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  1. dude, the most important thing in gamblilng is your mindset. more specifically self control, which I'm sure we can agree falls under the mindset. i know for a fact that if i had any self control whatsoever my profit would be much more towards, or maybe even in the positive.. but i get greedy, or i'm always sure i'm going to recover everything and just dont stop. sure it works sometiems and those times are great, but they're also kinda rare
  2. how about giveaways for our birthdays? i only bring this up cuz mine past the other day lol. a bday coupon would have been nice
  3. the more the better right? having options on how to gamble our money is a good thing. I tried giving primedice a shot, but well it's just dice. (obviously), and i get bored there way too quickly. here i like being able to switch between games
  4. when they added it, i was excited that it's somewhat close to USD, but then I started using it and saw how fast it was and yeah man it's rpetty awesome. I'll probably stick to xrp now mostly cuz of how fast it is
  5. well i wasn't planning on coming back for awhile, but then the coupon happened lol. so that's why i'm here today
  6. at first glance i thought you mean the same player winning multiple races, which is obviously fine, but for one person to take up multiple spots in the same race?! that should never be allowed. the rich already win the races, they don't have to keep it to only themselves
  7. I've been trying to be more active in the forum so I can earn a little bit. but I always forget about it. hopefully I can get into the habit though
  8. dude the speed of the deposits is so much better than everything else. literally instantaneous to when you send it over. i'm glad they added ripple cuz no more waiting! and it doesn't hurt that its closer to 1 USD than any of the other coins
  9. I tipped stakelottery. Are we supposed to show proof here or something?
  10. equal =/= same. they can be equally fair (or not) and have different outcomes with the counterpart
  11. Hey all, so I'm hoping somebody that is more familiar with the Provably Fair system can chime in...so I was just thinking about how fair the system is, which at first glance, is as fair as fair as can be if you know even a little about Provably Fair. However, I started wondering of ways the system can be manipulated which brought me to this...is it possible that some seeds are limited on how they payout. For example, does such a seed exist that will NEVER pay out 1000x. Do some pay more? Or as the title mentions, are they all equal?