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  1. I sent the same question to Eddie imo there is no logical rule for it. I wagered 3 times more than last week and lost more of course and still get the same amount.
  2. Well I got muted for being sarcastical after robbing my balance with a max bet I didn't place I asked sarcasticly or a loan in exchange for nudy pictures I'll sit the 72 hours out but wait when I'm back I'll be the chat terror all within the rules
  3. jefke544

    31 reds in a row

    'for the guys that asked for username on Telegram it is Jefke 544 sorry. Today I was betting small bets like a few satoshi and suddenly all my balance was gone and I keep really good attention that I don't hit the max. bet button since that happened to me once. All balance gone and what does support say ? Send a video euh........ really I video my cellphone all day playing on stake so I can proof I didn't hit the wrong button. Over 1 million wagered here and this is how you are treated. Puke. And then of course a 72 hour ban because I sarcastic asked for a loan in exchange for nudy pictures haha, well they better keep me banned forever.
  4. jefke544

    31 reds in a row

    find me on Telegram Jefke 544
  5. jefke544

    31 reds in a row

    the odds checker is a not stake page. I messaged it to the boss so he could look into it but first he said it is very very unlikely and then lady luck has mysterious ways. In my opinion lady luck has to help a little to get the raffle prizes back
  6. jefke544

    31 reds in a row

    Have to release my anger. 31 reds on a 49.5 % chance on limbo. According to the odds checker this happenes every 1000 million bets huh really ?
  7. start with 0.05 btc aim for 10% a day which isnt that hard and can be obtaint with small profits. In 35 days you have 1 btc
  8. I had it several times
  9. can someone help me setting up this bot it's all gatenkaas to me