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  1. 127.01x Crash: 7275924037 CrashGame: 60475c32-7969-4430-bcab-0e6ed0139f29
  2. MINES: 7,273,751,056 placed by GKD09 on 22/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 58.38460159301758x Profit 0.00005738 Was this meant to be a quick challenge since it wasn't thaat hard? Either way the timer conflicts the end date @Katarina
  3. I have tried something similar with PD recently whilst trying to hit the highest 2x steak. But then I went out of my strategy and started playing with the live stat graph and other sort of history with rolls etc. Of course this is just a test but to my surprise doing so I managed to reach a profit very close to 10,000 with only base bets of 100, which is basically a 100x after like 2000 odd rolls. I kpet changing the sides and held it till, I thought it was going to go the other way. Not like too often but at least had around 40 to 60 rolls. I don't think if I ever left it on one side I would have gotten a 100x. But also this can't be something that will happen often. I only did it once so it could be sheer luck (beginners luck). I shall try it on PD or Stake again and see how it goes.
  4. Firstly I didn't know this was a paid section only after I made it I realised and I didn't mean it like that btw. I just meant like try it out yourself if you're going to reply here. Btw your London should be corrected I think^^ Yeah I haven't seen much, but was it something they did intentionally? Because its not right to say someone said this when its something they didnt ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™‚๏ธ But yeah pretty surprised that I haven't seen it being used much.
  5. Hey, Not sure if many of you already know this but you are able to edit peoples comments when using the quote feature. I've taken a screenshot of an example. @FotisNt, sorry had to use your comment since you had your stats hidden, so makes your comment shorter and easy to fit all in one screen As you can see, once you quote someone, you are able to completely erase all and also edit it to whatever you like. Now I know, if this comment was right on top or even on the same page you probably will be able to see that its fake, but when there are multiple pages in a thread, you could easily edit an old one and say what you like. So far I haven't seen it be abused in any way, but I'm just curious as to why you can edit it in the first place. I see the funny side of it too and would love to troll some people, editing their own comments and they come back to read something they never said Especially if its an older post lol. I really like the quoting feature and the fact that you can quote as a whole comment or even individual lines or words, which I think is really cool. But editing? Then that's not really quoting isn't it So not sure if this was intentional or not! I didn't want to hit send on the above example^^ since I won't be able to delete it afterwards, but I have edited slightly (cunningly ) while replying to some people over the past few days just to see if it works and it does. Go ahead edit while quoting throughout this thread
  6. Can't really talk about plinko since I don't play it for profits. I only play plinko on low or medium to wager or if I do play high it's with really low balance or for a roll hunt or challenge. Keno however I've been playing for a while and it seems to do me good. I play high or medium with many tiles but if I play with lesser tiles I got for low or medium in the beginning. If I have decent profits from the run or am desperate for hitting all tiles I go to high and try to get the highest multiplier. Has worked out okay for me. Also if I get decent profits and looking to wager id play a little bit of classic. But if I hit all tiles or most I get triggered haha
  7. I recently started playing Keno and is pretty much my go to game atm. It keeps changing but for now it is Keno and it has been pretty good for me. I used to do 10 tiles and go for glory, once in a while it works but that case I bet pretty low and expect a high multiplier. Which does come in long sessions, but if you can't stay long enough you'll probably rip. Which is why I then started using lesser tiles around 4 to 6, and playing mainly on medium. I occasionally change to high and also low. I have hit the highest multi on low and medium and when I have a decent profit I play on high trying to go even higher but keeping a sort of stop so I don't lose too much. I once got a 259x on high while doing so and it was great. Just remember to be patient with Keno, something should come around. Also I take back what I said before, with the you should only play medium and high. As long as you don't play classic with 10 tiles you're good
  8. Holy sheeit.. dont judge me from these pics please! This app can make me a waman too WTF.. #facerape Not sure what Stake will look like exactly, but I'm sure that I would stick around if I last 20 more years with all this cryptogambling stress lol. I'm only 3 months old on Stake and there has already been so many improvements and features like races and crash, and in 20 years from now, at this rate they will soon be having a casino called Stake in Las Vegas. Oh and in 20 years there must be Holdem Texas Poker, because I've been bugging Eddie on his live streams whenever I could So it better be there!! โค๏ธ
  9. I usually don't change my seeds nowadays, but thats just me. I used to change just to check bets when I was new and then I didnt care after that. BUT I did think only 5 changes to seeds were less. This is a nice topic especially for ones who like and believe in changing seeds. I'm surprised if this is the first topic on this. However, I would love to know the reason behind this too. Why aren't we allowed to change more than 5 times an hour. Is it due to some lack of space in the site? Idk I cant really think of the reason. Hope someone from the staff sees this
  10. I haven't noticed one particular song that gives me luck only because it don't play is continuously on repeat I can't decide if it brings me luck in just 3 to 5 minutes. And even if it plays again after few hours or a day I wouldn't remember anyways. Butttt I have realised that with music I feel more lucky, or maybe I'm just not thinking too much. This helps me not feel bad about consecutive losses and I don't tend to feel like doubling up as early as I would have when playing without music and with thoughts and fear running through my head So thats maybe the reason but either way it works well most of the time and makes the gambling session much more fun
  11. I think every time there comes out a favorite game or like go to game sort of topic, my games seem to change I went from playing Dice waaay too much to not even playing dice unless its a roll hunt or challenge. My go to games have changed quite a bit too. Recently it has been Keno, Mines and HiLo which I think all are perfect for a low balance. Keno and HiLo you probably won't lose as much, since there are payouts in between but in mines you could but you can also win much more on mines. Mines is my go to place when I like to test my luck. Idk how high you can go on HiLo and idk who has reached the highest yet so far, but on mines you can go as high as 5 mil multiplier which is a lot, even with just 1 sat. I was at the same settings for the 5 mil but I removed 2 diamonds and was able to get 50k+ sats by wagering just 1 sat. So yeah I would probably keep switching between these 3 games, especially when I have a low balance.
  12. Team: GKD09 and @j240 CrashGame: 25050819-0a2a-4a27-8dbe-0097228c3e38 My Bet ID: Crash: 7223809083 / J240 Bet ID: Crash: 7223809125 It hit 1 mil omg should have gone for 500kx at least Thanks again for the giveaway Steve!
  13. Lol firstly I paired up instantly with a guy im friends on Stake. And we quickly jumped on to the forum and formed a team. There's no difficulty in making a team if you just talk to few people on Stake and surely some of them dont team mates too. Unfortunately I was the bad team mate since my autobet stopped and 500x hit so yeah rip. We will be trying again today though. Btw you have till the 22nd so there's plenty of time. Even if you can't and don't get a chance to participate, its just a free $5 giveaway What do you mean others id? But him and the team mate have to hit 500x on that game id. But yeah if you missed the game ID you could definitely use another persons one, if thats what you meant
  14. My biggest payout is on Mines with a lovely 50k multiplier. I used 12 mines and 11 diamonds for this and I got it in like total 300 odd rounds but with that particular pattern in only 3 rounds of betting. I was only betting 1 sat since I had no idea I would hit it. Heres a picture of the bet. I honestly wanted to fill the whole house which I thought would be very hard to hit..... but sadly it did hit with that exact same pattern. If I had completed the pattern how I wanted to I would have hit the highest multiplier on mines that is 5 million plus Still a lovely hit nevertheless and I will definitely try hitting a 50k or 5 mil someday. Just not sure I'll get it again