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  1. 0.02800000 eth so far but long time ago when eth was worth something.
  2. Not really I always feel that I will lose even if I win all the time.
  3. Noticed it^^ Its like Got talent the final lmao and the winner is.... after the ad So the winner is ... Are you ready??? The winner is ..... Not you!
  4. Hmm okay now that I see that I cant overs ee it any more
  5. Lol never noticed it^^ Is it new or for a long time? ^^
  6. I understand it I got away from investing in gambling for months now and i'm really happy with it. Good luck and stay strong! Dont look back and get going I wish you the best
  7. Right now I dont know if it goes up again and I think it wont get such a big up again like last year. My prediction is it will keep dropping slow and at $2,25k it will go up again.
  8. Thats a way to do it damn thats an insane hit^^
  9. I regret it sometimes but I remember which people I met and since I got away from active gambling I can look back at the time and tell me it was a funny and nice time.
  10. Gambling just is luck there is nothing with skills in my opinion. If you need "skill" for gambling some people would be rich and gamble every day but the house always wins thats why you need to be lucky to win against the house.
  11. Damn thats a lot but I respect you a lot right now that you are honest to talk about such a topic. Hope everything gets sorted!
  12. Its cold so to a warm and fluffy hoodie I wouldent say no.
  13. Going to dice trying to hit a 50x or higher if I win im happy and often cashout with a lot of profit if I lose i go to crash all or half in until 2x ^^
  14. My only idea is something like a capcher that pops up on the site random and people can claim it and get something. So only active people get it.
  15. Right now I read the original Peter Pan and Wendy not the Disney version but as far this is a really dark story and definitely worth reading.