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  1. This challenge is a pretty tough one, but if you look at the probability it is greater than the one we had with slots (getting 60 free spins). The only problem however is that there are no payouts in between like in slots, so if you don't get the 10k within the planned amount you wish to use for this challenge, you'll be very disappointed. @weswayahe I'm sorry to say but I strongly disagree with this. This roll could easily come while prerolling your 10k and then it could not come after than for another 30k or 40k rolls. It just depends on luck. A preroll strat is not something you can say that'll work for everyone. I hit a 200k+ roll on limbo while trying the recent VIP challenge in under 100 rolls (74th roll to be precise). So preroll if you like to but there is no such strategy when it comes to odds as small as this. It could take up to 50k rolls if you are really unlucky πŸ’
  2. HILO: 12,272,640,067 placed by GKD09 on 04/12/2019 Wagered 3.30000000 Multiplier 25.78420066833496x Profit 81.78797917
  3. It's certainly not a factor that can affect the outcome BUT I kinda get what you mean. I have been rolling around 30k rounds of slots in few days during the slots challenge and for some reason, or atleast how I felt, was that I won more while the instant bet was off. I think the main reason for me winning more was since the game was slower and I have more time to think when I should double my base bet etc. Whereas with instant on, firstly it is pretty boring since there is nothing suspense whatsoever and on top of that I don't know how to stop the autobet. I keep rolling and then I miss the opportunity to have profited or broke-even having increased the base bet. But yeah it's all in our head
  4. Yes exactly, I was definitely not expecting that. I barely play Limbo so for some reason I went with three 0 bets (although I never do that when hunting something). But it's just that I never knew how far away I was to a 2000x or more, until I actually hit it You see, this is exactly why I don't believe in changing seeds also - it'll come when it comes. If I had changed the seed, I would have missed this. I would say the same. I don't ever place 0 bets, that's the weird part. Not even in telegram challenges do I place 0 bets, and to do it while trying to hit a challenge was odd. That's why I said, I was just not meant to hit it. Haha I could see the funny side of it too. Stake being a troll, when I least expect it. But im done with my story.. theres nothing else to say lol
  5. DICE VIP CHALLENGE Starting from the older challenge - Dice (to hit 88.88 with any multiplier, winning or losing bet). Was aware of this challenge, but was not looking forward to trying it. I was just playing hilo with 500 sats, where I kept losing to double A's and K's and after dozens of rolls I had a small loss of around 7k. I was more frustrated at hilo than the loss, so I quickly hopped on to dice 2x and placed a 7k bet to recover it. And, this was the bet. DICE: 11,191,432,639 placed by GKD09 on 08/11/2019 Wagered 0.00007000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00007000 That was the last hilo bet, before the dice bet (just to show from the nonces that, this random dice bet was infact my first.) I hit the 88.88, but unfortunately my bet was only 7k and not the minimum challenge bet of 10k. If only I placed a 10k bet, or came to dice from hilo one bet earlier, lost it and doubled the next bet and hit this 88.88 (with 14k sats), I would have won a free 200k sats (0.002 btc) from the challenge prize coming 11th or 13th. LIMBO VIP CHALLENGE Moving on to the more recent one, and definitely the worst one! So just having hit the slots challenge, after days of chasing (28k+ rolls), I really felt like going for the new Limbo VIP challenge. For some reason I really felt like I would hit something big (not even kidding but i kinda saw it in my dream or something, or i think I missed it there too ). The goal was to hit a result multiplier of 2000x or more at any target multiplier. I don't play limbo, so I didn't really know how often a multiplier of 2000x or more comes. So I placed my bet of 10k and started betting manually at a target multi of 1.01x. I placed 67 bets, won 66 of them and lost 1 and had a loss of only 3.4k. I was feeling bored and wasn't ready to watch thousands of bets after staring at the slots machine for so many rolls, since you have to be watching the result multiplier. So I just wanted to make the loss a bit prettier by betting 4 more rounds and make the loss 3k. Making my live stats 70 wins 1 loss. Then for some stupid reason I felt like rolling 0 bets, till I hit a loss so I can keep going and make the loss 0 and just leave it at that - and not chase the limbo challenge (at least for today). 3 rolls later having removed my 10k, this is what I hit. LIMBO: 12,065,111,441 placed by GKD09 on 29/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 1.0099999904632568x Profit 0.00000000 I had got a result multiplier of 25848.56x which at the moment of posting this, is currently at 3rd place (I was triggered and wanted to see how much I missed out on ). The 3rd place gives a challenge prize of 0.02 btc. I wouldn't even care if I came 5th but damn this was so annoying to see . So that's that, I had the perfect seed - everything aligned to give me a winning bet for the challenge, but I was just not meant to hit it. Would have been an easy and technically "free" 0.022 btc . Guess that's what luck is all about πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ
  6. SLOTS: 12,062,906,549 placed by GKD09 on 29/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000400 Multiplier 228.3000030517578x Profit 0.00090920 4th day chasing and roughly 28.5k rolls later!!! 😌
  7. I've always loved the weekly challenges. Back then when there were 2 of them weekly - they used to give me a good reason to choose which game to play and even try out the games I usually didn't play. Like keno, wasnt a go to game until a weekly challenge showed me how much it has to offer. I still haven't officially tried the VIP challenge but almost accidentally hit the dice challenge - but sadly a couple of thousand sats less. Also, recently the weekly challenge has been pretty darn challenging. It is fun but now very time consuming. The most recent being Hilo and now the impossible slots Around 16k rounds and counting and not yet hit a 45 bonus round. The VIP one seems a bit boring to me, since it's an easy task or not much to do, and you could be very lucky and hit it very quickly or rip a lot on the way and that's not my type of game.
  8. Yes I've mentioned something like this on a post too. This is the more accurate version of your stats. Also turns out I was green on 3 or 4 coins, which was amazing to see - given that I thought I was down on a few including btc. Knowing this we probably won't rage and try to win back our losses which weren't are actual losses. I really do hope they give this current stat back to our profile, so we can view it ourselves much quickly and easily. Btw if you didn't know you can also ask your stats for each game and they give you your bets, wager and profit in the coin and also USD (which i find pretty cool). Now all they need to do is add them all back to our stats on stake
  9. You are excused because you were on your phone. I don't really know how hard it is to tell when you're on your phone but you can still see your balance move up and down each bet. Also I always have my live stats on, so not more than a few rolls before I realise my bet is a 0 bet. But again you cant really play with live stats on your phone without it covering half the screen so, I feel ya.
  10. Bojana back with the interesting and informative posts!!! That is pretty cool and no I've never heard or thought about that. But maybe that is how the cards give us some patterns just like how history repeats itself
  11. From what I've heard so far is that they have removed it because it doesn't give the 'actual' profits here on Stake, but rather the profits by playing the games. Meaning it does not include rakeback, race wins, coupons, rains, giveaways and other forms of income which technically are to alter the 'actual' profit or loss on the site. So now you are able to get a detailed statistic for your overall profits or even per game, which is pretty cool - and was there long ago before they had removed it. However, I hope they have only removed it temporarily and will include it but as the overall or 'actual' profit (instead of profits of just the games). Like how they did it for rakeback. So you don't always have to trouble support and you can also have a look at it every now and then with ease.
  12. That's an interesting take on their move on removing it. Yeah I mean the ease of just clicking your own name or clicking stats to check your profits. But now having to message support means we would do it less often - especially for me. I don't like to keep bugging anyone over and over. But yeah that's the only way you can track you profits now. I just saw Eddies message on sportsbet chat and he claims that the profits we used to see wasn't fully accurate (since it didn't include rakeback etc) - so now once you contact support you will actually get the full picture he says.
  13. This is the most recent version of our statistics now, if you haven't noticed already. Yeah there's no more profit column even in your own stats for some reason. I understand removing the visibility of other users profits entirely, but why not let us see our own profit/losses? Also, I thought the main purpose of adding the new rakeback system was to reduce the amount of tickets for support, but now people will have to, for their stats? πŸ€” Do you think this was done due to the lack of memory on the site or something - since sports betting was introduced? Which then would be understandable
  14. So recently, I believe, the forum had been updated and changed a bit and the top most part of the forum only consists of Casino, Forum & Guides. The old way of filtering topics and saved streams were besides the other top headings, but has now changed. However, when I went to "unread content" and filtered some content, it still gave me the option to save the settings as a new stream. But how do I select it again at another given time? I don't see any drop down menu or anything to select my prev saved streams anymore. So like can anyone tell me how to, now? I did use it quite a lot and it does really help finding the content I'm interested in rather than seeing all the other random topics.
  15. Yeah I guess this happens to most. I too do play with quite low sat bets (100 to 400 max), and when I hit the bonus rounds I start imagining myself hitting them with thousands of satoshis instead But slots are a bit too dangerous and can drain your balance so I prefer to play safer and lower bets And the only way to recover, and so far the only way I have recovered, is with bonus rounds - come pretty rarely so it is quite risky.
  16. HILO: 11,687,470,119 placed by GKD09 on 19/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 18.723800659179688x Profit 0.00001772 Just as I was about to give up for the day This was pretty brutal however, Jellyyy. Just so you know!!! Especially if you don't use a bot.
  17. Yes I understand why the casino has a house edge. I was not asking why it is not 1x and 1x or 2x and 2x. I was simply asking where is comes about. Like is it in the game itself like roulette, or is it an altered payout like dice just to get the house edge. Although I don't think it's the latter.
  18. Sure thing Edd, although I do remember leaving one before? πŸ€” But its missing. Anyways took some time to leave a review again Trustpilot / Stake username - GKD09 (https://www.trustpilot.com/users/5cc5386ae7d72bae48517231) Hope it helps! 😊❀️
  19. I didn't think you forgot, I thought this was so minute, that it was delayed huhu Yeah, and I only started using mobile version recently. I thought other people had already asked this, so didn't want to keep pushing it further. Weird Anyways thank you for not forgetting mee and naww worriees!! ✌️❀️
  20. I've been calculating the same ever since slots was out, and never really had time to make the post because of work But yes I can confirm your calculation might be correct, since I got the exactly same value of 0.839024%. I will soon make my post too Had some tough bits when it came to calculating the % of others, since you have many outcomes including the wild symbol.
  21. 34 ROULETTE: 11,359,059,632 placed by GKD09 on 11/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620 27 ROULETTE: 11,359,062,312 placed by GKD09 on 11/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620 17 ROULETTE: 11,359,064,781 placed by GKD09 on 11/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620
  22. I have recently placed top 50 in the Mega race and the more days go by, the top 50 people wagering keep increasing. And now I find it really hard to come top 50 especially in the mega race. The competition is much higher mainly because its $5k and also the top 50 prize, and so if you get out of top 50 by few places you could lose way more that you anticipated. I reckon you stay away if you don't have a decent bank roll and ready to have a loss of around 200k to 500k trying to get to top 50. Small balances aren't going to help unless you hit a big multi and try to use that amount to wager slowly.
  23. The amount does not really matter if it was money you didn't really want, or money you would have spent on other items or services. For me I only gamble for fun which started off from the good old csgo gambling. Where I added just a few dollars and then a max of 100s of dollars, but in the end I ended up in profit by playing slower and more smartly. And in total from all sites I've used I have a net profit of around $1000 (including the money i have in the wallets that I haven't withdrawn). But since it's all for fun this is just bonus money I could use for random stuff Hope you get lucky and make some money back, but never try to chase losses. Slow and steady does work too
  24. My biggest and first ever mega boost was around 76k which was pretty nice since I just got to bronze. It depends on the wager for sure, and I guess there also is like a base amount yeah? Like if someone wagers less or doesn't at all. I think they do get a small amount too? But it really is a booster for the races. Earlier trying to get to top 50 without any VIP level, rakeback etc was pretty daunting. Now it gives us a sort of cushion.