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  1. Stake gamers goal: Graphical description
  2. I just needed to look up the 'technical phrases', the rest was clear. Thanks for taking the time to write this detailed article.
  3. Espero la suerte los haya acompañado hoy en sus apuestas. Soy nuevo miembro en el foro, y quería hacer una pregunta que no la he encontrado en los temas debatidos hasta donde he visto. Quisiera saber cuáles son las cantidades de los depósitos mínimos permitidas para cada una de las 5 criptomonedas principales con las que trabaja Stake.com. Gracias por adelantado.
  4. Here we go! Good luck to all the participants! Username: Sarel7
  5. Sarel7


    Hahaha... I'm just getting to know the friendly Stake members... and now to the paranoid ones. Thanks for the welcoming phrase . I will give you a 'Love reaction' hahaha.
  6. Welcome too, GoTServeD. I find this site very friendly and supportive too. By the way, according to your stats, I find very lucky members that already have interesting earnings amount in cryptocurrencies. I hope that Stake welcome me with the same luck than yours. The warmest regards to all of you.
  7. Very detailed article. In fact, I made my first trade (buy) in LocalBitcoins and it all went smoothly. I didn't have to wait too much for receiving my bitcoins in the wallet provided by Localbitcoins. You can buy bitcoins from $10 using Paypal.
  8. Sarel7


    Thank you very much. May the luck be with you too!
  9. Sarel7


    Just passing by to say hi to everybody! I'm just getting familiar with all the rules and introductory info of the forum. Best regards from Peru!