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  1. Sheffield - Newcastle 1-1 Burnley - Manchester United 2-5 Wolves - Everton 2-0 Manchester City - Brighton 3-0 Aston Villa - Tottenham 2-3 Arsenal - Crystal Palace 3-1 first goal 3rd minute Stake username: luciz
  2. I think the biggest regret I've had in life was that I had a crush on this one girl... She was very special to me, like, VERY, so young me had super bad self confidence and neeeeeever ever thought that she would EVER like me back. So I put my feelings hidden for a long long time, but then something happend. She approached me in the local swimming pool area (like an inside swimming pool i dont remember english word), and she tried to talk to me, I was super scared to talk back, I just stood like a creep and stared, haha. Years later I've found out she had feelings for me, b
  3. Really anything made by rammstein, like feuer frei is my fav tho edit: forget that, i meant reise reise by rammstein is my fav
  4. iirc I've hit it once, but never 60x, funny enough lol
  5. luciz

    A dead game?

    uh what edit: was meant to qoute blueprints, but then he edited it, but on topic, yes, it seems rather unplayed
  6. What do you think about blackjack? As its also 2x payout, with chance of a 2,5x
  7. lucky you, never got more than 3 😧 but my most multiplier i dont know, maybe like 100x.
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