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  1. As you mentioned yourself, these are the 4 cards with a value of 10. Also since this is an unlimited deck, it is likely that you find these even if you opponent and you have one of these cards. So it is usual to expect a 10. However, when you are holding cards with a value of 15, it is roughly a 50% chance of busting and 50% chance of being safe after hitting. Meaning the K,Q,J,10,9,8,7 will make you bust whereas the others will give you a 21 or lower. From my experience I would fearlessly hit on a 15, especially if the dealer is holding a card of 7 or higher, since he is most likely to win. Moreover, like others have said too, you could stick to the basic strategy and use the charts to play. Then once you get used to it, you can change it up to your own strategy which suits you and your balance.
  2. PLINKO: 19,764,853,754 placed by GKD09 on 04/04/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 11x Profit 0.00100000
  3. Heyy Taee!! Yeah, I love the game too myself, and I've seen so many posts and comments about poker for topics like "Which game would you like to see next?". So I recently made a topic solely to see how many people actually are there. Sadly, not most have seen or voted for the poll. Having said that I really wish Stake would hear us out and consider it, regardless of how hard it is. Stake being a big and reputed casino already, this couldn't be that big of a hurdle. Really would be the cherry on the top for me, if Stake comes out with their own Holdem Poker game. Anyways @tae40127 if you wish to, go and vote as well. Edit: I'd also like to invite the rest of you here to take a second to vote there. You may think this won't help, but lets be hopeful! @Dp10011 @wngo123 @Etude @cryptofly @Mohrzy @Omerfrom02 @sahil777 @Xarv @sheenazbay @williamshennie9 @Ayesha0770 @ColemanStr
  4. GKD09

    Limbo vs. Dice

    Yes Limbo and Dice are very similar, and like Eddie says Dice is like the base game, all others are changes made to the Dice game. I used to prefer Dice over Limbo for most of the time, but after missing the wrong side numerous times, I'm slowly distancing myself from it. It frustrates me a looot. So currently I'm playing Limbo even for the lower multipliers, because even when I lose I don't really see that it's my fault So far Limbo has been alright but surely there'll come a point where Limbo will do me dirty as well, but till then LIMBO it is!
  5. @Ali saher bro you should learn the game fully, it is really fun. Try it on facebook (zynga poker) perhaps or miniclip (governer of poker). I never even asked you to promise anything πŸ‘€ I just asked you to check the post and vote lol Yes IKR! With normal buy-in to tables, like hoffy said they would join random tables and have anonymous names so people couldn't abuse it all the time. Also in tournaments, if made with a greater number of people, since the placing of users are random, people trying to abuse it will not really have the opportunity unless and until they end up in the final table. Then it would be pretty hard to say. But that happens everywhere, also in live big poker events (rare but happens)
  6. Hey @blockbet, after having used this tool, I suddenly got the urge to see if we could open the same on an excel sheet. However, the json file itself does not just open in an orderly manner. But then I saved the web-page data .html as .xls and it worked, but only for that particular page I saved. Not knowing so much about coding etc I would like to know if there is a possibility to save all the data on an excel sheet from your website itself (all at once)? It doesn't seem like a hard task I believe, since making it in an orderly manner by the code seems the most difficult. Please, let me know as I wanted to do a small test on the rolls I made. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. https://imgflip.com/i/3v0ii0 (since its not clear enough when saved )
  8. Well if I can remember right, your first 50 posts are used to evaluate you, the content and quality of your posts. But now that pay per post is capped at 1k I'm not too sure if for you it may start from a lower amount. Anyways just keep posting good quality posts and you will soon start getting forum rewards. For the reloads that has nothing to do with the forum. It's about your Stake wager and VIP level. If you were eligible you should have gotten an email to your registered one. It's going to expire in about an hour so no point looking forward for this now, just keep wagering, being active and you will get some cool benefits from Stake.
  9. Yeah I think so too, since they make all their games from scratch, and with their own touch. But Stake never seems to disappoint so if made they will make it to the best of their quality. Right with time this should be a thing. I'm expecting 5k+ online users in the future and with Poker they'll have to expand in size and staff. I believe. Thanks for not only voting, but actually telling why. I get you, there are so many big poker sites etc, but to me I would love if even poker would be here. Like I don't have to take myself elsewhere to be playing poker. It will be like an actual casino with every single thing one would look for (Slots, BJ, Poker, Roulette etc). Rather than having to play dice on one site and crash on another. That way stake won't be retaining their players well. And for Stake it would be great too since, people who don't play poker would try out too, people who came for poker, would also try out the casino games and sportsbook. Also apart from the new slots, I'm not too sure what they have in mind, and this is just a shout out for Stake to see. It's up to them to make whatever they like anyways. They come up with great things either way so Holdem Poker or a new game, I'd still be happy!
  10. Heyy Swixxyyy, having read what you said, and having checked that you are Gold VIP too, I think you will end up with pretty good results. I normally wager about $3k to $10k weekly too. I remember when I was winning quite a lot last month, I had no intention of claiming rakeback, just so that would be an added bonus for me, so I kept going on and on and found myself accumulating about 800k sats I probably shoulda withdrawn it, because I ended up feeling like I lost a lot with the current wallet balance and tried to recover but busted
  11. Rigghhhttt, I never thought of that. Well yeah and that would also eliminate the colluding as well, wouldnt it? Because they won't really know where their friends are and they would have to exit and join many times and ask on chat if so and so is on the table, to actually find them (since the names are also like player1, 2, etc). Yeah there definitely should be one with names and where you can join your friends since its fun. And also tournaments should be left where everyones usernames are there, since the shuffling of tables are random anyways. Only the final table could gave some issues. Yeah Stake will surely grow bigger and bigger with Poker in it. ❀️