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  1. Buy anything for my needs, such as motorcycle, laptop, mobile phone. And some lady, hahaha. But finally they remain mobile phone only, I gave back them to stake, sell all of that. Lol
  2. Most importantly is self control, if you feel frustated when you lose it's common but take a rest for a while, don't play continously after that make you depression. One key, gamble with money that you can afford to lose.
  3. Simple strategy and it would be the basic rules, it is "if you wanna get profit, you should play on high multipliers" so many reds first and then you would be hit properly and get the profit
  4. How if your remaining balance vanish ? Maybe got lost streak, I'm pretty sure a hundred percent that you're not willing that balance empty, so you should make a deposit again.
  5. Hampir mirip dengan saya, tapi kalau di dukung dengan balance yang kuat malah dapet gede gan, ane aja ga nyangka bakalan jadi ngembang, dari 1100 jadi 5000 sempet ke 8000 karena nafsu Dan emosi Sekarang tinggal 5000 aja. Haha
  6. So many people here that got jackpot, I think they're so surprised and happy definitely. But if you got it, will you rest for a while ? Or keep continue playing and get more ? And are there any profit target all of you when play ? I wanna listen what his/her opinion, mainly person that ever got a jackpot.
  7. How about Finnished at 66th place, am I get the reward ?
  8. I deposited for $100 first time and it was busted, from there I think I should recovery and it's a courage for me I felt motivated. And finally till now I can recovery that and have a profit instead. That's so amazing and the heartbeat feel so addrenaline.