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  1. Welcome to Stake and its forum cointikka! I am new here too, and I think there's a lot to know and find out. So stick around, go through the forums and also ask anything cus the support and community here helps immensely. There are many challenges and giveaways too, I'd advice you to checkout their telegram and also their discord. Link to the discord, you can click that if you want as it'll help me out too (https://discord.gg/eQMbkJC). Cheers and Good luck!
  2. Hey guys, small question here.. I know Satoshi is also a type of cryptocurrency, but how do you use it? On Stake itself or you get to cash it out to a wallet? I'm not really sure. Sorry if its a stupid question. 😛
  3. Thank you mods for the quick replies. Woww, not only is the Stake site interesting. I'm finding the forum as interesting too. I think this community is just something else, really.. ♥ Indeed, must agree with this. Makes everyone much closer too!! Coo coo coool Thanks again!
  4. Hi all, So what I wanted to know was, 1. How to increase your rank? By only posts or...? 2. How to add signatures that come below peoples replies etc.. I would like to do that too, but I cant find how 3. Do people earn Satoshi from the forum itself? Because I see it besides their names. 4. Why am I not allowed to message users? Thank you in advance to all who replies! Good luck!
  5. GKD09

    hi guys!

    Hi princeargos and welcome to Stake!! I am new here too but so far so great, its real fun! Good luck to you too! Also check out their discord, for giveaways and more! https://discord.gg/eQMbkJC
  6. Hey welcome to Stake Im pretty new too and so far loving it, felt very welcome!!! Hope you do well. Good luck!
  7. Yeah thats gonna take me some time to do - wager $100. Thanks, good luck to you guys too! ♥ Yeah I'm already finding it interesting and what I love are the challanges they post. Oof cant wait to try them. Thanks and good luck to you too!!
  8. Going through all the pics looks like everyones just catfishing, and trying to make us new Stakers fall for some scam. But I guess everyone on here just looks good haha. I'm new on here! Nice to meet you all 😃 How old do you think I am btw?
  9. That's nice of you guys, I already feel welcomed although I am not yet able to talk in chat haha. The only way to get to chat is to wager $100+? Thanks anyways, see you in the site
  10. Didn't really get a payout but the first time I hit 0.00. I'm new here btw 😛 So far loving it ❤️
  11. I'm very new here.. really surprised with how many games and features there is on this site and so much to know lol. Also so many active users at one time 😮 Good day to all, cheers GKD09
  12. Ola I'm really new too.. site seems really nice, but its pretty complicated too. So much to choose from and stuff