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  1. Welcome to Stake Community ,Good Luck,Hope You make lots of profit .
  2. Planning to wager some big amounts for a contest or for leveling up or need to figure out how much balance you will need for chasing JP. Chasing JP is very similar to planning to wager a big amount. As chasing JP requires wagering a fixed bet amount on every bet until you win and this fixed bet amount adds up to big wager amounts fast. Unless you are super lucky and you hit JP in just a few bets which happens very rarely, figuring out the balance that you will need to stay in the JP chase till you win will definitely help you to completely avoid insufficient funds message and chase JP better. Figure it out all using my wagering calculator: Wager Calculator(https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/wager-calculator.html) All Suggestions to improve the calculator are always welcome Some tips for wagering/chasing JP safely and effectively: 1) Do not use bet amount more than 1% of your balance. You can wager faster if you use higher bet amounts but when you get consecutive long losing streaks you will most likely end up busting. 2) Flat betting on auto bet works very well. In worst case, you will most likely end up losing only slightly more than or close to the house edge but if you are lucky you will even end up with some profits or only lose a lot less than the house edge. 3) Close to 50% winning chance works very well. 4) Never use Martingale. It will surely fail. 5) Always have sufficient balance for the amount you are planning to wager. Maintaining balance more than the negative amount in the profit/loss is recommended to avoid insufficient balance message. 6) Only focus on building that wager amount. If you focus on making profits too, you will most likely go bust or lose it all. 7) Winning percentage is same as the winning chance most of the time when you consider large number of bets. So if you consider like 100,000 bets on 50% winning chance the no. of winning bets will be close to 50% or 50000 bets. Depending on your luck you will win more or less. Use that to figure out the most likely number of wins. Super Fast Wagering with 100% Guarantee that you will only lose the house edge on every bet: Divide Bet Amount by 37 and place that amount on every number of the roulette wheel from 0 to 36. Let's say your bet amount is 37, you divide that by 37 you get 1, you place 1 on every number of roulette from 0 to 36. You will only lose 1% of the bet amount on every bet. Give it a try. What's the best way to try then to use lucky tokens to chase JP, you will lose only roughly 1000 Lucky Tokens on every JP bet Of course you will need to have at least 100,000 Lucky Tokens to make one JP bet on roulette Best of Luck to All and Happy Gaming
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    hello my name is harvi , my goal is to make 1 btc from gambling