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  1. equal =/= same. they can be equally fair (or not) and have different outcomes with the counterpart
  2. Hey all, so I'm hoping somebody that is more familiar with the Provably Fair system can chime in...so I was just thinking about how fair the system is, which at first glance, is as fair as fair as can be if you know even a little about Provably Fair. However, I started wondering of ways the system can be manipulated which brought me to this...is it possible that some seeds are limited on how they payout. For example, does such a seed exist that will NEVER pay out 1000x. Do some pay more? Or as the title mentions, are they all equal?
  3. well i was a few months ago, and like an idiot i got rid of it. so i like paying attention to it so i can abuse myself and regret more and more getting rid of it
  4. i cant believe how fast its going up! i have a feeling it reaches $$8000 the next few days
  5. simplex rigged it all!! lol. congrats again simplex
  6. I would add slots! I'm actually surprised that it's not on the site. A lot of other sites have some version of it, even if it's not a great version.
  7. thunes49

    Discord Giveaways

  8. hey guys, I was just curious what everyone else does when they catch a little rain. Do you save up so you can have a decent bankroll? Do you just make a few big bets hoping to make it a decent amount, or maybe low bets to try to slowly increase your money. I've been trying it all lately, but I haven't settled on a favorite
  9. thunes49

    Has anyone hit 100x?

    you guys are talking about 1000x right? cuz i've hit 400x on keno. It's hitting 6 out of 7 I believe. But no, never 1000x
  10. Oh man I try to switch it up a lot, although, my addiction to Plinko may imply otherwise lol. Sticking to one way of doing things is cool sometimes, but it's gambling, so no one way is the "right way." Otherwise everytbody would be winning all the time. So yeah I switch up my bet amount, multipliers, and anything else that is available.
  11. I'm not too sure about how it works, but I do believe that if a site says they are, and offers the tools to us to verify everything, then they're a fair site. While I'm not one to check how fair, I know that if the tools are there, SOMEBODY will.
  12. I like it too! except that I'm still a little salty over it going for a straigh flush when I already had a flush. I mean, it's the right call and I would do it also 99% of the time. Except that this time I was near the end of my bankroll so a x6 from flush would have been okay. But oh well, other than that it's great!