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  1. Oh man I would love to exclude some ppl! I hate it when beggars end up catching some of my rains.
  2. Yea, learn basic strategy and follow it COMPLETELY. Never go with gut feelings, just follow the rules. With that said, it can still take FOREVER to finally hit it. I literally just hit my first one like 3 days ago and I’ve played A LOT of video poker
  3. thunes49

    HiloBot vs Manual

    I like to do it every possible way, it just depends on how I’m feeling at the time. But it’s always nice to switch things up when gambling. The only way to beat randomness is with randomness! Or do I think sometimes lol
  4. When o reached VIP I wasn’t even really trying to. But I had a little luck and won some and then ended up wagering most of it away like any degenerate gambler, but it did a lot for me to reach vip so that was cool
  5. my most memorable time here at stake has literally been the past 2-3 days. by far my best days! i deposited and withdraw for profit with each XRP, LTC, and BTC. and you can tell by just looking at the amount of times i've made it rain. which had been around 2-3 months since i won anything to do that. so it's been a good few days. heres to hoping my luck continues during stakes bday! 🍰🎁
  6. Just look up basic strategy for black jack. Video poker too if you play it. And learn it ALL. This will give you the best chance statistically when you play
  7. Dude I'm super excited slots is coming! I've been wanting it since I joined stake. Now I'm curious as to how it's going to be. Every site does it differently and some are better than others, but I'm sure stake wont dissapoint!
  8. thunes49


    Dude I miss pubg, I used to play a lot on ps4. I think I'll give mobole a try, I've heard some good things about it. Seems like it might be hard to play bur we shall see
  9. I've learned for plinko, if you hit big early, the stop immediately! ! It's very rare that you keep hitting, and yes It seems to me that if I don't hit early, I wnot hit at all. I will keep studting this though. For science
  10. I've seen educational stuff about this. It comes down to how when we get close to winning, or if it looks like we almost one, a burst of dopamine gets sent through the brain which will then cause you to continue to bet. Or when you recover a little, even more dopamine is sent, which again, is why you feel like going on even we when you know you should stop. Dopamine is crazy man
  11. Yea it's pretry good, just don't get muted and try to appeal cuz t g en youll see a different side of stake. I was pretty disappointed with how they all acted but I let it go cuz oversll, they're all pretty cool
  12. Haha yea it can be a bit annoying, but I try not to let it bother me cuz they're just having a good day and those can be hard to come by when gambling. I let them have their moment, cuz we all know it probably won't last that long lol
  13. Yea paypal has been a pain in my ass. Ive heard they're not a fan of crypto so I do everything I can to make sure it doesn't show, but almost every time paypal gives me some issue when trying to send momey so I just gave up on them altogether. Hopefully as crypto becomes more mainstream, more options become available
  14. In my experience, it's been getting worse each update it seems. Not only does everything feel buggy and laggy, it seems like they purposely took off some features to make it worse. Not I know that's not the case, but it's been pretty bad lately, and it sucks cuz it's the only way I can play at the moment. Hopefully it gets fixed asap
  15. Sounds like fun and I wish I had the patience, cuz the only way I play mines is on auto, might have to give this a try sometime tho