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  1. Yeah you are right, easy to say harder to do. So what should I do ? I really want to stop gambling but it looks like so hard, everyday I always play gamble, sometimes monthly payment also got into gambling site, here on stake.
  2. How if your remaining balance vanish ? Maybe got lost streak, I'm pretty sure a hundred percent that you're not willing that balance empty, so you should make a deposit again.
  3. Hampir mirip dengan saya, tapi kalau di dukung dengan balance yang kuat malah dapet gede gan, ane aja ga nyangka bakalan jadi ngembang, dari 1100 jadi 5000 sempet ke 8000 karena nafsu Dan emosi Sekarang tinggal 5000 aja. Haha
  4. So many people here that got jackpot, I think they're so surprised and happy definitely. But if you got it, will you rest for a while ? Or keep continue playing and get more ? And are there any profit target all of you when play ? I wanna listen what his/her opinion, mainly person that ever got a jackpot.
  5. How about Finnished at 66th place, am I get the reward ?
  6. I deposited for $100 first time and it was busted, from there I think I should recovery and it's a courage for me I felt motivated. And finally till now I can recovery that and have a profit instead. That's so amazing and the heartbeat feel so addrenaline.
  7. Sepertinya lumayan susah om kalau mau recovery dalam jangka pendek, harus step by step. Kalau tidak seperti itu biasanya malah tambah ambles, apalagi kalau tidak di dukung balance Yang kuat buat defence, kalau tidak deposit susah om buat recovery.
  8. I think it's impossible to never busted, all games have a risk each other. And if you don't busted there maybe you are smart to manage the time and moment, where you should play and when you have to stop. I think lucky is needed here, so it's strange if not busted at all.
  9. Of course this too often happen to me, I always stop play after near for cash out , for example I got 180k sat from 10k, so I have to stop and rest for a while maybe one day, I think get profit more than 100% is a risk to be busted.
  10. Usually it's announced at the Twitter notification, or just try to contact support about that.
  11. LuckyDis

    Crash? Or Limbo?

    I think limbo is more profitable but crash more fun to play, in limbo you can win until 100000x meanwhile in crash I didn't ever seen that. As long as I play crash I just see for 6000x, and crash have an option to choose when you want to cashout. It's the advantage than limbo.
  12. Definitely for make some profit, but keep enjoying the game and stay calm. Don't make it such a pressure. Beside it I can look for a friends and watching a millionaire people bet on high rollers, I don't know why so entertaining watching them for have a high rollers. Ever imagined that I can do that.
  13. Basically depend on lucky, and finally here can't make us rich. And I wanna ask to all of you is there in this world people had rich who done gambling ? I think it's 1 : 1000, the one it's just lucky and not yet come his chance to loose at the end.
  14. I think so, and usually I join race only for mega race, have a big reward there then daily race. But some players are wanna join to get the high spot and more competitive on mega race I think. That's what I mean dude, they are really excited and freely to bet high value for only $300 as you said, In my opinion it's fair anyway as long as they have big bankroll it doesn't matter.
  15. Kalau misalkan ngehunt mulu dan ga hit hit gimana tuh om, apa masih kuat gitu balance nya ? Kalau saya sih misalkan uda separo modal biasanya saya langsung stop dulu ademin pikiran Dan baru gass lagi besoknya atau minimal tunggu 2jam an. Biar ga panik main nya. Hehe