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  1. Hope to win this time Brad1278
  2. Hi ed bro gudluck on your stream today Username brad1278
  3. Happy bday stake:) One of the most memorable time here is i won 1eth in just one click of keno 10numbers xD. Can't just forgot the memory 🎂🎂
  4. England Valtteri Draw Chelsea
  5. brad1278

    Discord Giveaways

    brad1278 #8259
  6. I would be fun to add this bingo game on stake. Agreed that this is very popular. I should to play bingo on my younger years
  7. I joined almost all of your tweeter giveaways but i dont win. How do you choose the winner??
  8. Done stake. Hope i win this time.
  9. Thanks for that announcement irena. Ill just play basketball for a while. Lol
  10. Well i don't even know if eddie had that vision in the future. But if he will do that, yes of course i will support him.
  11. Goodluck for that ivan. I wanted also to do a challenge like that. Now for now but one of this days.
  12. Novak djokovic Serena williams India Usa
  13. I think its up to you if widraw the free coupon or not. But for my case i always used my coupon to play. Ended up busting it. Well if you had got it for free you sometimes bet more of your usual limit. I dont remember that i get a profit from this free coupon anyway. Sometimes i am thinking to widraw instantly but the urge of playing overcome my decision ended up lossing the opportunity to earn.