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  1. I was actually very excited when sportsbet was announced and when it was finally released. But for some reason I can't seem to start betting there. I think I'm so used to and comfortable here at the casino games. Moreover, most of the games that are going, I don't have time to follow. I used to watch most but then after work began I was distant from most including my game, which is cricket. But I am looking forward to betting during the Cricket World Cup, since I'm sure to be watching and following. So lets see how that works And to what you said, yes it's annoying to me because of the low odds, since you can't alter that and just bet on the opposing side just because you want a higher return. Also it takes much more time for the game to end and to see results which was why I didn't take part much. But that's why multi bets are there for, to get bigger payouts
  2. It really depends on how you play and how much you are willing to lose at max. Also how much of a bankroll you have. For me I've never liked Plinko so I tried it a few times and it was horrible. Many other games offer similar strats like low on wheel or low on keno etc which can make you lose less and for small probabilities. However, with baccarat it has been more predictable to me than the others. It's more stable unlike plinko. I think I just have a huge hatred towards plinko as well and that's why I'm saying this
  3. That right there is a pretty nice return How quick did you hit it? And a nice way to start the year!! Maybe you should stay away from blackjack and start playing plinko lol For some reason I have had only horrible runs with plinko. I barely ever hit 100x+ payouts and even if i do it still gives me a loss. That's why I only play plinko for challenges. I once only hit a max of 8x for around 600 rounds on High 15 and ended up busting 0.026 btc.
  4. As a poker fan I used to play it quite often when I joined. I tried strategies of doubling etc but never really had great success. So I only really played it for challenges. I still haven't got the royal flush or straight flush and it really doesn't seem like a game id go for profit. I never used autobet though so that's not the reason why.
  5. It's just for your information I mean I was interested to know what they were. Im a curious cat. And I'm sure there are many people playing games like plinko, keno, and now slots hoping to hit these huge payouts - without really knowing how tough they are. Hilo will definitely be the game with the highest payout, I reckon. Yes thats true. I couldnt include Hilo because it doesnt have a fixed multiplier to calculate. You can open 100 cards if im not wrong, and the highest theoretical payout would be hitting A or K 100 times But I mean its safe to say that that wont happen, and the lowest would be going from A to K and back a 100 times, which won't really happen again so I had to exclude it. Although hilo can surely give you a much greater payout than most if not all games. Wow thats a lot of positive feedback Wasn't expecting that many. Cheers! @Aiza824, Limbo states it max payout on the game itself when you try to input a really big number. And @rararararay08, therefore I just claimed that it could be the same for Crash as well, although I really dont know how I could calculate that since it gives us no information about the game, in terms of statistics. Yes that is why I did not include hilo lol. But for slots, and every other game I was giving a probability of hitting the highest multiplier in a single bet - which in that case is 5 wilds. But true scatters can keep hitting and it could keep going. The slots and Video poker royal flush did take some time actually. But I was curious so it didnt feel like a lengthy task.
  6. I feel you. I usually can't stay away from gambling while I have the balance and if there is a challenge or something interesting happeninig I can't seem to do any other stuff once I get home. However, when I end up losing a lot more than I anticipated or when I bust ofc, I end up taking breaks, which does help though. The breaks make you realise that its just a game and also you shouldn't have done what you did. Sometimes when you lose and you don't want to continue losing but you can't help it you should take a break. By that I mean force your self out of it and do anything. Many times I was called by my family and that helped me not double losses n keep playing.
  7. Below are probabilities in percentage and their corresponding payouts, which are the max at each game for a single bet. From the most probable to the least. Dice (9900x) - 0.01% Plinko (1000x) - 0.0015% Limbo (1,000,000x) - 0.000099% Video Poker (800x) - ~0.0000234% ROYAL FLUSH (holding only one card, ending up with a lucky royal flush) Mines (5,148,297x) - 0.00002% 13 MINES / 12 DIAMONDS (or vice versa) Slots (10,000x) - 0.000006% 5 WILDS - 1 PAYOUT LINE (excluding any free spins) Keno (1000x) - 0.00000366% 9/9 HIGH OR MED Excluding Hilo, BlackJack, Baccarat, Diamond Poker, Roulette, Wheel since they don't have such low odds or big payouts, and crash which probably has a max payout of 1,000,000x like Limbo. Games apart from slots, and video poker have their probabilities which can be easily found. So if you wanted to know where I got the values for slots and video poker, read on! Slots Calculation Below are the number of symbols for each wheel starting from the left and their probabilities. (They are also always in the same order, but that is not so important here.) Lastly, calculating the probabilities of each symbol hitting. Starting from hitting 2 of each symbol since hitting one of any gives no payout. Note: Some symbols have a 0x payout even for 2 hits in a row, and therefore their probabilities are excluded. Video Poker Calculation Note that to get a royal flush there could be many ways, from holding 0 cards to holding 5 of them. The above calculation was for holding one out of the 5 cards needed to hit the royal flush of that suit (which is the almost the worst position to be to hit it, and lowest probability to hit the royal flush) . If you are interested to know more, check this old post I've made. Mines Calculation This calculation could be found from a mine calculator online - https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/mines.html?m=1 where you simply have to input the number of mines and diamonds.
  8. So you are basically using Stakes money to try and win a free sum from them? Wut It's like a faucet if you look at it from a different angle, but then the amounts should be lowered. Then again, Stake removed faucet because there were many abusers, and this will attract many more abusers, and it won't help stake in anyway since you won't be looking to deposit, but rather keep claiming rakeback to negative amounts and try hitting a big amount, and then play something like baccarat and pay back the rakeback. So yeah, don't think it's a good idea after all.
  9. Bojana back with the interesting and informative posts!!! That is pretty cool and no I've never heard or thought about that. But maybe that is how the cards give us some patterns just like how history repeats itself
  10. So recently, I believe, the forum had been updated and changed a bit and the top most part of the forum only consists of Casino, Forum & Guides. The old way of filtering topics and saved streams were besides the other top headings, but has now changed. However, when I went to "unread content" and filtered some content, it still gave me the option to save the settings as a new stream. But how do I select it again at another given time? I don't see any drop down menu or anything to select my prev saved streams anymore. So like can anyone tell me how to, now? I did use it quite a lot and it does really help finding the content I'm interested in rather than seeing all the other random topics.
  11. Why did you not go for the 388 Italian Restaurant? I'm disappointed in youuu
  12. New to the game and sounds pretty cool
  13. I have never taken any loans, all that I play with is extra "pocket money" I've had. I also don't think loaning is ever a good idea, even if you got lucky the first time. If you do lose that, you may tend to use money you need or steal and try to double it and again you could get lucky and say you're never going to do it again But end up doing it again and again till the time comes where you keep playing with other peoples money and end up losing all and mess your life up So just don't do it!
  14. Isn't it mathematics that calculated the odds, multipliers and the payouts for the casino games? Maybe not great mathematicians, but the creators of these casino games used mathematics to create a game which provides a house edge for the casino. For example the famous roulette. Likewise here on Stake the Dice 2x payout which has only a 49.50% chance of win when ideally it should be a 50-50 chance. And so on with all the other games such as Plinko, Keno and now slots. Where each setting has to provide that house edge they require. So there is no real way for any mathematician to undo what they just created when it is what it is. Surely with luck you can hit a 2 in a row of say 95x maybe in your first 40 rolls, but there's no way to beat the game with math I believe. Even with simple strategies such as martingale the game doesn't allow you to place an infinite bet, so you still lose. I'm sure a mathematician can find a very promising strategy that gives you a better chance to win with the bank roll you have but even they can't beat the odds because that is just how it is.
  15. Adding the image here too since it was not very clear on discord The forum is a lovely to spend time on in other words btw! ❤️😊
  16. Tbh when I first joined Stake, dice was my go to game. This was on my first deposit and me trying to make strats to wager $100 to be able to chat Also on other sites I only ever trusted dice. So when I first joined I played dice about 99% and few other popular games like mines and blackjack but barely tried any of the different ones. Soon after I ripped badly in dice I almost never went back unless it was for a challenge or something else. Now I play almost all games, including Keno, Video Poker etc and also the less popular ones like baccarat and diamond poker. I think after I bust big in any of the games I just lose faith in them and move on to another one. Losing is one thing, but crashing my strats horribly is another lol.
  17. I recently got just 1 referral and 2 hits. And that one person is somewhat of a friend I met on another site before. Didn't really do it for the referral but it worked well both ways Would like to try but also very lazy to post etc..
  18. Kewl topic @Bojana, wonder why I have never seen this although it was pinned!! Probably late but GKD are my initials, and 09 is my birth month & birth date (September 9th) and its also my lucky number/international jersey number too I'm horrible at coming up with usernames for myself and this I use probably everywhere they ask a username lol. Love how @Paecga129 and @Viksen double posted without knowing they actually did long time ago 🤣 Yes I was bored and read most of them haha
  19. Some of my first few tries when it was newly out.... but thats as far as i got. Steve just wants to laugh at us guys... thats why he made this Heres yet another one................... laugh all you want
  20. I recently started playing Keno and is pretty much my go to game atm. It keeps changing but for now it is Keno and it has been pretty good for me. I used to do 10 tiles and go for glory, once in a while it works but that case I bet pretty low and expect a high multiplier. Which does come in long sessions, but if you can't stay long enough you'll probably rip. Which is why I then started using lesser tiles around 4 to 6, and playing mainly on medium. I occasionally change to high and also low. I have hit the highest multi on low and medium and when I have a decent profit I play on high trying to go even higher but keeping a sort of stop so I don't lose too much. I once got a 259x on high while doing so and it was great. Just remember to be patient with Keno, something should come around. Also I take back what I said before, with the you should only play medium and high. As long as you don't play classic with 10 tiles you're good
  21. Not sure if that gif was for how you feel on Stake or it's just to read our comments whilst having popcorn Or you probably don't even care, because you didn't seem to describe how you feel on Stake yourself. But here's what I feel about Stake. It's mixed feelings most of the time, but the one that always remains is the feeling of home and something I can comeback to even after I lose or whatever. There's a lot of challenges and tasks we can do, and the races, telegram giveaways just make me come back time and time again when I'm free and at home. Honestly, I dont know what I would have been doing if I didn't have Stake during my gap year.
  22. Damn this one... its frustrating af haha Only got till Plinko and my greatest enemy 0.2x shows up yet again -.- I think this is going to take quite a while though. Thanks Steve for the challenge and thanks for testing our limits 🙄
  23. I'm using a Samsung Note 4 as a spare mainly for Stake and twitch streams I use chrome on it and the twitch app of course. I find no lag or such things people often say on chat. The only times it gets tough is when using during telegram challenges since telegram is on that phone as well, so switching between makes it tough and slower.
  24. Mmmm I'm sure many wouldn't like this topic especially the ladies! I'm sure they will hate on that^^ In this day and age even women make their own money Anyways back to the question, I mean there's no way of asking who feels more pain, it has nothing to do with gender but more of how they think or how attached they are to their wealth and also most definitely their financial situation. Even if you try to do a test you can never know who really feels more pain, cause that's just something you can't measure 👀
  25. Well I haven't played classic that much, but for the time I played it seems that classic and low have almost the same payouts but low has the extra advantage if you by chance hit 9/10 or 10/10 whereas in classic you'd only get 80x and 100x I have gotten around quite a few 500x's on medium and high, but if it was classic it'll be considerably low. Classic and low can be used for safer bets, but I prefer low if by chance I do hit almost all tiles or all, I won't start regretting using classic over low
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