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  1. Hello friend , I was watching televesi around the news and I was very surprised, when there was news that Kim Jong Un carried out the death sentence to an adjutant on suspicion of a coup by plunging him into a pond filled with piranhas. before being buried the adjutant's hand is first cut before being buried in a giant aquarium containing thousands of piranha fish. here I want to ask, what do you think about friends? I feel the punishment applied there seems inhumane, and there are still many strange things that are applied there and it all makes the residents there depressed. give your opinion
  2. Too bad I don't have a balance of 1 usd, because I only have a balance of 100 dogecoin. if you manage to hit 1000x at 1 usd then you will get 1000 usd, hope you are lucky.
  3. I have never felt troubled because I actually only hunted commission from them
  4. never think of winning, because maybe you will win several times and eventually lose and your money will disappear.
  5. to enter the high roll, high bets and more than other players are needed. for example you do one bet with 1 bitcoin, automatically you will immediately be on the high roll without having to wait long. but if you play with small capital and get a big profit, for example 0.01 then it will still appear in the high rolll because it is big. the conclusion for entering the high roll is that there are two ways, because of the big bets or profits we get. That is all and thank you.
  6. vaname

    hi guys!

    Hi, nice to meet you, if there are questions about the forum maybe I can help you. don't be shy to ask thanks
  7. many sports gambling sites but I am only interested in playing on 1xbet and onehase.com because they prove fairest
  8. Your question is not very clear, you ask about the operating system used to play or ask about game strategy. if it's the correct operating system, I will tell you if I use a Windows 10 system. if my strategy is using martingle strategy. please ask next time if the question is clear and does not make other players confused.
  9. it seems that this is a pretty good strategy to try, thanks for sharing this excellent strategy. Have a nice day
  10. thank you for the information, I will start making a deposit to hunt this very interesting prize.
  11. I do not consider myself addicted to gambling because the definition of gambling addiction to me is, someone who is willing to risk all the items he has just to play. and all you have to know is that those who are online don't play forever, maybe they like to chat in chat rooms. and those who bet every day are just an addict.
  12. 31st min - End of the first half:
  13. my family did not know if I gambled, because if they knew they would be very red to me and forced me to stop playing. but as long as I played it, my family had never known it, so for now it was still very safe.
  14. Replace seeds is actually not important in the game because it is the Luck factor that holds the coordination of the games we play.