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  1. Novak Djokovic Serena Williams India USA
  2. 0.02800000 eth so far but long time ago when eth was worth something.
  3. I regret it sometimes but I remember which people I met and since I got away from active gambling I can look back at the time and tell me it was a funny and nice time.
  4. Its cold so to a warm and fluffy hoodie I wouldent say no.
  5. My only idea is something like a capcher that pops up on the site random and people can claim it and get something. So only active people get it.
  6. Right now I read the original Peter Pan and Wendy not the Disney version but as far this is a really dark story and definitely worth reading.
  7. I did not invest much only money I had left over so I dont really care but people who invested a lot probably are shaking right now.
  8. I never had a big lose streak in keno I think the biggest is 5
  9. I keep it short and quick "cash the fuck out" and have a good time.
  10. I think my highest was 300x but never things like 400k^^
  11. I cashout often enough problem sometimes you just want to gamble and redeposit thats why you should take a break after a big win and just take out your investment + some profit and keep some balance on the site so you dont need to redeposit and invest more.