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  1. No i don't so far. Vault widrawal confirmation to email is just like instant. Well for me it is always. Try to ask help to support team if having trouble like this. Cheers
  2. I am not active in forum before but i could see that you are right. I never posted in forum before but i could see many post everyday. But now not too many players are posting. Yeah maybe because they lowered the forum rewards.
  3. 100 winners is alright. The problem is the prize for the daily race. It should be increased at least. Imagine winning on race top 51 down, how much you would get? Not even worthed. And how much did you loss to get that place? Its ok if you profited from racing. But mostly not.
  4. I saw your winning when you posted in chat. I can say its a lucky find bro. This one is rare and very hard to get. Congrats for that.
  5. Lol it would be fun. Haha but i think stake would not do that. They could lost too much money even in an hour. There are too many high rollers around. But it would be fun.
  6. Lol i post it in the chatroom bro. Earlier today. Why should i make story? Add me on stake and i will show you. Goodluck
  7. Well i guess it would be 15k to 20k by the end of 2019.
  8. Yeah i personally agree with that. Well it is really cool to see your rakeback amount while playing. And have the option of widrawing it by your own. Furthermore we can also monitor the flow of our rakeback. Good idea.
  9. As an online casino i think stake is earning way more than 20k. Many high rollers playing here and stake getting much profit from it. They will not just give away 10k if they dont have enough funds. This is business.
  10. I had this one play with plinko that i was down to my last 30 doges. I was so upset that time but i still roll the ball. Never expected anything coz the ball was in the middle, when suddenly jump sideways very fast and then boom 130x haha.
  11. Vault lock that can open once a day maybe is a good idea if you want to minimize your gambling limit. And you could choose a certain amount to widraw from vault. So when you bust that widrawal you could not get any money from vault until the next day. That maybe good to control gambling limit.
  12. I saw this two 5mx hits in mines and blow me. You serious guys? Lol i cant say any words for this but you are so luckiest players. Congrats for the win guys.
  13. Did someone of you experienced that you recieved email of password reset? It happened to me twice and i never did request to reset my password. I already reported the first one to eddie before. As i recalled they posted on facebook to be vigilant with our stake account and make it more secured. But today it happened to me again. And i know someone is trying to hack my account for the second time. Please be aware guys that when an email come requesting password reset, dont click the reset button. Otherwise your account and money may lost.
  14. Wow that an awesome win congrats. I never had a luck with plinko so far. I always played hard settings but my best hit is only 130x never i hit the biggest in 420x 620x or 1000x. You are one of the luckiest to hit 1000x. I am still looking forward to hit one of the 3 biggest multiplier in plinko. I hope so soon. Thanks and congrats on your winning.
  15. I am really a keno player. I played keno almost everyday. I wanna share my best day so far.. Today i started with 9k satoshi. Which i get from boost. I just played cool early morning and suddenly hit 500x with 250 sat, not so big but got this in less than 10 rolls. After a while i hit again 500x with 1000 sat bet. I though keno luck will end there but again i hit 500x. I made 3times 500x in keno today in just more than an hour. I sometimes played keno whole day without hitting one. So i guess this is my best day in playing keno so far. Not so big win but awesome. Share your best keno experience guys. Thanks and goodluck.