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  1. Hmmm I didn't have account in primedice but I will try it. Thank you steve
  2. I didn't experience it, but its funny haha. Sometimes our can be trick by the ammount of zero in bitcoin, I am just hoping that they return the extra tip ammount
  3. In hilo, its an decision game as well, so its difficult to decide whether you will cash out or not especially you will know then what is the next card after you cash out and hoping for high multiplier , so yes its difficult for me
  4. I tried in limbo x300 with doges, its effective in first thats why when I hit it I stop But I have stop on loss set, in avoidance of big lose
  5. Actually they know about it, and they trust me avout controling my game here, I also explained to then that I will not make it fulltime, and it will not affect my job and family time.,actually they enjoy the game in stake, it look like video games or phone games downloaded in plsystore, they said.
  6. Try to post it on the other topic, in suggestion maybe they will add that soo
  7. This is effective I usually try it twice a day
  8. New orleans pelicans
  9. Not yet played hilo, but I will try soon.. I KNOW there a bot in that
  10. LIMBO: 5,413,800,892 placed by Stephkali on 14/05/2019 Wagered 2.60000000 Multiplier 100x Profit 257.40000000 LIMBO: 5,413,898,807 placed by Stephkali on 14/05/2019 Wagered 2.60000000 Multiplier 200x Profit 517.40000000 LIMBO: 5,413,962,103 placed by Stephkali on 14/05/2019 Wagered 2.60000000 Multiplier 300x Profit 777.40000000
  11. Wow autobets works well 😍😍
  12. I will think for 2 hours what to do and I will rain 5 btc 😁😁 I will do a lot of giveaways and challenges 😊
  13. Will If I will base on type of games it would be plinko, but I am not played it yet, I have rolled many in diamond poker
  14. I am excited to see stake team 😍