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  1. My original name on here was: Hufflepuff but Edward got pissed and permabanned me then I had Ravenclaw which is more suiting as I'm quite the pseudo-intellectual. But now I have returned to my primedice handle as it's clearer when communicating with people and I also lost the 2fa for Ravenclaw.
  2. I agree I'd speculate they had bigger plans for it tbh but found it to hard to implement
  3. I think all round stake is a pretty generous company to it's customers.
  4. I've never actually used it with any success I'd like to though :)
  5. I haven't in a while but going to this afternoon so I can try video poker!
  6. Where are you guys playing cryptopoker and what attracts you more to a site lots of cash games or good mtt gtds ?
  7. That's pretty interesting I thought that ltc would go up last year around segwit being implemented and the forking bullshit etc LTC is definitely a viable functioning cryptocurrency I think most companies just don't want to commit to servicing a cryptocurrency specifically beyond ethereum or bitcoin and even lots of companies that do are trying to backpedal and utilize multiple cryptocurrencies
  8. /rips what do you mean by 420? 👨‍🌾
  9. Definitely an interesting take on challenges so it's cool to see thinking outside the box :)
  10. 0.67 0.48 0.2 0.6 These were all in the last 12 months and all under 5k feels bad man...
  11. The Swc community was definitely quite unique for some time I feel nitrogensports.eu is the new top dog in the btc poker space, I think as someone who spends a lot of time on both sites there is definitely room for a better funded alternative to be very successful people don't like either platforms they just like playing somewhere btc exclusive. There is also the argument that most of the people I speak to on those sites are from America and the only reason more people there don't trust and utilize the option to play without the law restrictions being an issue is simply those sites have both had their scandals and are quite low budget not instilling a lot of trust to hold customers funds.
  12. Not so fussed about the wheel I want pvp to come out!
  13. The only games I don't like are plinko and baccarat.
  14. I prefer 5-8 mines feels like it's better risk vs reward than the other ranges.