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  1. Magnum357 Good luck and fun all 🍀
  2. Magnum357 Good luck all and hf
  3. I know for profit just going bet high one or two time and stop. you loosing in long time playing on this game mode
  4. Yeah the faucet is not rentable now you using very hudge time for small amount ^^
  5. My bet the must high is one 100x hahaha
  6. The chance for hit one x1K is hard
  7. Magnum357 Gl bro and have fun
  8. Just as @peaz, I bet any small sums to aim for a big multiplier and no matter the price of the btc i do not change my bets.
  9. Magnum357

    Super multi

    @Rebelian94 nice hit bro
  10. Magnum357

    Super multi

    I love this game mode just is hard for the high multiplicator
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