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  1. Hey, anyone know if it its possible to automatically deposit to vault if you reach x profit?
  2. I think Stakes API changed, the bot no longer works. It gives an Cannot query field "iid" on type "CasinoBet". Did you mean "id" error. Can you look into that?
  3. Blackjack is by far the worst in my experience.
  4. I am doing auto bets on dice martingale. No big hits but small profits some times.
  5. expaint

    Some poker site.

    Winamax, Pokerstars. eu or .es if you can play there, Americas Cardroom, Partypoker and 888 are the ones i can remember.
  6. Wow that is a sick hit. Congrats!
  7. I am watching Got, Friends and rewatched HIMYM
  8. Just started to use dicebot and i have to say it works great. Pretty easy to setup and the betting is much faster compared to stake. Great work!
  9. I also always used bitcoin. Is it better to choose othe cryptos because of the fews etc?
  10. For me the most 21s in a row is also 2. Never gotten more dealt in a row.
  11. I use the vault because i run auto bets some times and dont want to get back to a balance off 0. Thats the only reason 😁
  12. I doubt it will reach 40k, maybe in a couple years. 10k are probably possible this year tho.