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  1. Congrats Zoltan for the win, the bot for Limbo is from this site? I also got 900000x on Limbo a while ago. Good luck on a bigger win.
  2. By the way how was the patterns when you hit x240k?
  3. I think my best was like 16000x multiplier, i can't find the picture, but 240k x is insane
  4. I think that something is wrong with the betting, today after the wins on a preset list it does not come back from the first bet.
  5. I saw someone in here hiting the 1000k multiplier so i thought that i try to see if i can hit something like that
  6. The biggest multiplier for me, hope to get many more, on higher bet
  7. It seems that now it's working.
  8. Hello, i am new at this, but i think the bot is very good. But it seems that from today it stoped working for me, i can't login.