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  1. I would love to hear feed back on your go to game you usually pick when u gamble with your earnings and how much would u say you gain compared to loss ?
  2. Hi so I am here and new to this site, and I'm wondering what people have to say about this forum in there tru'est words they can ??? Not winning enough ?? Good winnings ???? Let me know your experience below and I'll get back to you thank you !!!!$$$$ Best of luck. 🤞
  3. I know we can always keep learning our minds are vast and they sponge the outside world in .... I used to live in the dark nut unam slowly conming forth to light and trying to learn and help others to my ability cause as I walk this earth I will push forth my knowing somone and all who Is acceptant. Breath in your life breath by breath we don not slknow when we meet death ..... Respect to who hears me .. JM?¿
  4. I hope that as co existing humans we can better each other and pick out the negativity and learn and gain strength and wisdom. JM?¿
  5. I was not giving an easy life growing up..I lived with my father and never met my mother till i was a young man. I was abused and treated very unfairly but it gave me strength and input my strength into hooe and protection of my 3 year old boy, I am hoping suceed in life learning in my own going through chapters of my life alone and I hope everyone like es there goals and dreams. I know as humans we create pollution not caring for a solution . But I hope one day I gain and get out of this low. Jesse Mccaulley