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  1. I once borrowed my mother's money to gamble, of course I did not tell my mother that the money was for gambling, I borrowed for another reason. I borrowed about $ 500 from my mother and I made it $ 3000
  2. if bitcoin doesn't exist, then I'm not familiar with cryptocurrency. the first coin I know is bitcoin. I do not know what happens to me if there is no bitcoin, maybe right now I will not gamble with crypto if there is no bitcoin
  3. I think so too, rarely see anyone playing with TRX. so do I, I rarely play with trx, a few times I play with trx, but I prefer playing with xrp and doge. maybe interested in TRX coins is lacking
  4. My experience when becoming a newcomer to stake is an extraordinary thing, I regret being late for joining stake, there is no better site than stake in my opinion. There is no owner who is as friendly as Eddie, there are many amazing things here that I cannot mention all
  5. your idea is very good, of course if it is like that, then people will make the topic more quality and people will compete to make the topic. but will stake do it? I do not think so. we'll see
  6. what do you mean hall of fame? That might be a good idea, it will be a place for good things as long as we play at stake. we can show when we are big profit, the best race order and others
  7. I think stake will never end, stake will continue to run and will become one of the best gambling sites. we can see that with the increase in online users every day, it shows that the stake is increasingly well-known
  8. ya mending pindahlah, di ac milan kurang berkembang piatek, ga kayak musim lalu bisa bersaing di papan top skorer
  9. I have never experienced freezing in my game. but I have experienced lags, but not too long. usually lag occurs because of the many players who are online, and it may be because of the internet network or problems with computer specifications that are low
  10. I know it's just an experiment, I'm not sure if Rainbot will really come back or not, but if it's true, then I really like it. I prefer the old rainbot than the rainbotng, Hopefully Rainbot really returns
  11. I do not agree, it is better that there is no feature to change nicks, you will find it difficult to find someone if you can easily change the nick. there will be many people who have debt to change their nick, many things will happen if there is a feature to change nick, and I disagree.
  12. I also just found out that bet id more than a week could not be found. several times i tried my old bet id and it didn't work. and I contact support and support can do it, so maybe you should ask for help with support for this
  13. in my opinion it is just an expression that they show that they have almost completed a challenge but they are unlucky because it is just barely. but if you find it very annoying, so of course the host will ban it, but there is no action from the mod and the host challenges it. so in my opinion it doesn't matter
  14. I don't know about that, but if you feel that you're addicted to gambling, it's not too late to stop it, Look for new activities that are interesting for you, so that your time is not spent thinking about gambling. or you can seek professional help to stop this bad habit.