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  1. If you were trying the famous baccarat strategy of betting the same amount on both the player and banker, you will only be able to lose money. There is no such profiting since the highest payout is in fact 1.00x and the other is 0.98x. The 1.00x is for both tie or win on player, whereas the 0.98x is for when the banker wins. So you will only lose like you said. There are other ways to play baccarat as well ofc, where you bet only on tie, or bet only on banker or player, or have different amounts on each etc. These all will give you different multipliers when you win or even lose. Also I hope you now know that the baccarat strat will no longer give you wager on races, as it has been excluded as I've heard and tested. So be careful!
  2. Firstly dude the odds of that happening is insanely low, and the fact that the tiebreaker is only changed by 1 digit just makes it even more lower. Back to the topic, I have seen this happen many many times. It has happened with Faris's predictions as well, mine too and surely many more. But if you think about it, it would seem very hard for support to be checking if people have copied other peoples predictions. After all this is just a fun sorta game for the people at discord, and not so big of a prize. However, I think if reported and its like literally exactly the same, like I said I have seen before, they should just not include him or delete that forum post, that seems more plausible.
  3. I do hear you out and felt slightly the same, the Olympics analogy or any sport for that matter, but we are talking about a gambling site, which relates to money and only money. In fact most people when playing sport love the fame, and they do need it to keep growing, where as here, if you are wealthy you can come top 10 in just a few bets - no skill, or anything else. There is nothing really, since you can't cheat or anything, they just don't want to be known to have come top 10 in few seconds, which obviously means they have a lot of money. Knowing most of the beggars etc they will start adding and trying to message, tag their names on chat, have fake friends and so on. So I honestly have nothing against this, it's up to the users to be anonymous and be as safe as much as they like to.
  4. PLINKO: 14,899,871,996 placed by GKD09 on 20/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 26x Profit 0.00002500 WHEEL: 14,900,595,799 placed by GKD09 on 20/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.899999618530273x Profit 0.00000890
  5. Yeah I honestly do do that. But at that moment I had to leave and I had an evenue amount of money had I lost it or won. I was going to win or lose that amount and for some reason I didn't even care. So in this case I didn't mind. But yes it's true, I say it often to other people as well. And with the VIP challenges I join the ones where I think I won't lose so much. But thanks
  6. Doing bets 10 times smaller than your complete balance is a very risky thing to do Glad it went your way though Yes I find it interesting too, to read other peoples stories. It is in fact fun, but you should always be careful since the min bet could drain your balance. @Nicol3 you don't have to come top 10 You can also just hit the minimum requirement haha Yes I usually do the same but this one time, having lost so much I just wanted to recover and leave the challenge, to my luck I did both at once, and then it struck that I had hit the challenge with quite a big bet.
  7. It could get a bit annoying sometimes but I really don't mind how it is now. As long as people at least try to say in the same message that it's not a win or anything really like (within brackets) everyone would understand. Why take this challenge so seriously? It's nice to see some bets where the game trolls others etc amidst the tough challenge. And as long as the support staff in charge are fine with it, then there shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Another billionth bet I will never hit 😁😂 Good luck though! GKD09
  9. Surely I haven't seen anyone post a bet like this. I don't play limbo unless its a challenge or something. Also, the max payout is infact 1 mil x, but it seems Limbo would go as much as 11 mil x or even maybe more (who knows), but the max you can bet for is 1 mil. 1 mil itself is very very rare so highly doubt anyone would have even gone for 10 mil x or more. Either way I have only seen multipliers over 1 mil being exact figures, like 5 mil etc, which means there's only a number of them like 1, 2, 3 till maybe 11 or 15 mil which are the only numbers that can give the max payout, hence why it's is so rare.
  10. MINES: 14,506,336,157 placed by GKD09 on 14/01/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 41.5989990234375x Profit 0.00405990
  11. Say I place a base bet of 2000 satoshis, and leave a stop on loss of 2000 satoshis and start my autobet on a 2x strategy, for this example I will take Diamond Poker. If I lose my first bet, the autobet stops (which is correct). However, if I win a few and then come down towards 0, the bet will stop when I hit 0. Which is incorrect since I haven't lost 2000 satoshis yet, right? Also if I start the autobet and I hit a 1x, the autobet incorrectly stops yet again. The autobet should only stop when I hit 2000 satoshis or more, why does it stop before? This doesn't happen on the stop on profit, as seen in the next image, where I had gotten a draw, went below the 0 line, and finally stopped only when I had gotten the profit amount as 2000.
  12. Even I think I'd go with Mines. Hilo would also be a game where you could get huge huge returns, since you can open up to 100 cards. But the thing is hilo is more frustrating and more difficult to chase in my opinion. Unless you are using a bot. For mines you could go for tens of thousands or million x multipliers, and you can just auto roll it. I have once hit a 50,000x on mines with just my 3rd roll on that pattern, so had I wagered more than 1 sat I would have made so much more. Limbo is pretty decent too as it goes up to 1 mil, but its not my type of game.
  13. Why would you play both at the same time haha? Yeah you do need to focus for a while with these challenges, and quick with copying and pasting bets. Aww lets just say that was a challenge Btw was that the, tag a top 25'er for the mega race "challenge"?
  14. Given that I had won the Hilo part of the telegram challenge I was not able to witness this live However, I saw this on the telegram group and was like wtf. But in my head I was like surely there are at least 2 to 3 0's already. But clearly I was wrong lol. I remember Dose unintentionally making few bet id related challenges, too easy. As in the required number was already there in the millionths so anyone who would have hit won. So I think he was just trying to do the opposite this time and found himself on the complete opposite end But cmon why'd you have to take it to support like that? lol and dose is a support member too Buutt @Nicol33333, its technically a free challenge, and it's also fun because we are given tasks. Also, it gives you faith in the stake games, like when you see people hit 9900x in several seconds, or 1000x on plinko within their first 100 rolls You may win too, you never know.