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  1. I just got 2 tickets. I think it's very difficult to compete with rich people here, but I will still try to get more tickets. because the more tickets we have, the greater our chance of winning
  2. I failed the VIP Hilo challenge, I thought I was only looking for 4 red cards, apparently the symbol must also be the same, and I made a mistake for it. Congratulations to you because you completed the VIP challenge
  3. If I wait, maybe I will partially withdraw it. and some of the others I use to play. and I will try to play with a great balance of course. And that I have never done before, I hope I win it
  4. like messenger, chat with avatar. It is very nice. and is a good idea. but people will still rarely use their own photos, because they prefer to be anonymous. but I like the idea, hopefully stake will realize it
  5. I've tried it, every time I click on my name, my wager increases. I hope this will be fixed soon.
  6. I'm sure stake will enliven Christmas with some coupons that will be given to all of us, but I want to be more like a daily challenge during Christmas. and that makes us more excited in celebrating Christmas
  7. maybe you should avoid gambling by finding a new hobby. like fishing
  8. on December 25th, maybe I will remain in stake, and I will say Christmas to friends who celebrate. I just want to know what happened at stake on December 25th, because I wasn't here yet on December 25th last year
  9. I want Texas Texas Holdem here. I'm sure people will prefer Texas Holdem Poker. and I think the method of playing is quite popular compared to other types of poker. but whatever the game, I will always be at stake
  10. several times I did it and it worked. I always change the seeds for each new game in the challenge. like the 1000x plinko challenge, I replaced the seeds and I hit 1000x plinko with only 10 rolls
  11. it's very good if there is an exchange feature at stake, I mean the exchange feature that is owned by stake. it will make it easier for us to exchange our coins. although this time we have been helped by dinabot
  12. I don't like to play with phone, I prefer to play with my laptop. I used to play using my phone, but suddenly I got an incoming call, and it really annoyed me when I was playing, therefore I prefer playing with a laptop
  13. I can not vote, because I chose some support that in my opinion is always friendly to me
  14. Ideas that often become a stumbling block for someone in writing, no ideas, no ideas yet. Inspiration is something that is needed in the process of working, especially in writing. Both ideas and inspiration are different but cannot be separated in the writing process.
  15. I rarely go to forums, I only go to forums when I bust, and I confess at first I only tried to get sats, but after I often here, it turns out there are some benefits that we get, such as insight, playing strategies etc. here not only discusses one game and its strategy, but there are several other discussions about religion, drugs and the diversity of other countries. finally I like it here