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  1. Thanks for that announcement irena. Ill just play basketball for a while. Lol
  2. Well i don't even know if eddie had that vision in the future. But if he will do that, yes of course i will support him.
  3. Goodluck for that ivan. I wanted also to do a challenge like that. Now for now but one of this days.
  4. Novak djokovic Serena williams India Usa
  5. I think its up to you if widraw the free coupon or not. But for my case i always used my coupon to play. Ended up busting it. Well if you had got it for free you sometimes bet more of your usual limit. I dont remember that i get a profit from this free coupon anyway. Sometimes i am thinking to widraw instantly but the urge of playing overcome my decision ended up lossing the opportunity to earn.
  6. I cant remember but i think i did borrow money to gamble but not in a friend. What is usually happening to me is i used money intended for other household purposes to gamble. Which is very wrong. Especially when i had this urge of winning but turned out to loss. This gives me big headache lol. Should have not do this again.
  7. I think it would be great if stake will add a feature like you can see your vip status of how much more to wagger at your current level to the next. This way i can see that it would also brings motivation to the players to wagger. It is like a challenge that you are pursuing for your next goal. Thanks for bringing up db.
  8. I feel you. Happened to me a couple of times. From 4000 sat to 300k sat and bust at the end. I played keno with that. I had one good experience that i played from 40k sat get as big as 0.015 btc and widraw eventually.good for me that time.
  9. If stake could add xlm bat and xrp would be great.
  10. I dont know if there are gifts or reward given for vip birthday celebrant on stake. But i guess i would be great if they will add rewards like that. Specially for those loyal members.
  11. I played keno almost everyday. I enjoyed playing because i used to play this game in local lottery outlet before. Now i just opened my phone and play really easy. Eventhough i could hit big this past week i am still hoping i could in the future.
  12. I learned about stake last year when someone invited me. I was like suspicious at first coz many scammers scattered on the net and looking for preys. I eventually tried to deposit small amount and start playing. While on my mind i was still thinking what if i win and cannot widraw my winnings. Happily thats not what happened. Stake is real. What i really like to play is keno. I played this in lottery outlets so now i dont go outside and just get my phone and play. Simple as that. Also loved the support team that are very friendly and easy to reach.