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  1. I never had a big lose streak in keno I think the biggest is 5
  2. KiritoCS

    Finding Bugs.. What Would You Do?

    If i'm honest I don't really know what I would do most of the people here say they would do the good dude and report it but are they honest? If you have the chance I bet every second or third person would try to abuse the bug. I dont give my opinion what I would do since I dont really know what I would do.
  3. KiritoCS

    Writing a letter to Santa

    My message to senta is... let every crypto I invest in goes up 50% so I can chill the rest of my life and have a great time.
  4. KiritoCS

    If you win 100k dollars...

    I keep it short and quick "cash the fuck out" and have a good time.
  5. KiritoCS

    Bitcoin to $2500 or Jan 2019

    I think it stays stable maybe with a little drop of another 20% until new year and down to $2.75k.
  6. KiritoCS

    🎨 Chartbet Redesigned

    Looks lot cleaner but I dont like these thick lines at 1.3, 1.6 & 1.9x they are to thick and shiney in my opinion.
  7. KiritoCS

    How many times you got muted ?

    I think so far I didnt got muted on stake its pretty hard to get muted since not so much is forbidden.
  8. KiritoCS

    How many alternative accounts do you have?

    I only have this account I dont see any reason why I should have multi-accounts here.
  9. KiritoCS

    My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

    I think my highest was 300x but never things like 400k^^
  10. KiritoCS

    Good players vs Bad players

    I cashout often enough problem sometimes you just want to gamble and redeposit thats why you should take a break after a big win and just take out your investment + some profit and keep some balance on the site so you dont need to redeposit and invest more.
  11. KiritoCS

    Did you try csgo battleroyal?

    Yep I tryed it and if im honest I do like it but I dont think its a game which you can play a lot.
  12. I guess a drop will happend but not a big one again so 2839.51$
  13. KiritoCS

    How stake affect your emotional aspects

    It only changes my emotions when I win because I only gamble with the money I dont need so if I lose im like yeah had a fun time but if I win im happy with it and had fun gambling it.
  14. KiritoCS

    100x Dice

    Hit it often what im suprised but hey dice and chartbet are my favorite games and in dice I only "hunt" high x.