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  1. in my opinion all about strategy, opportunities, and calculations just to minimize defeat, does not mean it will never lose. and I think gambling depends on the luck and skill of each gambler
  2. I am a gambling addict, but I will not sell my wife just to gamble. I mostly sell things that I have, such as watches, cellphones, etc. I also won't sacrifice my life like selling a kidney just to gamble
  3. Your game is terrible, if I bet like you, my heart will beat fast. You lost 10 $, but what about your ranking in the race? Do you get more rewards than you lose? I hope you lose 10 $ covered by the reward race you get
  4. that's a good idea. some gambling sites make investments for users who invest in the site, and users will be able to get profits according to how long they invest. I hope the stake does it
  5. Welcome back. I don't know you yet, because I'm still new here. greetings
  6. Even though he is a newly joined stake, maybe he is an expert gambler because he has played on several sites, so of course he can control how much money he has to deposit to play. and if he really doesn't understand gambling, maybe he doesn't have to deposit immediately, but learn a few games before betting
  7. There are a number of online gambling sites that I have followed for a long time, but in the past few months I have not accessed them unless I use VPN. and i did it and i didn't get any problem
  8. It is not a monthly coupon, but a bonus coin because the slot has been released. and it looks like there are no more monthly coupons, because we only get coupons before the mega race is held
  9. I like to play it, even though I don't really understand, sometimes it hits and sometimes it doesn't, but I like it. I don't understand how to play it, I only understand classic slots
  10. Honestly, I can't comment, let alone give an answer, because I don't understand about playing slots, I've tried, even though I'm hit, I'm still confused, I only understand classic slots
  11. keno is my favorite game, thanks for sharing, I'll try it
  12. I don't watch when Eddie is streaming, because I'm busy. This is amazing and it's time for us to ask when the sportsbook will be released, like slots that are always discussed by players and wonder about when slots will be released.
  13. I hit 65x and it was the highest multiplier I hit when playing slots, but I didn't understand how to play it, I was just careless. because I don't yet understand how to play slots stake
  14. I use animation when I play Plinko, I don't believe in the results of Plinko when playing instant. and I play instant if playing keno, diamond poker, baccarat and limbo, it speeds up my game
  15. I just tried it a few turns, sometimes it hit and sometimes it didn't. I don't really understand how to play stake slots. I hope there is a guide on how to play it, I only know about classic slots