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  1. I think change seed it's not make a difference, still got many loss streak
  2. I think this would be make ur wallet empty, it's not fair wager and payout.
  3. You should think again about your decision, it's mean you will fallen to the suffer if you loan for gambling.
  4. Rakeback for me is to filling bored times and play with that, I don't mind if lost of them
  5. *61.40 liv-mohammed salah
  6. LuckyDis

    Right bet based

    You should play on high payout, as my opinion you never get win on low payout
  7. I really often doing that strategy, and I feel it makes some profits. But first, u need to play on low basebet for trial
  8. I love what dice works, and maybe there's a chance to get perfect 0 or 100, but you never know it needs how many roll
  9. I think it's totally free to post on it
  10. They knows trully, but sometimes prohibit me to play gambling and in once time let me to play, I don't know what are they thinking of, so confusing
  11. Betul om, kudu main cantik, kan uda di ingetin Sama stake di awal main "play smarter" hehe