometimes I am able to make that tiny amount and even make more if Im lucky but that RARELY ever happens.
  12. I prefer XRP over TRX. Firstly, it has a larger value in terms of TRX and its easy to play with and calculate. Unlike TRX, it has a smaller value and sometimes its harder to valudethe amount of TRX you have to USD compared to XRP which is like 4-5 XRP = 1 USD i guess
  13. Honestly, since I dont play keno much, i dont think theres a way to calculate the chances of hitting a high multiplier. Guess its based on whether you are having a good day or not. Obviously there is a formula on how the numbers are picked but im sure it isnt released to the public
  14. I havent experienced losing that much money but I know some people who have lost that much money and I know how it feels to lose such a big amount in just a short period of time. Hope you are able to recover your loses.
  15. I rarely ever get that day where this happens. Usually will just bust instantly or just make a bit of profit before ripping it all once again. Rarely, i will make a huge comeback from a small balance