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  1. Sure thing Edd, although I do remember leaving one before? 🤔 But its missing. Anyways took some time to leave a review again Trustpilot / Stake username - GKD09 (https://www.trustpilot.com/users/5cc5386ae7d72bae48517231) Hope it helps! 😊❤️
  2. I didn't think you forgot, I thought this was so minute, that it was delayed huhu Yeah, and I only started using mobile version recently. I thought other people had already asked this, so didn't want to keep pushing it further. Weird Anyways thank you for not forgetting mee and naww worriees!! ✌️❤️
  3. I've been calculating the same ever since slots was out, and never really had time to make the post because of work But yes I can confirm your calculation might be correct, since I got the exactly same value of 0.839024%. I will soon make my post too Had some tough bits when it came to calculating the % of others, since you have many outcomes including the wild symbol.
  4. 34 ROULETTE: 11,359,059,632 placed by GKD09 on 11/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620 27 ROULETTE: 11,359,062,312 placed by GKD09 on 11/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620 17 ROULETTE: 11,359,064,781 placed by GKD09 on 11/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620
  5. I have recently placed top 50 in the Mega race and the more days go by, the top 50 people wagering keep increasing. And now I find it really hard to come top 50 especially in the mega race. The competition is much higher mainly because its $5k and also the top 50 prize, and so if you get out of top 50 by few places you could lose way more that you anticipated. I reckon you stay away if you don't have a decent bank roll and ready to have a loss of around 200k to 500k trying to get to top 50. Small balances aren't going to help unless you hit a big multi and try to use that amount to wager slowly.
  6. The amount does not really matter if it was money you didn't really want, or money you would have spent on other items or services. For me I only gamble for fun which started off from the good old csgo gambling. Where I added just a few dollars and then a max of 100s of dollars, but in the end I ended up in profit by playing slower and more smartly. And in total from all sites I've used I have a net profit of around $1000 (including the money i have in the wallets that I haven't withdrawn). But since it's all for fun this is just bonus money I could use for random stuff Hope you get lucky and make some money back, but never try to chase losses. Slow and steady does work too
  7. My biggest and first ever mega boost was around 76k which was pretty nice since I just got to bronze. It depends on the wager for sure, and I guess there also is like a base amount yeah? Like if someone wagers less or doesn't at all. I think they do get a small amount too? But it really is a booster for the races. Earlier trying to get to top 50 without any VIP level, rakeback etc was pretty daunting. Now it gives us a sort of cushion.
  8. Wow this is almost the same thing that happened to me. I was just playing HiLo with around a base of 500 sats. Just wanted to play with some bonus cash I had. I kept hitting double A's and K's and losing so many and was very triggered. It wasn't even a big loss just like 8k sats so I just jumped to dice and went 2x with my 8k to recover. And bam I won - which was decent (since I was going to double it 2 or 3 times over before I win) - and then I saw that I hit 88.88 and was so pissed that it wasn't my 2nd or 3rd roll, because then I would have doubled. and hit 88.88 with 16k or 32k. So in a way I was unlucky. I should've stopped HiLo one bet earlier os something anyways congrats!!! I'm sure you are easily the first if not top 5 😍
  9. I think most are actually talking about the Halloween Challenges - which was actually an event and not just a normal weekly one. Tbh, yes that was a pretty hard one, especially the one with the 666x on crash. That took a long long time and also a pain when the autobet stops etc. I almost lost waay too much in that, but got lucky the 2nd day I chased it. I ended up completing them both with a loss but recovered with a profit with the coupons. Surely, it could have ended bad and yes you do tend to keep playing in the hopes of finally recovering or profiting with the challenge prize. However, the next and actual "weekly challenge" wasn't so different or hard to complete; the 1000 odd multiplier on Mines.
  10. Yeah true. I guess I was just setting up to what the trend already was. I started crypto gambling really fresh with no background or even intention of joining. Apart from BTC i didn't really know anything. Then I realised many people using ETH and LTC, and followed. I get you - I can only understand how much I'm betting, winning or losing when I play with BTC. LTC also was decent when it was close to the $100 mark. But when I play with Doge, XRP or BCH i have absolutely no idea.
  11. Why did you not go for the 388 Italian Restaurant? I'm disappointed in youuu
  12. I need to find out if its always like that. Because once in a while BTC takes like 1 hour if its very congested. Out of the many deposits I've done only once it happened though for BTC. So clearly seems like no one really uses BCH from the comments here too. No wonder Stake rains it in much less quantity, and frequency. Also they don't even have a dedicated race which gives BCH, whereas most of the others are included.
  13. If you're saying lucky for 60 bonus rounds well, its the same if I was playing 1, 5 or 10 lines even. Because the scatters are counted in no particular pattern. It just has to be there on any 3 rows :D But yes it helps if you play 20 lines because you could sustain for longer. In that case yes playing 20 will help!! Good luck :)
  14. Oh yeah I get what you mean But on the other hand that makes it easier to keep track of how much that bet is worth in your fiat currency you usually convert to. Because for me going from btc to something like ltc and xrp is so hard. Like idk how much I'm actually betting without straining my mind lol. Is it really slow? I never knew that actually. Never deposited nor withdrew BCH. How about the fees - I've heard its pretty low, ya?